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    Grizzlies acquire Tyler Dorsey for Mack

    Yea i should clarify by saying he is a willing defender that has the athleticism to improve. His ability to create, size and score makes him one of the better SG prospects we have (not saying much). Did he play PG at Oregon? I know zilch about him.
  2. GrizzTigerFan

    Grizzlies acquire Tyler Dorsey for Mack

    Thats a really good comp. Id def resign him on the cheap. he can dribble defend pass and shoot. He was also drsftee 2 spots above Dillon. Id love to see if those two still have good chemistry.
  3. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic - 3/22/2019

    Yall think Dorsey can develop into something?
  4. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic - 3/22/2019

    FTs gave us this L.
  5. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic - 3/22/2019

    Site been acting up for me tonight.
  6. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Orlando Magic - 3/22/2019

    Forgot this game was on... and whoa. Holiday, Chandler, and Dorsey all killing it??? Am i in the Sunken Place???!?
  7. When did they make the announcement about "conveying"? Wasn't it right after Gasol trade. There would've been time to get better drafting position. My argument has always been more about the idea of conveying vs tanking for this season. People kept saying its better to convey this year whereas i'd prefer to get the tanking done as early as possible (once it became obvious we sucked). Then the narrative switched to being just good enough to convey. That's my argument not where we stand today but how bad we where over a month ago.
  8. We could still end up with a top 3 pick from this one if embracing tank. Same odds in 2021 is that we can tank badly and still drop to 6-8 range. The ability to pair another player with Jaren now is more valuable than waiting on someone in 2021. Most players will need some development time so that means the 2021 pick won't be helpful till at earliest 2022. Get him in now and maybe we can be back on upward trajectory by 2021.
  9. 2021 isn't the fabled lottery anymore that won't occur till at earliest 2022. That has been my question all along too. Who in 2021 is gonna be on Zion level?
  10. Who is the more potentially transcendent player Zion or Wiseman? Should be easy to see who is - so why give up a chance for him to take a bigger gamble on Wiseman? Especially when we are already in the lottery. Who knows if we will have a better chance at higher end talent in the unknown future.
  11. GrizzTigerFan

    Don't dismiss JV

    Truth of the matter is that if a team has 2 true scorers and decent role players then playoffs is a realistic goal. It takes more than that to be a contender but playoff contention recipe is really just that. Especially if the 2 scorers are an Inside - Out tandem. Add Jaren and another consistent perimeter threat (Avery or Dillon) and the team is at least .500 squad. The ghost of Parsons and BOS Avery shows us how effective Mike can be when defenses can't cheat on him. Imagine if Mike's wingman wasn't undersized or actually had knees. 22ppg + avg wouldn't be out of the question for Mike.
  12. Man freaking refs but not real smart of Grizz to not set any picks for Delon when they see Rockets pressuring.
  13. HAHAHA Really Harden???
  14. Dammit Parsons may have to get HM tonight.... never ever thought would type that. lol
  15. Jonas should not ever dribble the ball more than 3x. He losses it almost every time because he dribbles it so far away from his body.
  16. No that was Delon's fault. He was supposed to switch and so put Justin in bad position.
  17. Whenever we rely on 3ptr to win games - we get burned.
  18. Delon disliking shooting is gonna keep his price down in our range.
  19. This is actually a pretty entertaining game. Jonas and Mike with the killer 2 man inside out attack.
  20. Yea he doesn't look like a loss cause. He has "rotation player" potential.
  21. I don't disagree, which is why Dwash made that comment. He showed some flashes earlier tho that he still may have some potential to become one.
  22. But you see it is so much more effective when he is guarding wings and guards. Wish they'd stop trying to develop him as a PF.