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  1. GrizzTigerFan

    1st franchise superstar?

    Ja got kicks!!!
  2. GrizzTigerFan


    Technically we have the SF with Josh Jackson (6'8' athletic) we just need the Mobile Center. On bright side if we strike out in draft we can still possibly get Derrick Jones Jr in Free Agency.
  3. GrizzTigerFan

    Marco Gudric

    Yea the minutes crunch is real. Which is why Crowder or Solo need to go if a trade returns a promising young player.
  4. Yea this wasnt a good matchip for Jonas. NOP had to go small and he doesn't have the mobility to stick to stretch 5s. Jaren getting into early foul trouble hurt alot because he is better suited to do it. This was really a game we could've used Bruno for sure. Peter Edmiston said Ja was fighting a cold/sinus infection and that effected his energy. Dillon overall played well but some of his "heroball" moments did hurt. LIke when we were down 5 and Jaren was open top of the key. DB completely ignored him and barreled into 3 defenders and slung up a fadeaway brick. Unfortunately, that's part of the package for now. Hopefully, he can improve his shot selection as he continues to develop. Teams are game planning for the Grizz and Ja now and taking us seriously. That speaks volumes for how good our young team is. These boys are getting a real dose of the NBA. So whenever Ja Dillon and Jaren still produce at high level - it means there skill levels are legit. Be grateful Grizz Nation. It's possible we got 4 good to great draft picks in a row (Dillon, Jaren, and Ja Brandon)
  5. GrizzTigerFan

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Is Dillon sort of a taller OJ Mayo without the hype? Mayo was a scorer who mostly did it by shooting fadeaways and jumpshots. Mayo was also underwhelming athletically. Mayo was a better ball-handler/passer but was subpar to Dillon on defense. Either way it goes i don't see the benefit of trading a true shooter that we actually drafted. Unless he is outrageously expensive we should bring him back no questions asked. His offensive production is no longer an anomaly. He can play either wing spot. DIllon can play fast paced or in halfcourt. You don't trade away a valuable player like that. FO job right now is to ADD to our productive players not takeaway or swap.
  6. GrizzTigerFan


    Dillon is a legit scorer not an elite scorer but is a real NBA scorer. I think our biggest needs now are better perimeter defense and more consistent 3pt shooters. Gotta keep Melton because he is the best perimeter defender we have - no contest. If we wanna make the playoffs consistently then we need to make sure we have better balance of defense to our offense. I officially am no longer worried about do we have enough guys that can score. We do - Ja Jaren Dillon Brandon and Jonas are more than enough scorers to carry us even Grayson has potential to be 10ppg. We just need more guys that can "shut the water off" without hurting us offensively. SloMo, Jae and Hill - two of them gotta go. Dang i wish we could get a look at Josh Jackson. We need guys that can fly up and down the court and hit open shots. Give me a 6'7'+ athletic wing and 6'10+ mobile center.
  7. I agree with ya'll we need to go on a road trip to get refocused.
  8. Waited too late to play defense in this one.
  9. GrizzTigerFan

    Solomon Hill

    Basically one of Jae should be gone next season. Jae is better overall player but Solo may be more comfortable with smaller role.
  10. GrizzTigerFan

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Honestly, ESPN been giving Ja tons of love. It just makes business sense to lift up both Ja and Zion especially with all the other stars out injured.
  11. Anybody else wanna argue that we need another athletic True Big.
  12. Missing FTs AND 3s. guess this is hard reminder that team is still super young.
  13. Why does Jaren leave his feet so much?? dang!