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  1. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    I really encourage posters here to listen to "Tony Tuesdays" on Vernon show. He drops lots of gems if you are listening closely.
  2. Not if JB is still The Guy coaching.
  3. GrizzTigerFan

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    Definitely would get on us the national scene but man he would be a headache!
  4. GrizzTigerFan

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    Yea he basically said that in the interview. Seems like they were conducting an interview for GM Lebron. Conley is outta here come this summer. Hmmm if he want's to go with Lebron maybe we can get Lonzo??
  5. GrizzTigerFan

    The rest of 2018-2019 the Grizz should...

    Good point and that is something to keep an eye on. Just keep in mind none of these guys are familiar with each other so the blame mostly lies on JB not putting Jaren in spots to score. You also have to include Jaren's foul problems in first half which caused him to have to sit. Regardless JB is still not playing Jaren enough minutes too. JB Sucks. Jaren's stats should have an asterix on them for this season . *Bad Coach.
  6. GrizzTigerFan

    The positives

    Great stuff you are posting IDG and i agree with you here. IMHO the FO has actually been pretty decent at acquiring guys with decent skillsets to help the team. I fault the coaches for being to stubborn or strict in their gameplans to utilize what the new guys can do. We always blame FO for not bringing in shooters when in reality they actually did. Hollins, Joerger, and Fizdale rarely maximized the positives of the players they had. Seemed like they always forced them to try to be something they weren't. Chris Johnson, Wayne Ellington, Austin Daye, Seth Curryy, and Troy Williams were all guys that could hit open 3s but were rarely put in the position to do it. That is on the coaching staff not the FO.
  7. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day
  8. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Speaking of practice. Tony Allen on Vernon show mentioned that practice performance has very little to do with which guys gets minutes (take that Chip3 lol). He was recalling his first year with Grizz and being stuck behind Xavier and others. Even tho he was killing them in practice regularly. Tony insinuated rotation decisions are more political than simply by who performs in practice. I do hope he improves his game to where he can be a good SF too.
  9. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    Mike and Marc have a bad habit of playing when unhealthy. Years ago that was understandable due to lack of adequate backups. Whenever we have more capable options around them trying to be Hero hurts more than helps. Like Gasol playing thru injury when we have Jaren, Rabb, JaM and Noah on roster for example. Now Mike doing the same when Avery, Delon, and Jevon are available. I hope they seriously explore moving MIke in the offseason. Hate to see him tolling away on a rebuilding team.
  10. GrizzTigerFan

    The rest of 2018-2019 the Grizz should...

    he has shown the ability to do it. It just needs to be developed. Of course he cant take everybody off the dribble - its about match ups. Best scorers have a full toolbox where they can punish you in multiple ways. If you take away the drive they can Shoot. Doubleteam they can pass. Jaren has shown ability to recognize the weakness of his defender and adjust. Too bad his coach can't. Full repertoire on display here.
  11. GrizzTigerFan


    Welcome aboard!
  12. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    Only if JB is coaching them.
  13. GrizzTigerFan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    Gasol is good against more traditional Centers and post defense in general. He has fallen off as a rim protector that was the issue with Marc. Guards were driving to the rack unimpeded repeatedly while he was on the floor. Rabb is Ed Davis with less athleticism but better offense. Ed was a tweener too but made up for it with better defense and thrived once he got a stable role as an elite rebounding big off the bench. In other words Rabb probably should be developed as a change up Big off the bench.
  14. GrizzTigerFan

    New depth chart speculation thread

    Now that Bruno is officially a Grizz and Kyle is still in limbo. I think rotation should be adjusted as such. Mike/Delon Avery/Jevon Bruno/CJ Jaren/Rabb Jonas/Noah Once Kyle comes back then Jevon gets 3rd string duty Mike/Delon Avery/CJ Bruno/Kyle Jaren/Rabb Jonas/Noah
  15. GrizzTigerFan

    The rest of 2018-2019 the Grizz should...

    I dont think Bradley or JV scoring will hurt his development. you need guys surrounding him that punish teams for double teaming him. I think only factor that hurts his development is not being involved on offense. Which is why your earlier point of deciding how to use him is correct. I think he should be used like a wing scorer on offense. Posting up mismatches, taking slower guys off the dribble, and taking catch and shoot 3s. Jaren shouldn't be used primarily as a low post scorer. He should be able to adjust how he will score based on his defender. Game plan should be adjust accordingly to. Jaren needs a floor general that can actually get him the ball in position to score. I don't think Mike is that guy.