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  1. Yea the only up and coming person i want is Sam Cassell. Otherwise, i want a HC that has some actual experience as a HC. Jacques Vaughn, Monty Williams, Jeff Hornacek, or a couple of the international guys that have years of running a squad. We need someone in the seat that can demand respect from both players and FO. No more lowest paid former assistants with no track record.
  2. GrizzTigerFan

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Yea JV/JJJ can't be our two best players if we hope to start competing in a year. We will need a couple of perimeter creators. I am starting to lean towards wanting JV to just pick up his option only. I like the idea of having him around next season to help Jaren during his transition to team focal. But i don't want him as longterm starter because he is primarily a scorer and i want the points shifted to perimeter player(s) and Jaren.
  3. GrizzTigerFan

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Oh yea that's a good one. I am sure teams overvalue size and age over outright skill. BPA is such a subjective thing. Its why Grizz FO can argue that they had Jaren as the BPA over Deyonta, Luka and Marvin and be telling the truth.
  4. GrizzTigerFan

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Those comps are scary and funny at the same time. alpha Andrew Wiggins Skinny John Wall Tranquilized Pascal Siakam Kristaps Porzingis in 480p Thrift shop Nikola Jokic
  5. I am keying in on your first statement. Where you are picked gives u more opportunities/chances which can make all the difference in the world. If you suck u suck but an average/mediocre Top 10 pick gets more chances than a average/mediocre 2nd rounder.
  6. I took your statement as the comparison was based around the position they played. Like people are comparing Coby to Garland. Nobody has been comparing Coby to Tacko Fall. Wade was a an excellent athlete but he wasn't explosive. It's like Jaren is a great athlete but Bagley is explosive.
  7. Yea my point was the FO patience was thinner with Wade based on his draft rank (which equates to money too). That wouldn't have happened if he was a high lottery pick. I wasn't comparing their on court abilities.
  8. He wasn't referring purely to his own situation. He was speaking from NBA insider perspective, period. He also isn't the player to say that. Matter of fact the only person i have ever heard endorse or believe that opportunities are based on practice performance is you.
  9. From everything i heard and read. Wade's biggest problem was his attitude and that was a red flag going back to his college days. No such statements have been made about Coby. Plus Coby was a better pure scorer than Wade and more explosive athlete. I don't see the comparison there.
  10. Nah man. Wade got waived. That wouldn't have happened so quickly if he was picked 8th. 8th pick Coby White would NOT be on the bench behind Jevon Carter. I promise you that. Besides Coby can play the 2 so he will be granted opportunity pretty early. I don't expect any rookie to come here and be fantastic from the start. Its very possible his first few games any better than Wades. But you still believe "opportunity" is based on freaking practice results. Even tho Tony Allen shattered your belief with his statement on Vernon show: "Its' pretty much political". Rookies need time to adjust and develop but that's another argument for another day.
  11. History of our Front Office is that our Top 10 picks ARE given more opportunity than our lower picks. Free Agent and Trade all fall under "money" stipulation. My point is the reason behind why i want to keep this pick. Coby White 8th pick will be given more chances over Coby White drafted #20. Just ask Wade Baldwin.
  12. Top 10 picks generally are given more chances to succeed than low picks. Where did i say " the draft alone" assures opportunity?? Maybe i am misreading your statement.
  13. GrizzTigerFan

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    From what i have heard from FO interviews. They all typically put players in Tiers. This particular draft has atleast 3 Tiers within the Top 10 alone. Zion is Tier 1; Ja and RJ are Tier 2; then most of the guys we are looking at are Tier 3. I am saying if we are picking from Tier 2 and we already have a 26y Mike Conley then it makes more sense to draft RJ than Ja. That's not the same as saying if we have number 1 pick that we don't take Zion because we already have Jaren. I am saying if all things are almost equal pick the dude that best fits your roster. I hate that MJ quote because its also very possible that Jordan never becomes Jordan if they picked him. It's just like ppl saying we could've picked Draymond instead of Wroten. I KNOW DG would've never been an Allstar if we drafted him because we wouldn't have used him correctly. We would've played him at SF and his inability to shoot and lack of quickness would've severely limited his impact. Fit and Opportunity always super important.
  14. I will mostly agree with that statement. This is also why i want to keep our lottery pick. Because the biggest factor in success is actually "opportunity". It doesn't matter how good someone is or can be if they are never given a chance to show it. If we stay in the draft and pick 8th we can be assured that person will atleast be given a real opportunity to develop. Picking late 1rst or 2nd rd means that person opportunity will be more dictated by circumstance. Money amount and draft rank dramatically shape how a Coach/FO view a player.