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  1. Love to see it happen. Looking at you too @Dwash Ya think?
  2. Hmm. That changes things a bit. Doubt I’ll be able to make it, you know with the meeting and all 😅 Thanks Lions 🦁
  3. I hope I can go to this. I’ve got a meeting at 6 though 🤬
  4. That ish got me so hype it made the rest of my night at work pretty funny Plus I just got rock my new throwback Ja jersey for the first time. You wouldn’t believe how many big ups I got from random Denverites at the club
  5. Subliminal

    Memphis Grizzlies @Boston Celtics 1/22/20

    Well looks like neither of us won. Not sure how many he has in the fridge but I have about 30 so I think I’ll be ok 👍
  6. Subliminal


    What makes you say that?
  7. Subliminal

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Never go full KBM
  8. Subliminal

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Lmao. Like who even said anything about being a 2nd rounder. My god my dude. What is your obsession w framing these arguments nobody is even making
  9. Subliminal

    Memphis Grizzlies @Boston Celtics 1/22/20

    I bet my dad that we’d drop either Cavs or Pels but win at Boston. I get two stellas if I win
  10. Subliminal

    Who plays 2K20 w Grizz?

    I’m pretty sure after you hold left bumper to set screen you hit right bumper while icon is still up to “fade”. @QMemphis if you could confirm this is correct that would be sick
  11. I’m blazing through this inventory on 2 red bulls I might make it on time!
  12. It was always inside you it was never the post count
  13. This coincidentally has been a huge meme on the atl falcons forum (yeah I know) for years when someone posted that on accident as a thread title. Funny to see it pop up here
  14. Subliminal

    Ranking The Best Players In The NBA By Category

    Don’t ever forgot that