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  1. First of all, we can't make a "knee jerk reaction to our draft pick" as the draft is over a month away.  Doesn't matter your opinion of Wallace, I'm sure he hasn't already made up his mind and will just sit around and wait for June 21st to come.

    2nd of all, how did Joel Embiid work out for the 6ers?  Pretty well.

    This is a dumb take.  None of us know who is going to be a superstar from this draft.   It's fine to have opinions, I have mine too, but doesn't mean if we take someone who I don't want that it's automatically a failure.

  2. 6-4  89 against the Nuggets
    includes a 3 game streaker!
    10/26 v. T'wolves - L Opening night curse.
    10/29 @ Knicks - W Knicks suck
    10/30 v. Wizards - W barely
    11/1 @ T'wolves - L This team could be really good.
    11/2 v. Pelicans - W Pelicans suck
    11/4 v. Clippers - W  BBQ LA
    11/6 v. Blazers - W Should've swept 'em
    11/8 v. Nuggets - L Terrible loss 
    11/12 @ Bucks - W we should.
    11/14 @ Jazz - L Hate playing this team.

  3. Not really into grades but I approve of the moves made, last night.


    we're all just guessing here. time will tell.



    I had not heard of any players we drafted because basketball at the college level is awful.


    I did go and look up the guys after the draft and I like what I see.

  4. Come on Stokes was essentially done after the fight. He does not have the game to over come that really. The Grizz have brought in Jeff Green, Ja Green, Martin and now Wright who are all better at the only position he can play. That does not include the starter.

    Is Stokes contract unguaranteed?  Is unguaranteed a word?