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  1. Imagine how beast our SL team would be if Ja played...
  2. Granttis

    Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    First of all, we can't make a "knee jerk reaction to our draft pick" as the draft is over a month away. Doesn't matter your opinion of Wallace, I'm sure he hasn't already made up his mind and will just sit around and wait for June 21st to come. 2nd of all, how did Joel Embiid work out for the 6ers? Pretty well. This is a dumb take. None of us know who is going to be a superstar from this draft. It's fine to have opinions, I have mine too, but doesn't mean if we take someone who I don't want that it's automatically a failure.
  3. Granttis

    Grizzlies Getting New Color Scheme Next Year

    I don't hate it. Maybe they could've just replaced the gray/silver with the light blue instead of putting it around the entire logo. Either way it's fine. I think it could make for some cool jersey designs so I look forward to seeing what those will look like.
  4. We're 2-1 without 2 starters and our 2 best players playing less minutes than they should. I ain't mad atcha Fizz.
  5. Granttis

    Pick Ten - Every Vote Counts

    Glad to be wrong about game 1! We should play the Wolves game 1 every year!
  6. Granttis

    Good Win, But.......

    Yea, I was wondering the same thing too. Harrison struggled all game, but he did hit a couple of big free throws down the stretch. (He missed some earlier too). I'll just say it's one game and we'll see what happens going forward.
  7. Granttis

    Pick Ten - Every Vote Counts

    6-4 89 against the Nuggets includes a 3 game streaker! 10/26 v. T'wolves - L Opening night curse. 10/29 @ Knicks - W Knicks suck 10/30 v. Wizards - W barely 11/1 @ T'wolves - L This team could be really good. 11/2 v. Pelicans - W Pelicans suck 11/4 v. Clippers - W BBQ LA 11/6 v. Blazers - W Should've swept 'em 11/8 v. Nuggets - L Terrible loss 11/12 @ Bucks - W we should. 11/14 @ Jazz - L Hate playing this team.
  8. No idea, just hope it's soon.
  9. Granttis

    Minnesota @ Memphis 10/26/16

  10. Granttis

    2016-17 Grizz Roster Analysis

    Chris Herrington imo is the absolute best when it comes to Grizz analysis and writing. You're out of your mind here.
  11. What? And how does Gary Parrish wish he was black?
  12. Granttis

    Fizdale Interview W/ The Undefeated

    Read this earlier. Must read.
  13. Granttis

    Grade The Draft

    Exactly. I had not heard of any players we drafted because basketball at the college level is awful. I did go and look up the guys after the draft and I like what I see.
  14. Granttis

    Conley's Facebook

    I like how everyone knows what's best for Mike.