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  1. I'm thinking maybe we should hold off until 2021. Ja and Jaren are legit stars and this will be a much hotter destination than it's ever been. Everyone will be trying to get in on Giannis, Lebron, & Paul George so we could try to sneakily nab someone in the tier below like Beal or Oladipo.
  2. Crowder nailed his Clippers audition.
  3. For me there will always be a faint sting that we were so close to an NBA legend and didn’t come away with him, but JJJ is about as good a consolation prize we could have asked for. What an epic draft that was.
  4. Thomas

    Grizz 2020 Predictions

    I'm looking forward to Boston getting pied in the face yet again with what was supposed to be a prized asset conveying into a late lottery pick in a weak draft.
  5. Thomas

    2020 draft class, well, kind of sucks

    This draft does suck. Great year to punt the pick to Boston, since unless we get extremely lucky in the lottery it looks like we're not going to be in contention for a top 4 pick. Back end of next year's lottery is better than a pick in the 7-10 range this year, and that Jazz pick is looking like it's going to be really nice, so we could also use that to trade up to lock in a wing prospect that they zero in on to grow with Ja and Jaren. 2021 is stacked with wing talent in the lottery.
  6. Eh maybe. We have the Warriors and Jazz picks to add as well. Plus whatever else we may get for Iggy and/or Crowder and anyone else we may trade at the deadline. It's unlikely he's touchable anyway unless he demands a trade. Moreso brought him up as the type of player I want us to be ponying up for to go after eventually, unless we fall into another surefire star like Ja.
  7. Yeah, really not thrilled about this draft. Next year is staked with types that we need so yeah really doesn't make a difference if we have a top-6 pick this year or late lotto next year. If we do somehow have one final stroke of lottery luck this year and land one of the top four spots, I would go hard after Bradley Beal.
  8. You mean the one we used to pick Ja? Just be thankful that we didn't get stuck with no Luka + a Jared Culver type and we rid ourselves of the failures who traded our pick for Jeff Green and replaced them with some of the sharpest young minds in the NBA. Ja is going to be an MVP candidate for a number of years alongside Luka.
  9. Thomas

    2020 NBA Draft

    I'm intrigued. He seems to fit what the FO/Jenkins are trying to do long term more than Edwards would. I'm mostly concerned about potential redundancies in some areas with Ball and Ja, but they bring different skills to the table as well. Mostly my concern would be whether either is effective off the ball. I feel like Ja would be with his elite athleticism and finishing but I also don't want the ball taken out of his hands. Still though, think it would be an experiment worth conducting. Would be really fun to watch them together. The next step would be finding an elite 3&D wing and that would round out the core as we head toward our first playoff push in a year or two. GTF I saw you said it's rumored that we're after Ball- where you hearing this?
  10. Not really sure about this one. On top of giving them Iggy we're taking on their unwanted contracts which will eat into our cap space this summer. For an end of the round first? I think we can do better.
  11. Love the idea of parlaying our pick this year into Russell if we end up keeping it.
  12. Thomas

    What Should We Do if We Luck Into The #1 Pick In 2020?

    I want Wiseman but I just can't see how it would work him, JJJ and Clarke. I feel like it would come down to, if we are going to draft Wiseman then we have to trade Jaren. But then you'd most likely be selling low.
  13. If you give grit n grind all the talent in the world, you get Ja. Legit superstar.
  14. This season will be extra brutal because the upcoming draft is weak so it might be better to try and get the conveyance over with this year so we can a pick in the much stronger 2021 draft. Nothing worse than actually wanting your horrible team to win games. But man did we get lucky landing Ja.