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  1. Yeah really interested to see if Dillon can take a similar leap this year in the playoffs. If he's as good as he was last year then no reason they can't make the finals. We'll see, not convinced he can keep it up consistently, which is why I consider him (and Bane for that matter) more of a championship level 3rd option.
  2. Lol I watched yesterday as well as most of the games, and I'll be watching in the playoffs when teams clamp on Ja and we have no one else on the roster who can make it happen on their own consistently. Beal may not be the guy with his age and contract, and we should probably be aiming for more of a star forward type, but it'll be borderline impossible to win it all without an elite 2nd option - Bane and DB are great but you aren't relying on them to help carry a team when it matters most deep in a playoff run. I'd prefer to find that piece in the draft for long-term cap health but not really seeing that in this draft, at least not anywhere we could feasibly trade up to. Also Jaren is the long term 5. We all love Steven Adams but he is a bridge.
  3. Stand pat this year, let the expirings fall off the books this summer, use a first to dump Adams and sign Bradley Beal this summer when he declines his player option? 👀
  4. Is it me or has JJJ's coordination made a huge leap this year? That was always the biggest key to unlocking his insane upside.
  5. Thomas

    Keep Tyus Stones!!!

    Seems to be trending toward Melton being the odd man out. Tyus is a stabilizer. Melton is fun and infectious in the regular season but how valuable will he be as a small non-shooter who can't naturally run the point in the playoffs?
  6. JJJ making the leap to the true defensive force that we drafted him for may be just as impactful as Ja's ascendence. I don't think it's ever been as noticeable as it was tonight. This is a title team. Maybe not this year, but soon.
  7. Came across this randomly: Tempting as it may be to push for a veteran star, I wonder if it might be best to continue to remain patient as they have been throughout this whole rebuild, let this group continue to grow together, re-sign the vets when they come up for extensions, and then make another big push to move way up in the draft with the three 1sts + the Warriors pick + 20M cap space to secure another elite, handpicked talent to add and grow with the group. There is usually only so far you can move up in a draft, but there are paths to get into the top-10 as we have seen before. We have created an incredibly healthy ecosystem by developing our young talent and not overpaying for free agents. We're in a better financial position than any other contender and it would probably be best to maintain that in order to remain a legit perennial contender. Ja and Bane are about to get paid, and Brooks will also be costing around $20M next time around. Adding another $25-35M contract to that could cause some real problems.
  8. Re: Ziaire - not being able to crawl up a bit further to pluck the guy they obviously wanted is gonna be one of the few bad memories we have of this regime.
  9. Thomas

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    I see a lot of MPJ in ZW's game.
  10. Thomas

    Grade the Draft

    After hearing that Ziaire was tearing people up in workouts I'm a lot higher on the pick than before. If Stanford was a fluke, we got a top 5 talent in this draft, and a perfect wing to put between Ja and Jaren. Culture fit is also good - he seems like a great kid based on the interviews I've seen. Definitely skeptical about tonight's events in ways I haven't been after past drafts this regime has run. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Past drafts were focused on finding playable talent later in the draft who can hopefully fill roles when it's time for the playoffs. This draft was about finding a final piece. We took a swing. If we strike out on these guys, we still have Ja, Jaren, and all of our 1st round picks and then some. So we'll be okay. B.
  11. Lol okay now read the second part - "Most NBA teams assumed he received some type of assurance that he'll be drafted (a "promise") or will receive a two-way contract after going undrafted, and hearing his name called Thursday likely confirms that he was shut down by Memphis several months ago, likely much higher than what they thought they needed to when they made the promise." You don't have to like the pick but obviously they were very high on him and had some inside info or fear that he would be gone at 40 so they did what they had to do to secure him while also putting him in the first round contract scale. Acting like they just blew a first round pick on a guy who doesn't want to play in the NBA is disingenuous at best.
  12. Yeah the Grizzlies traded up to get him just for fun after he told them he would never play in the NBA. Use your brains good god. He was clearly promised.
  13. If he hits you get an extra year of rookie salary if picked in the first. He looks interesting and quite skilled for his size. Who knows.