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  1. He's an injury-plagued, probably currently overweight rookie for the love of god! What moron cares about Zion in the playoffs?
  2. Thomas

    News from Tillery

    Even in a time of great crisis, Tillery plays the role of the bitter ex girlfriend. Who actually believes him on this? Get a life dude.
  3. Thomas

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    Wait till y'all see Winslow in this system.
  4. Thomas

    Why the trade with Miami is a bad trade.

    Winslow is a championship level role player and a perfect fit with this group in every way. We’re building this thing piece by piece and this is another move made where the vision is clearly set on a title. We came out of this with a young elite level role player and the bad contracts we took on won’t affect our 2021 cap space, which is clearly when we want it.
  5. Thomas

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    This I am not thrilled about. But I think Winslow might be a perfect fit with the rest of our guys in terms of both personality and on court. So maybe it will balance out.
  6. Thomas

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Those are the expirings we’ll be using in the Bradley Beal trade next season, they shouldn’t be complaining.
  7. Definitely but I'm thinking more long term when we are ready to ante up for that third star to put with Ja and Jaren. Can't have enough ammo.
  8. Deals like this are invaluable when you are trying to build a championship team. Having a player of his caliber at such a team friendly number (probably two thirds of the cap space he is arguably worth) is going to be huge when we are ready to go for it all n a couple of years.
  9. Another win for one of the best front offices in the NBA.
  10. Man let's get our hands on some of those picks. I trust Kleiman completely. He's going to come out smelling like roses no matter what.
  11. Apparently the lakers made a “Hail Mary” attempt to land him but it’s going to be Miami. What we about to get???
  12. Thomas

    Brooks: Can't wait until Grizzlies trade Iguodala

    Love this group to death.
  13. Thomas

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Wow, didn't realize the deadline is this coming Thursday. Wonder if we'll get some action this weekend?
  14. Thomas

    Kobe Bryant dead in helicopter crash

    Thought about him all day.
  15. Thomas

    The Thabeet Story: "He just got left behind"

    "The Grizzlies gave up on me," Thabeet said. "You never heard of a No. 2 pick who got as few minutes as I did or as few chances as I did. If I'd been drafted by a different team, it would have been a different story. There's no question in my mind. I wouldn't be playing for the Mad Ants. I might be playing for the Pacers. If I'd been developed, I'd still be in the NBA right now." He is such a loser. Our organization was a circus back then, but he had zero basketball talent or intuition. And on top of that he was lazy. It's way late to finally realize you aren't good enough to not put in the work. All things considered, I really do believe he's the biggest NBA draft bust of all time.