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  1. I hope this new front office is smart and creative with massive amount of expiring money we have to play with this summer.
  2. Thomas

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I've kind of started looking into him, can kind of see a little Tatum there? What are you thoughts on him?
  3. Thomas

    Memphis Hustle

    I find it incredibly annoying that we took Jevon Carter over the vastly superior prospect Mitchell Robinson. Why?
  4. Locking up JV long term should be a priority this offseason. Honestly I want AB, Noah, and Wright back too. Ugh. Tanking gonna be tough next year.
  5. Yeah man we're definitely conveying barring lotto luck. Now it's all about finding a way to stick at 9 so we have a decent shot at landing in the top-4 but no chance of landing in the dreaded 5-8 zone. That'll be tough to manufacture.
  6. Thomas

    New plan moving forward...

    Hey maybe we'll get Zion
  7. Really? I see them as the exact opposite kind of player. Have you seen the intensity Wiseman plays with? That’s what Bol lacks and is why he won’t be any good.
  8. Another reason we should have done everything we could to get Doncic last summer, but still JJJ is awesome
  9. What do y'all think of JJJ's fit next to Wiseman, who we are getting next year?
  10. Thomas

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    Oh so we're getting Zion? Hell yeah!
  11. Thomas

    The positives

    Now that everything's cooled down, I feel positive about today. JV for Marc is something that people had been proposing as far as like three years ago when Marc was at the tail end of his prime. To get that deal now after he's lost all that value isn't bad at all. I'm like a lot of people on this board in that I really like JV and I think he'll fit well here, maybe even long term. If not he'll be a nice trade asset/expiring contract, or he'll opt out and leave just like Marc would have this summer. The Bradley deal doesn't look great ostensibly, but I think only around 2 of the 13 million on his contract next year is guaranteed so if used properly he could be serve as $11M in immediate cap relief in a trade. Between Bradley, Parsons, and potentially Miles and JV who both have player options, you could be looking at $50M in expiring contracts this summer + $11M in immediate cap relief. That's how you start picking up young talent and assets (e.g. the Lopez for D. Russell/Mozgov deal). Most importantly though, I think now that the dust has settled we are going to be just good enough to get rid of that pick we owe to Boston next year. I know how tempting it is to just say screw it and hope you can get lucky enough to land Zion, and if not a Garland or Langford would be nice, but I want to close the door on the possibility of winning the lottery in 2021 to watch Jalen Green put on a Celtics hat. That would be hammer, nail, coffin on this franchise. But if Wallace isn't gone by this summer, I probably will give up.
  12. Thomas

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    How different are we all today from what we were when he came to us in 2008? Hard to believe. Gonna miss Big Spain. Thanks for the memories.
  13. Thomas

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    Isn’t Bradley’s contract unguaranteed this summer? Could get us a nice pick if a team wants to clear cap. Though we’ll probably just buy him out because Wallace will Wallace.
  14. Thomas

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    Meanwhile Clippers just got a player comparable to Valanciunas in Zubac for MIKE MUSCALA