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  1. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    I agree that Mike would look like an All-Star with a big time SG but I just don't see him ending up in Utah
  2. Spurs- W Bulls- W Clippers- L Cavs- W Lakers- L Bulls- W Mavs- W Thunder- L Blazers- L Jazz- L Magic- W Hawks- W Wizards- W 8-5 31-39
  3. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    My thoughts are I don't believe we will ever get a point guard as good or that has potential to be better than Mike. Mike is a consummate professional and the identity of this franchise. We have to realize this is Memphis and Mike Conley is about as big of a name as we will be able to attract. The FO was wrong by giving him that big of a deal and we will probably be stuck with that contract for the duration of it. Which in a grand scheme of things is not a bad idea to keep Conley. Look at his numbers. He is a legit big time PG in this league. All we need now is to develop a back-up PG and hopefully that is Carter. Once the contract is over for Conley then he will be out of his prime. That's when we should move him, unless he would take a big pay cut (say sign a 3 year deal worth 45-50 million) after this contract is done. Conley can play in about any system do to his dynamic play making and shooting. He is an important piece of the franchise and city if we want to win in the future. It will always pay off to have a good veteran PG on an up and coming team. Mike fits every mold in what we want to do present and in the future.
  4. WVgrizz

    Tyler Harvey

    I believe so. Goodwin was signed by another team
  5. WVgrizz

    2019 Post Trade Grizzlies Roster

    Maybe we add Zbo after he is bought out
  6. WVgrizz

    New depth chart speculation thread

    Conley/ Wright/ Carter Bradley/ Holiday/ Dorsey Anderson/Miles/ Yuta Jackson Jr/ Rabb Valanciunas/ Noah
  7. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    Probably the right move
  8. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/1093594826753363968?s=21
  9. I would rather have Williams than MKG
  10. Would you all do a Gasol and Parsons for Biyombo, Williams and MKG? I would
  11. This is not going to bode over well