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  1. WVgrizz

    Vegas Summer League

    We will see about that long term when the smoke all clears
  2. WVgrizz

    Vegas Summer League

    You must have missed the Carter 3 that he made. Idk what it is with you all who hate on the kid.
  3. WVgrizz

    Vegas Summer League

    These refs are horrible. 2 bs calls on Carter in which he didn’t foul and earlier they called a shot clock violation when there was still 2.4 seconds on the clock. Horrid
  4. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies Predictions

    Grizz will win 30-35 games this season
  5. WVgrizz

    Vegas Summer League

    I'll hold you to this statement.
  6. WVgrizz

    The 2018 Free Agents

    I don't think we need to sign anyone else. Conley will be healthy this year and with Carter, and Harrison backing him up and that is pretty solid. M. Brooks and Ben Mac can handle the 2 guard position especially when you sprinkle in Simmons. D.Brooks will start at the 3 for us, he has too much potential.The key is Chandler Parsons in all of this. If Parsons can stay healthy and give us at least 10-12 ppg off the bench that is huge. Parsons is due, this could be the year he is finally healthy for us. Casspi is a good back up thrown in with Selden. The real battle is who will start between JAM and 3Js. Personally I think it would be smart to bring 3Js off the bench until he can prove he can be a starter. Martins time will decrease but I still see him in the mix. Rabb will probably be a TW guy along with Kobi and be brought up if any health problems happen. Gasol obviously starts and DD is looking like a great back up. I can see Selden getting cut Conley/Carter/Harrison McLemore/ M.Brooks/ Simmons D. Brooks/ Parsons/ Casspi Green/ Jackson Jr./ Martin/Rabb Gasol/ Davis/ Rabb Now that is 15 roster players gives us 2 guys to send down to the D-League. More than likely that would be Simmons and Rabb. Carter could possibly see some D-League time depending on how he develops. This is with Selden being cut Conley/ Carter/ Harrison McLemore/ M. Brooks D. Brooks/ Parsons/ Cassipi Green/ Jackson Jr./ Martin Gasol/ Davis This line up would allow Harrison to get some time in backing up the 2 guard depending on how the game is going. Also Parsons can play the stretch 4 in this line up depending on match ups.
  7. WVgrizz

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    For us to be successful it all starts in the draft. Look at OKC getting the talent they have had, primarily because of drafting (Westbrook, Harden, Durant). We need to draft a Superstar to get someone to sign with us. (Like OKC, Westbrook *Paul George). Maybe they are banking on JJJ to be that superstar we all have been trying to find. Gasol and Conley are good pieces but we need that 3rd guy, a bigger name to come in and take over. If we are riding contracts out I can see the value in that long term. This upcoming season is looking like a 30 win season. Sad but its part of the business right now for us. Being a small market is hard to bring in superstars unless you have that one guy who everyone wants to play with, right now we don't have that.
  8. WVgrizz

    Why Do We Need to sign a FA?

    I don't think we need to sign a FA if we can sign Tyreke. I just don't see us signing Tyreke unfortunately. If we don't sign Reke then we should try to trade BMac and JAM for a solid 2 guard. Ben Mac + Jam to Brooklyn for Allen Crabbe works for a one year replacement. Crabbe would bring in size at the 2 guard and he shoots the 3 well and plays good defense. Conley/ Carter/ Harrison Crabbe/ M.Brooks/ Simmons Brooks/ Parsons/ Selden Jackson Jr./ Rabb/ Martin Gasol/ Davis
  9. WVgrizz

    Vegas Summer League

    We need to trade DD. Just my opinion.
  10. WVgrizz

    Jaren Jackson Jr's Floor/Ceiling

    From all the research and tape I have watched the ceiling is very high for this guy. I don’t know who to really compare him with. He could create his own comparison. I think he is that good. He has a little Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace in him. He is just a different player. I think he could potentially be a 25-28 ppg guy. At the worst he is Serge Ibaka. I am very excited to see how he does against real NBA talent. At the best he is a Hall of Famer. Worst he is Ibaka.
  11. WVgrizz

    Welcome Jevon Carter!

    Haven’t had a chance to post for awhile. Been busy with training for work but I’m back (I’m a WV State Parole Officer) I am very elated for us to select Jevon Carter. I watched this guy play every single game he played for the Old Gold and Blue. His 4 years he worked his a$$ off to get where he is. There is no quit in him. He may not have all the athletic ability in the world but when he lacks in that he gains in heart. He was one of the most decorated players to have played for the legendary Bob Huggins. He is tough, gritty, smart, and competitive. He will work his way in this league and he is here to stay. Jevon has that coal miner West Virginian hard nose mentality. He is a guy you will all learn to love. He will not take a single possession off. Jevon Carter is Memphis. I am proud he played for WVU and how he will represent the State of WV. Memphis has gained 1.8 million new fans.
  12. WVgrizz

    Vegas Summer League

    Carter will continue to get better. Def had a nice game with 10 points 5 rebs and 3 assists while holding Young to 2 of 13 shooting when he was guarding him. Carter has potential to be an elite defender in this league.
  13. WVgrizz

    Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Marc will not be in Memphis next season.
  14. WVgrizz

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Jevon Carter made history tonight. became the first major-conference player in NCAA history to record more than 1,500 points, 500 rebounds, 500 assists and 300 steals in a career. http://es.pn/2HJ9Otq
  15. WVgrizz

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Jevon Carter made history tonight http://es.pn/2HJ9Otq