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  1. WVgrizz

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    Couldn’t have said it better myself +1
  2. I agree. I believe Tyus has a ton more upside than Delon.
  3. This could end up being a big time move for us. You lose a guy like Jevon Carter and get Tyus Jones. Jones has a lot more upside than Delon. We win this if Min doesn’t match
  4. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Get Tyus Jones, sign Pau for a retirement tour.
  5. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Tyus Jones. Get a sign and trade going
  6. WVgrizz

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Should have kept Jevon!!!
  7. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    If the FO gets this done it’s huge
  8. WVgrizz

    Jevon Carter appreciation thread

    Could come back to bite us in the long run. Don’t count out Jevon Carter
  9. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Yeah always had faith in JC. Have watched him since his freshman years at WVU. Sucks he gets traded to the dumpster fire organization Suns. But it’s a business. I’ve been a Grizzlies fan since 2002. Putting my personal beliefs aside. Let’s go Grizz!
  10. WVgrizz

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    I hate we got rid of Carter but good return.
  11. WVgrizz

    Chancun Depreciation Thread

    Thank you for showing us how stupid our previous front office was. I hope we never sign any other divas like Parsons. Contributed absolutely nothing but headache to this organization. Good riddance.
  12. WVgrizz

    Chancun traded

    Parsons was such a tool bag. Glad he is gone. Doesn’t seem like this new FO is messing around. Mistakes won’t happen like this Parsons deal from the old FO.