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  1. Mack is a liability
  2. The fire of this team is great.
  3. Need a big 4th. We are a better team than the Clips. Refs need to even this whistle contest up. And sit fat Mack on the bench with Selden
  4. If this team doesn’t bring Jevon up soon there is something wrong
  5. We are always struggling with the refs
  6. Thanks to the refs they are back in it tho
  7. Shot it with his right hand lol
  8. Refs getting them back in it
  9. We would be better off without him in the rotation. Bring up Jevon. Mack is playing his way out of the rotation as well
  10. Casspi gives us good mintues
  11. Noah is going to love playing in Memphis.
  12. Same here brother. Hopefully soon
  13. Noah is fired up! We needed this off the bench