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  1. I told you.


    Stephen Jackson is the missing piece. He just killed our guards and the entire team today. ;)






    Whatever dude, this is at least better than listening to you rant and rave for a year about how we should 1)draft Thabeet and 2) start Thabeet and trade Marc Gasol for a backup power forward.

  2. Whoa, whoa, Martha Stewart has done time. I know some people want to have "thugs" in the team, but I think that would be just too risky. How long until she flips and runs into the stands to throw some rugs and matching pillows?



    But we'd be the only team in the league with bedazzled alternate home uniforms.

  3. How's everybody doing in Fantasy? Gettin my brag on, 66-15-0, with 2nd place being 18.5 back. My public league team is suffering though, injuries between Kaman, Rondo, Wall, and Tyreke are killin me and I picked up Miller 2 weeks ago and had to wait him out as well.

  4. I'm sorry, but I hate trying to put any blame on a 911 dispatcher, if the cops made it there in 10 minutes, it would have made no differance in his life.





    You realize the difference in clues left behind in 10 minutes compared to 96+ hours? If that's your theory they should just make 911 a voicemail service to be checked on Saturdays.

  5. The Collierville police have already questioned her, but somehow she forgot to tell them about 3 thugs showing up to her house with guns. That's strange. Her lawyer was the one who put that story out there. Her lawyer says she will tell the MPD about the "visit" from the thugs. I really find that story hard to believe.




    Not saying she did anything but if dudes rolled up to my house with guns looking for someone with death threats and that same person disappears out of that same house and goes missing for more than 48hrs that's when you go to the cops out of fear for your life and your 6 childrens lives. She's lucky they weren't concerned about removing the only witness




    But unless we have had a gun put in our face and a threat made on our own life its hard to say how you would act, some people may think they were doing what was the safest for themselves and their families by being quiet.