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  1. I hope Jonas has enough fishing gear for the whole team.
  2. I remember Elvis singing that tune. h
  3. nivek

    Comments from media day..

    ....on a beer budget!
  4. TH - Carter HM - Delon W. for trip dub Justin H for starting the 3pt barrage
  5. Greek Freak dunks from the foul line.
  6. Tonight’s the night.
  7. nivek

    Preseason basketball thread

    New rules for the refs to figure out, plus some funny calls on both sides, and too many missed shots against a Houston team that played their starters more minutes that Memphis did. Add to that the subpar play of some of our vets and the Grizz scored 115 in a loss. I’m optimistic.
  8. nivek

    Pick Ten: I Have A Dream

    5-5 89 in SA
  9. nivek

    Pick Eleven: I Got A Feelin'

    7-4 Loss to CHI Grizz score 99
  10. nivek

    Boston @ Memphis 12/20/16

    Mr. Mayoly????
  11. nivek

    Pick 10: Thriller

    5-5 104 against Toronto
  12. nivek

    Pick Six - Preseason Edition

    4-2 Orlando W Hawks W Sixers W Thunder L Rockets L Minny W 99 vs 6'xers
  13. nivek

    Grizzlies Mlk50 Pride Uniform Unveiled

    I like the subtle symbolism.