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  1. Clarke who's normally a bucket around the rim has been getting blocked and missing bunnies
  2. Jenkins better be spitting flames about the rebounding
  3. Why are they killing us on the boards? We have to secure the rebound. Toughened up
  4. Please come on Dillon Already he is killing the OFFENSE WHY CAN'T ANYONE GET TO HIM???!!?
  5. Look Clown, you are delusional and doing the what-if scenario in your made up Covid theory.
  6. You embody everything ppl say about GS fans. Thank you for representing and confirming what a whiny little bitcjhin bunch you lot are.
  7. Teddy.B

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    This does not really solve the problem. He'll just shoot every shot because he's on the second unit. Obstacle to the flow of the offense and his efficiency will be even worse while is the problem to begin with, his low efficiency on offense.