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  1. Teddy.B

    all about ja

    He's not dying on screens anymore like he did last season. At least he is trying to fight through and get to his man. I think teams will always target him on defense even if just to tire him out to stop his offense. He's no defensive stopper but he is better than last season.
  2. Teddy.B

    all about ja

    Besides the unstoppable offense he even played defense last night. At least he was good this first game. Hope he really worked on it, making him a true student of the game willing to work on his weaknesses and adding to his ceiling.
  3. Yeah Adams is a good fit. Plays better defense and a much better passer than JV.
  4. Slomo won't last the season with the team. He's gone by trade dateline. Just doesn't fit with what TJ's vision is.
  5. We look good. Ja is going to the All-Star game.
  6. Good fair deal. Now please stay healthy, stay out of foul trouble and outplay your contract!
  7. Teddy.B

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Giddey distributes but isn't afraid to look at the basket himself and by all accounts is a coachable team player. One thing about this FO is that they hold teamwork and stress team concepts above all else. No divas need apply. Giddey is what Ben Simmons could be.
  8. Teddy.B

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    This rebuilt would be over if the FO got their guy Giddey. Jenkins clearly wants to play positionless basketball with multiple ball-handlers. If the FO had executed their vision, Ja would play off ball lots with an eye on the scoring title and Giddey distributing. Instead we got stuck into traditional positions and two years away from two years and still looking for that missing piece.
  9. Teddy.B

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    I may have presented it incorrectly talking about merely getting blocked. Actually getting blocked is only ONE of the problems of his below average shooting % at the rim. I am more concerned with his overall inability to finish whatever the reason.
  10. Yeah Culver is cooked. Can't even play pre-season ball with all the time given. The guy is out of the league soon.
  11. Teddy.B

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    It's not merely a strength thing. It's concentration and more importantly touch. King Justise was strong as a bull but had the same problem. Gets to the rim easily because of his strength (in ZW's case length) but misses more than makes. Just no touch around the basket.
  12. Teddy.B

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    For a guy that's 6'9 and long, "no pun intended" ZW gets blocked ALOT going to the cup. This shows he goes up soft. I understand he's a finesse player, but he really needs some toughening up. Hope some Dillon rubs off on him. Unfortunately they haven't gotten to practice or play together. Also hoping it's just him being young and thin and that he gets a mean streak when he hits more iron.
  13. Teddy.B

    Dillon will miss the start of the season

    Not that the guy needs it, but this will light extra fire under his belly. Dillon be beasting when he gets back.
  14. Teddy.B

    Impressed by Adams

    I'd jump on that proposal yesterday. Throw-in Aslsee to ***** King Dork off too. 😜
  15. I believe now that the FO wanted Josh Giddey. They want to play Ja off ball time to time he is such a weapon.