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  1. Teddy.B

    I'm getting a little concerned about the Grizz

    This is not true at all. The NBA is a billion dollar business. Teams want to step on each other's throats. Teams want to be good ALL the time and some teams NEVER get good. (Minnesota) Every team tries their best but it's hard to achieve 'sustainable success' in the NBA. Also, every team's definition of success might be a little different. Some are happy just to make the playoffs. Some are championship or bust.
  2. Teddy.B

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Conley and Gasol couldn't come close to dragging us into the playoffs with the FO giving all sorts of help in high IQ veterans in the hopes of conveying. If you think a second year player and a rookie together with an average center is getting you into the playoffs in today's West, you are either clowning or have faith that moves mountains.
  3. Teddy.B

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    I've beaten this drum before, Kyle is best as backup PG so we have two on the team in him and Delon. He needs the ball in his hands to be most effective, his 3% is below average and he is slow. Only one of him or Delon needs to be on the team and neither should be starting. As it stands now: Ja Brooks Crowder JJJ JV (if signed)
  4. Teddy.B

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Any shooters left?
  5. Teddy.B

    Roster Moves

    Gonna be a fun few hours. We are fans because it brings us joy(more pain as a Grizzlies fan especially in the Wallace led era) but anticipation of joy!
  6. Teddy.B

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I think the trade was a 'best available deal' scenario. As for the attraction of free agents, money and flexibility is the goal. Just be smart which I think this FO is, don't be rash. Can't believe I am saying this but I trust this FO to do the right thing(to a certain extent, all rookies make mistakes).
  7. Teddy.B

    thanks mike, wow

    Yeah, never want to see or hear about this character again unless we trade his expiring contract for assets.
  8. Teddy.B

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I think the axe looming over our heads determines that the short-term goal is to win and get the young guys some experience of competitive basketball, but not at the cost of long term vision, meaning no Jeff Green like trades for middle of the road veterans.
  9. Teddy.B

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Pascal Siakam was 27, Mitchell Robinson was 36 and many more examples. Someone will be there at 23 that is an impact player, the FO just has to be better than before.
  10. Teddy.B

    Roster Moves

    Maybe Korver but definitely not Crowder. You can't have a locker room full of 20 year olds in the NBA.
  11. Teddy.B

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Summit League but still unnecessary.
  12. Teddy.B

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    He has a WHOLE page! Type in his name and his antics show up before his plays. Totally agree with you that guys like TA, Pat Beverly and especially Rodman are just mad hard fiery competitors. Even throw in D.Green even though he has a 'kicking' problem too, but respect his competitiveness. Grayson Allen is just Zaza style dirty. Like I mentioned, hope he has a wake up moment in the league otherwise he ain't someone healthy for a young team building a new identity. Let's just say he ain't a Spurs type player.
  13. Teddy.B

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Grayson Allen's behavior in college was disgusting. There's NO defending that. It was obvious he couldn't control his emotions and made dirty plays. I just hope the league has matured him, otherwise I don't want him around our good guys.
  14. Teddy.B

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    What they got for Conley shows this FO is already a better negotiator than the Wallace led one. Good deal for what they had to work with. Age, salary.
  15. Teddy.B

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Does Grayson Allen even have a short at sticking with an NBA team after his rookie deal?