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  1. Teddy.B

    Dwight saves some money for the Grizz

    I'd love for us to bring Jo Jo back. His craziness and intensity will really be a positive for this young team. Money aside though, even with Dwight gone how many do we have to trade/cut/buyout before we can bring Jo back? Is letting Plumlee and Rabb go enough roster wise?
  2. GMs always picks up Wallace's call because they know a Christmas turkey is dropping on their laps.
  3. Teddy.B

    Has Taylor Jenkins hired assistant coaches yet?

    Young team with a Rookie head coach with no experienced NBA hands. This is either genius or a sharp fall.
  4. Teddy.B

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Oh don't be so sensitive I can't get angry at you, you bring so much laughter into my life. I skipped past your ridiculous posts for a long time because you think what you say to be true. It was just sad. Then every time I read one it just makes me laugh. So now I read it for the comedic effect.
  5. Teddy.B

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Lol, Shaun Livingston plays 15 minutes a game and is surrounded by the greatest shooting backcourt of ALL time. You want to start Kyle around a rookie PG and an unproven low IQ Bruno. This is basketball not merely a height contest. But I do enjoy your clown outfits though.
  6. JV will be obsolete. A discontinued model. Another big, slow center who wants the ball thrown into the post. Upgraded Kosta Koufos.
  7. Teddy.B

    Kyle vs Bruno

    You should really put on a comedy special.
  8. Teddy.B

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    JJJ's personality is infections. He will have players wanting to play with him before it's all said and done. My worry is three supermax players on a small market team.(One can dream) 😂Is Pera willing to pay??
  9. Teddy.B

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Lol, it's like doing time and getting released from prison. That's how much I hated Wallace being in charge especially draft time.
  10. Teddy.B

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    We have no young guys at the centre position unless you consider JJJ or BC a centre. (Rabb should be gone) Noah is a way better vet to mentor the young guns then Howard(🤢) or Plumlee. Noah's fire and passion are good for the young ones to follow, that in itself is worth signing. He likely wants to be on a contender though.
  12. Teddy.B

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    Under on 25, hopefully top 4 pick next year and slow climb up after.
  13. 3s have to shoot off the dribble. JJJ only shoots spot ups, he's not a three quit dreaming.
  14. BC's defense is legit. Love that he goes straight up without coming down with his hands on the opponents. He might not be long, but his speed off the bounce and verticality are real pluses.
  15. If anything you brought up the race card as a defence for his ridiculous behaviour. I think he acts like a jerk on the court with his tripping and fake tough guy acts. Don't even care about his race and never thought of if till you mentioned it. So a guy can't disapprove of childish antics now without race involved.