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  1. Super star? He is not even all-star level yet and his defence has me doubtful of his true ceiling.
  2. Winslow is an asset playing against third stringers.
  3. 100%. I have mentioned that Ja might be a little in his head with the hype. People say that he's humble but I don't see it. Whatever he's allowed to have his fun. The bigger worry for me is that he genuinely takes NO pride in his defence. He seems to be OK with letting someone score on him. Real A1 alphas like MJ or the Mamba would score on you And shut you down to shut you up. You can't be talking if you're letting ppl score on you with ease. Players just don't respect that no matter how good not yet great your offense is. Jaren with his mindless fouls with no one seemingly addressing the issue is mind-boggling. He is exposed as a low BBIQ guy with some of the really dumb fouls he commits. Those last two against Sactown was Thabeet style dumb. One when the guy was clearly ahead past you, you let him go. Instead his weak attempt gives up the And1. The next a soft frustration reach because you could not get the offensive board? Just losing plays. Shout out to DB he really has turned a corner and is much more under control and willing passer. You are so on point with this post. All agreed good points
  4. Jaren really has low BBIQ. All the talent and physical gifts in the world, but not much between the ears BBIQ wise. Such a waste. Likely to be a teaser all career.
  5. Teddy.B


    We got the pick from GS. That was totally independent of a trade we didn't need to make. If the FO prioritised financial flexibility, all the more important the trade shouldn't have been made since we absorbed more than needed to acquire Winslow. Luckily that money will be coming off this season. As for potential long term players, I am sure the FO thought Winslow still had Strotential and could ultimately be a key piece long term, but his percentages, numbers and injury history always pointed to him being a long shot at actual production. This is a huge L because it was always a gamble to begin with since he was injured at the time and even when healthy hasn't proven himself as a 3-4th option type. The trade didn't need to be made, a gamble was taken and his play now shows the team is better off without him hence an L.
  6. Teddy.B


    It's amazing and a testament to how bad Winslow really is that he's behind Konchar in the rotation. The FO took a huge L on this one.
  7. No Ingram No Zion. That's like us playing without Ja and JV. Good we won, but let's just say we were lucky.
  8. We are not making the playoffs. This team is gassed with no emotional leader to drive them through. Ja in particular is ready for a break. His body has had enough of the condensed schedule. His aggressiveness is gone because he just doesn't have much left in the tank.
  9. Ja has let the NBA lifestyle and hype get to his head. He's not an A1 Alpha type.
  10. Just pointing out that you have no right to judge others on their comments. Your ego is ahead of your analysis.
  11. You called me a first level thinker when I said not to pick up Winslow's option. Feel good about yourself now?
  12. Up 20 midway through the 3rd and loses. There's been just too many of these close losses. Something needs to be addressed. No more stupid we learn and play better next game. It's an issue that needs to be dealt with.
  13. Honestly this game being on the line is unacceptable. We are not ready for prime time. Young team doesn't know how to close and Ja is Flash over substance.
  14. Tangle with a bear. Get put on your ***