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  1. Teddy.B

    Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Been calling for this so long I lost my passion for the team. I just can't keep seeing the Carousel of lack of direction, the wasted draft picks, the horror of trades, signings and letting talent walk for no compensation while being lead by this clueless skipper.
  2. Teddy.B

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Such eternally hopeful and forgiving fans is part of the reason why Chris Wallace can be allowed to run this team into the ground. I can't believe some here still think Chancun can contribute to this team. After all his past theatrics, at the beginning of the season at the penning of this 'heartfelt' letter, folks were rooting for him. NOW, mister back to square one after 3 games and nonsense whining to the media ppl STILL want to see him on the court. This is masochism.
  3. Teddy.B


    Speaking of worthless, Shelvin Mack should be a part of the fight and of course, 'THE GRAND ARCHITECT' CHRIS WALLACE.
  4. It's all smoke and mirrors. This team is 3 - 7 the last ten games.
  5. Teddy.B

    Joakim Noah

    Don't want to start a thread for this but was wondering would people prefer the joker or Embiid?
  6. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Well I guess bash is a strong word, just like I felt special is/was?? a strong word to describe 3J. Anyway, I wrote that before his mammoth 36 point outing and am definitely starting to catch the wave.
  7. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    You are right I mistakenly posted an article without reading it. I am assuming they are trying to make a correlation that his high school career is as good as Lebron's then his NBA career would have the same trajectory. I have no problem admitting it was silly not reading the article before posting. As for me trying hard to disprove anyone that says 3J is special, you may want to read the entire thread. I made ONE post about him being all-star level and not special and have been doing nothing but defending that post. It's others that won't allow me my opinion and want to bash me for them.
  8. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Nice try for what? The sports illustrated piece is just an opinion piece. Maybe the story I used was wrong (to be honest didn't even really look, guess I jumped to conclusions after a quick glance) but it doesn't change the fact that sports illustrated has been wrong before and it's still just a writer's opinion. I was going to search examples of Sports illustrated being wrong just to refute your put down then caught myself, thinking; "Why would I do that?" I want the kid to succeed too. Just because I don't anoint him special yet doesn't mean I am not rooting for him to be. You guys can bash it all you want, bottom line is I think he will be an all-star that HOPEFULLY GROWS into a special MVP level player. Call me late to the party. I hope it happens!
  9. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Guess Sports Illustrated has never been wrong before. Hey, who knows still a lot left in his career. I like 3J he was a great pick. I think he is a multi-time all star. I HOPE he can be a special player for this franchise.
  10. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Yes, to me a player has to be MVP level to be special. Like I mentioned, watered down words and giving MAX contracts to mid-level good players cheapens the meaning. I said the kid has a chance to be a multiple time all-star so yes if he is MVP level, I will gladly eat crow. It would in fact delight me. It means this team finally has a MVP level draw.
  11. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    LOL, throwing false scenarios out now are we??? Trae was a guy I never even considered at our pick. Why don't you go do some HW and dig up my posts pre-draft? I was and am even after the pick in support of JJJ. Maybe you people just see things in Black and White. Just because I don't say he is "special" then I must think he is trash.
  12. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Then I guess you miss the nuance or sentiment of my statement. Learn to read in context off my multiple post. I am just not going to CROWN a kid MVP level player at this stage of his 20 game career which is what I consider a "special" player. And yes you ARE bitter. Coming in to "shame" me immediately just because the kid had a good game.
  13. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    You must be bitter. I just acknowledged above that the kid had a mammoth game. Also, I never said he wasn't good. I just was/am not ready to crown him MVP status at such an early stage. (Even after this game)
  14. The Grizzlies might be back to looking for a back-up PG.
  15. Teddy.B

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    Fair play, JJJ having a monster game tonight!! I am typing this end of fourth Q in Nets game.