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  1. http://nba4free.com/stream/mem/
  2. Jaren really is a weak rebounder. He lets others take away rebounds he has position on. Hope it's because his body isn't mature yet and not a weak/don't want to fight mentality thing.
  3. Teddy.B

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    This guy is too slow to play NBA basketball and his shot hasn't even been as advertised. Doubt he has any value past his current contract. Wasted signing. Will be one of those guys that pops back to Europe like Calathes.
  4. I don't think Dillon is going to turn out to be what we hoped. One of those guys that had a somewhat good first year and raised expectations for him, but never really gets it going. 8 - 10 man type rotational player.
  5. Goodness Plumlee is terrible, never seen him play till now. He needs to be gone. No hands, no rebounding, no toughness, just a big lost boy on the court.
  6. This team looking at a double digit loss most nights.
  7. Jaren doesn't seem to be getting touches. He does very well with his quick moves in the block but he has barely gotten fed there. Going to be worse with JV back clogging things up. Whole team looks slow. For all the training camp talk, they don't look like they have the guys to run.
  8. 100% doesn't challenge the team at all or show what real competition is going to be like when season starts.
  9. Don't know under what context that is, seems done more in jest since it's with a smile on his face, but OK if Grayson can have a similar career he can flip whomever he sees fit off.
  10. Flipping off a lady who catcalls you to miss is not being competitive. It is being classless. Ppl who are ultra competitive just wants to be the best to win. Everything else is outside noise they use to fuel that desire. To win you have to control your emotions, his mentality shows he does not know how to win at the highest level.
  11. Teddy.B

    All about the coaching.

    A lot is likely what you said, a learning curve. Important thing is as preaching now, as long as there is growth and improvements throughout the year and they are better at the end of the year then the beginning.
  12. Teddy.B

    All about the coaching.

    That's my concern as well, but looking at the way this FO operates they hired Jenkins to be a long term solution so I am sure they spoke about play style to a certain extent. They have also shown that they are pro-active enough to go out and make deals. So if the %s continue to be an issue I have fair confidence that they will swing something.
  13. Starting this thread to see what people think of the coaches and coaching throughout the season. How the schemes are, how we adjust in game, how we fair out of timeouts and the board's personal favorite of how we handle the player rotations and play time. From what I can tell so far, we are going to be a running space and pace team with lots of threes. The players seem to be green lighted to let it fly as long as they are in their spots. Wonder if that's still going to be the case when the %s are down or are they going to trust the system and stick to it. Really impressed so far even though Jenkins is a young and first year coach with no other real experienced NBA coaches as assistant. He seems to have a clear plan of what he is trying to implement and has an understanding of progression and incremental development. Hopefully we can discuss AND inform each other of what we see and how we feel about it without devolving into criticisms and insults with us or the staff themselves.
  14. Just kidding. The season is finally here, so we have better things to look forward to then 'he who thinks he's too good for us'.