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  1. Memphicity

    Take A Sobering Look At This Roster

    Utah would beat us in seven games this year. There is ZERO path to the second round. If I am wrong (hope I am) feel free to dig this up and jab me with it.
  2. Memphicity

    Take A Sobering Look At This Roster

    Wallace is the BIGGEST problem with this team.
  3. I know Daniels isn't elite and has shortcomings but he IS a good shooter, we've seen it. Very hard for him to come in and play just a few minutes in the 4th and produce. Fizz then gave him a shot against ATL and he didn't do well. He'll probably only play garbage time from now on.
  4. Memphicity

    What Is Wrong With The Grizzlies?

    Say what you will but starting a 36 year old SG that CANT shoot and has lost his elite defender status is NOT a winning formula. It all boils down to Wallace failing to get what we need and driving CORE4 down out throat.
  5. Memphicity

    Roster Moves

    You think Wallace is a good GM? Enlighten me.
  6. For sure.... when is deadline to decide on Tony Douglas?
  7. Memphicity

    Roster Moves

    Saddens me how lousy Wallace is yet we stick with him.
  8. Memphicity

    Roster Moves

    Terrance Jones getting waived also.
  9. Memphicity

    Roster Moves

    Mavs are buying out Derron Williams. Rather have him than Tony Douglas.
  10. Memphicity

    Darren Collison Being Shopped

    Marc SteinVerified account‏@ESPNSteinLine Following More The Kings fielded offers today for Darren Collison, Ben McLemore and Arron Afflalo, league sources say, but appear poised to keep all three.
  11. Memphicity

    Roster Moves

    Alex KennedyVerified account‏@AlexKennedyNBA 2m2 minutes ago More Remember, deals are often announced in the hour following the NBA trade deadline. Teams just have to agree before 3 pm ET.
  12. Memphicity

    Roster Moves

    Looks like we're standing pat with 10 minutes left.
  13. Memphicity

    Roster Moves

    I really like Jam but if they don't plan on paying him this summer then it's be nice to get something now.
  14. Memphicity

    Trade Deadline Primer - Grizz Player Rankings

    Give them Jam and Tony for Avery Bradley all day!!!
  15. Memphicity

    Trade Deadline Primer - Grizz Player Rankings

    Essentially you're saying TA is the most important piece on the team. Without him we're lost and that just is not true at all. His offense is still horrendous even though it's gotten better this year but he's lost a step on defense. Consistently getting beat off the dribble and always gambling on steals. If he's not being ELITE (and he's not) at defense then no reason to keep him.