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  1. What? Mike and Marc are gonna carry the offensive load. Also think people overrate speed in the nba like it’s the nfl. Harden isn’t fast and he’s one of the best scorers in the league. Sure we’re not going to be a top 10 offense by any means but on paper we’re definitely a top 10 defense. I also hate the Dillon Brooks isn’t a good athlete argument. What makes him unathletic, his assumed 40 time? Watching him play he has great hops and is one of the stronger players on the court for his position
  2. Really hope the reports are true and the Spurs don’t match. This team is desperate for legit NBA talent on the wing and if we can get a young, proven player for 4 years I’m all for it. With no 1st rounder next year this would be a great signing
  3. grizzfan12

    The 2018 Free Agents

    Could definitely see us winding up with Rodney Hood. Not saying I want him but his stock is very low right now but the risk could pay off
  4. grizzfan12

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    A lot of the negative on Jackson is how long it will take for him to develop. I agree his offensive game will take some time but defensively he might already be the best on the team. I see a lot of Draymond in JJJ’s game. He can guard anyone on the court at times and has a freakish body. Just need to hope he puts on some muscle to overpower guys downlow.
  5. Why do you think Carter is unathletic?
  6. But they don’t because he’s a consensus top 5 prospect?
  7. Wallace has been known to covet guys who were top players in high school. OJ, selby, Xavier Henry, and Rabb. His post lottery speech could’ve just been smoke but he said at 4 we’re still at the Tier 1 of players so I’m assuming he views MPJ in that group with Ayton, doncic, and bagley. If everyone hypothetically panned out Porter should be our guy because a top athletic wing scorer has been our biggest need for years. However, if Bagley is there I also don’t see us passing on him. He’s the most nba ready and the front office has made it known we’re all in on making the playoffs again after 1 bad season. I don’t know what’s going to happen on draft night but I think I would be excited with just about any player we take barring a trade out of the top 8.
  8. grizzfan12

    I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    Baldwin has a lot of TA in his game if he would commit to it. He is a great athlete with long arms who could be a great wing defender and on offense he would be more of a slasher. He doesn't need to run the point but he can handle the ball too
  9. grizzfan12

    Roster Moves

    I don't think the Grizzlies have ever had this much talent from top to bottom. We have 15 actual NBA talent guys who can play good basketball when their name is called. We went from being an old team who was on the verge of needing to blow up their roster for youth, to a team with a lot of young talent. Our players 25 and under: Baldwin, Harrison, Daniels, Deyonta Davis, Harrison, Martin, and Troy Williams. Every single one of these guys have had great games showing their potential. That's not to say any of these guys end up being a star, but having 7 solid rotational players early in their careers is huge. We have the star power when healthy with Mike, Marc, and Parsons. We have veteran bench leaders Zbo and Vince. Tony Allen continues to prove he can be a difference maker in games for this team. And then you have two 26 year olds with talent in Ennis and Jamychal. This team is loaded with talent more than ever. It sucks Mike and company are hurt, but this has been some great development time for a young players. This team is going to continue to get better and the next few years should be fun to watch at the very least.
  10. grizzfan12

    Who Will Survive To Opening Day?

    I don't understand why people even talk about Selden. There's a reason he didn't get drafted the guy is trash. Just a camp body
  11. grizzfan12

    Jarell Martin

    He averaged almost 20 points a game his rookie year. OJ could've been an all star if he would have been as dedicated as you need to be.
  12. Yes he can shoot threes and handle the ball
  13. I would agree if he was going to be a starter. Expecting your near lottery pick to come off the bench and run the point 15-20 minutes a game is not that ridiculous.
  14. I think we will have an exciting year with plenty of ups and downs, but I would not get your expectations too high. This seems like a really important developmental year since our bench is so young and inexperienced. We are not all in on winning the championship this season which is fine and I agree with it. Let's develop all of these young players and see who really is a difference maker for us. Then in 2 or 3 years we should be absolute championship contenders and we will have more veterans on the team along with the young guys that proved they can good contributors on a high level.
  15. grizzfan12

    Roster Moves

    Wade Baldwin isn't NBA quality? Are you just trying to be pessimistic and stir the pot or do you think you know more than most NBA scouts and followers, because that is one of the dumbest comments I have heard for a guy that went mid first round that everyone with credibility says was a steal.