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  1. PragmaticIdealist

    What Do You Think Is Really The Problem?

    This is my take a well but I don't blame it on the leaders. I can't remember the last time the Grizz were in this position. They are usually fighting for a playoff spot, not for seeding. They are tired and they are getting out hustled by teams who are hungrier for wins. They don't have the talent to win on talent alone. This team has always depended a great deal on heart, guts, and self-sacrifice. They are very tired and they don't have that burning drive or goal to win each and every game. When I have watched games ( and I've missed more this year) what I have seen is them getting beat on hustle plays. That rarely happened in the past. The biggest question is can they turn that on in the playoffs? I don't know.
  2. PragmaticIdealist

    An Excellent Analysis Of The Grizzlies Newfangled Offense

    We don't really need an advanced stat. We can look at Tony's steals vs Lee's. (which no one has to actually do). Its actually a flaw in the advanced stats in a way bc it can't pick up on those distinction. Which is better? Points off of turnovers or higher efficiency in the half court? It's easy to say right now wit the the off and def rating but in the playoffs and against the top teams the importance likely switches. The turnovers become harder to get and the overall offensive efficiency becomes a truer reflection of the offensive rating.
  3. PragmaticIdealist

    An Excellent Analysis Of The Grizzlies Newfangled Offense Its bleacher report, but its not bad either.
  4. PragmaticIdealist

    Grizzlies Are Scary Good.....

    The mavs were supposed to get scary with Rondo.... haven't watched them. Is Rondo done, bad fit, or just not enough?
  5. PragmaticIdealist

    Grizzlies Acquire Jeff Green And Russ Smith

    Everything i read has said Green is not a two way player. My guess is it will match up dependent
  6. PragmaticIdealist

    Record Comparison

    It's a long season with A LOT of games. They are sure to go through a losing streak at some point. So let's enjoy this while its here!!!
  7. PragmaticIdealist

    Real Talk Is It Fair To Bring Back Coach Joeger

    I tend to think any desire of Pera to move on from Joergner is not based on the teams on court performance. There seem to be some behind the scenes issues with Pera. Levian, and possibly the players . My general take is to let him handle his house and judge the results
  8. PragmaticIdealist

    Real Talk Is It Fair To Bring Back Coach Joeger

    He did a great job this year. I don't see how there is much room to complain. He's going to be here for awhile. I suggest fans get used to the idea.
  9. PragmaticIdealist

    Nut Heads IV

    Well said
  10. PragmaticIdealist

    Stephen Curry is a can't miss?

    Except there are mixed messages out there. By the assstant gm saying that and the "rumor" about heisely liking Thabeet and wallace saying how they love Rubio - then it looks like their bases are effectivly covered.
  11. PragmaticIdealist

    Stephen Curry is a can't miss?

    My bad. Apparently I'm dense today. I'll blame it on a rainy hazy day.
  12. PragmaticIdealist

    Stephen Curry is a can't miss?

    I also add that I hope you're right. I woud prefer to trade up though....
  13. PragmaticIdealist

    Stephen Curry is a can't miss?

    Its not draft fever for me. Its about athleticism. I freely admit that I might be short changing Rubio based on his lack of explosiveness and athleticism. I did the same for Mayo. I just dont see Rubio as a sure thing without that athleticism. I do conceed that he could be very very good. But I just have trouble seeing him as a can't miss, can't fail prospect.
  14. PragmaticIdealist

    Stephen Curry is a can't miss?

    But you don't make ppl believe players are better than your scout team has evaluated him. You take advantage of how the majory of scout teams value them and what ppl think you are likely to do. You're not selling a car that only you know the goods about. You're selling something that everybody is pretty much on equal footing about. If I go spouting off how great Hill is - its not going to make other GM's all of a sudden think he's awesome. Its going to make them think I'm stupid and I don't have to trade up to get the guy I want. I can just sit and see what the idiot who has hill valued at 2 will do.
  15. PragmaticIdealist

    Stephen Curry is a can't miss?

    I got a feeling that its not, compared to previous years. I think talent is definitely there, but there is not a huge value difference between rubio and thabeet, harden, curry, etc. That being said Rubio et al could become very very good. But they are not sure things to be good as durant, Rose, Beasley, etc have been viewed recently.