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  1. grizzdafuture

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    I'm absolutely sick of watching Dillon start on this team. The absolute most he gets without walking for me is 7 mil a year if that. Being a season ticket holder, I haven't missed one home game this year and let me tell you; watching Dillon get the ball is cringe worthy every time especially when the offense is flowing. He is a ball stopper but not good enough to justify it with our other 4 best players on the floor. I don't know who told him he was Kobe, but his ***** poor shot selection and horrible first step/iso moves has me ready to throw the towel in on him. I've had this talk with other regulars at the games and one response I've heard is that we are more liable to win when Dillon plays well. Obviously we won't win with JUST Ja & Jaren scoring 20 pts a piece. We're gonna need 1 or 2 more guys able to get us 13-17 a game as well, no matter who it is (much rather Bruno be getting these minutes as he showed last year what he can do with consistent playing time). I understand this is a contract year for him but forcing his game instead of just focusing on becoming a legit 3 and D guy is gonna shorten his career both here in Memphis and probably the NBA as a whole if he doesn't get it together fast. I just think we can spend that kind of money on other guys that fit better with our squad next season IMHO.
  2. grizzdafuture

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    I much rather see an athletic 1-2 punch of Ja and Josh than Dillon's slow 6 second iso ball that leads to a 22 foot fade away. I think the wins increase once he gets called up if he can continue the all around play. I mean most of our games except maybe 3 have been close at the end.
  3. First time Season Ticket holder here. I think the only games I plan on missing for sure are the Magic, Pistons, Hornets, and Thunder. Every other team has some type of player I'm interested in seeing this year. Pelicans, Mavs, Kings, and Hawks are my some of the more interesting ones I'm ready to see because of the age comparison with our squad.
  4. grizzdafuture

    Tyler Harvey

    Greetings guys! Use to be a pretty frequent here on the board and once I got to college and life happened, as well as the grizzlies sulking the past few years as well, I haven't really been on here much. But with excitement being at an all time time high right now I had to get back in here. What I wanted to get you guys' opinion on is should we find a way to bring up Tyler Harvey and let a few of the non-guaranteed guys go. I'm even open to pairing a few guys together to shed some spots to bring him in. Hear me out. Our PG spot is pretty sowed up right now with Ja and Tyus and I believe Melton shows alot of promise as combo guard. Our 3 looks decent with Crowder, Jackson, and Caboclo. PF is solidified with with JJJ and BC. And JV with Plumlee is formidable if we can't move his expiring or find a replacement backup. At the 2 spot, Dillon is OK but I've never been high on him as a starter, more of late career Bruce Bowen, Shane Battier, 3 and D, 6th or 7th man type player. Grayson looked horrible to me in summer league. He has to force too much and his attitude I'm not too fond of with us starting a rebuild. With Harvey, he's a 6-4 PG but showed alot of flashes of being a nice off ball player as well. He moves well without the ball, can drive and/or kick, and obviously was cold blooded from 3 which we have always needed desperately in Memphis. A back court of him and Ja to start our rebuild I think speeds up our young studs' development and also gives us another threat at the end of ball games. I also believe at 26 he can give us a great 6th man option if we happen to pickup more high profile SG later on or can stick in that spot as long as he continues to develop. A squad like below that continually develops and barring a few tweaks could be scary a few years down the road I believe. Ja/Tyus/Melton Harvey/Brooks Crowder/Jackson/Bruno JJJ/BC/Hill JV/Plumlee If we can focus on moving Iggy and Anderson in separate deals for picks and cap space (maybe attaching Rabb and Grayson if need be) I'm totally locked in on this roster each and every night to compete. Thoughts?