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  1. grizzdafuture

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    I gotta give it to them. They really have a out-the-box mentality when it comes to team building. To the point where some moves your initial reaction is WTH, then slowly turns to "that was smart!" No obtainable attractive free agents this summer? That's ok, they swing a trade for a guy that's on a reasonable 2 year remaining deal after this year and a legit backup center. Keeps future flexibility. Takes care of free agency before the season even ends for the most part outside of retaining our guys. We out perform expectations and lose our first round pick this year? That's fine, we get a guy on a cheap "let me see" deal that most definitely would have been a lottery pick in this year's draft if he had stayed in college one more year and was healthy. And its a win for Jontay because he gets a NBA level training staff for 6 months for rehab and training while also getting integrated with the team. "In Klein We Trust"
  2. grizzdafuture

    Should Brandon Clarke start on returning from injury?

    Definitely wanna see him starting at some point in the next year, but that would require JV being benched or moved first. He just doesn't have the skills of a 3 man at the moment.
  3. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    Never said he would. If he continues the way he plays now I don't want him with this team long term personally. Just was saying what was possible based off a comparison.
  4. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    Apparently not the same thing you smoking since your eyes so low you missed every other thing I said about him getting to that point. I'm convinced some people on this board failed reading in gradeschool lol. To overlook everything I said and that's all you got is delusional fam. I've been one of the bigger Dillon critics on this board before and during the season. I said he has the tools and he has the passion, but has to lock into his role and stop playing outside of the offense and leading us in FGA, terrible ones at that. My comparison to him being a HOF player was to Draymond's role with GS. He's clearly been their #3 & #4 option throughout their run and not even averaged 10 pts a game his career but will probably be a HOF due to his role in their championship wins and his 2017 DPOY and All Star appearances. Draymond is a passionate player like Dillon but he settled in his role as the 3/4th man. Draymond doesn't do that if he is on any other team in the league, as it has showed this year alone. He will never lead GS in FGA just as Dillon shouldn't lead us in them. Dillon can ride the coattails of Ja and Jaren to a HOF career IF he chooses to play his role effectively like Draymond has with GS. Hopefully you can read and go back to what I actually said. I made it bold to help you this time.
  5. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    He's in his second playing year. He has the tools to play basketball at a high level but hasn't put it together quite yet. My point is that if he does put it together with as I said above in the post you quoted, and Memphis goes to multiple conference finals and multiple finals like I think we could at some point down the line, then yes its possible but thats up to Dillon. If Draymond Green goes down as a HOF player with the role that he played in the Warriors dynasty then Dillon has a chance if he just falls into his role. Definitely not saying he has superstar potential though.
  6. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    I agree. In comparison, they both have/had offensive tools and being quite honest I love Dillon's passion. But just as other players have developed parts of their game, I believe Dillon can too. TJ came from Milwaukee where player development was huge. If this summer he's able to get Dillon to just work on ball handling, decision making with the ball, and focuses on shot-decision making and puts the passion behind those then he could have a hall of fame career I believe. You can't teach or coach passion which he already has. If he puts the work in, he'll be fine. But I don't think we just accept the "Dillon is who he is narrative" ya know? And TJ shouldn't either which was my original point in the thread.
  7. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    For me I'm looking at two different situations; short term and long term. Josh is earning his keep and should be brought back next year. I would even say in the absence of Justise, BC and Jaren that he should be taking Kyle's starting spot now in the short term. That or slide in Tolliver at the starting 4 spot until BC and JJJ get back. Long term, when everyone comes back healthy you have to assume they start JW at the 3, which makes Josh the backup 3. Jaren and BC are at the 4. So long term, where does his fit or minutes come from? Thats my take on the Kyle situation.
  8. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    Agree 100%. I wasn't big on Konchar int beginning but if he just stays where he is but gets more minutes I think he will be more of an asset for sure. And I like Kyle as a person and vet. We just can do more with that 9 mil and that roster spot.
  9. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    the logical comment wasn't to you lol relax dude. I just so happened to include it in my reply. I'm sure "they" know who it was to. Our whole team has the greenlight. TJ has said that since day one. But I don't see anybody else taking 25 ft step back jumpers or throwing up crazy layups except for him. A greenlight is great but again, you still gotta play smart basketball. Golden State was probably the most greenlit team we've seen play basketball, but they take smart shots within the offense. It's not that hard to understand what I'm saying and that's ok. Looking at it even deeper. I was a teenager when Rudy, Mike, and OJ got drafted here and then acquired ZBo, Marc, and TA. Correct me if I'm wrong but we started to ascend once everyone began to play their roles and especially once they got rid of Rudy. He was my favorite player growing up and I was ****** when we traded him selfishly. But i couldn't deny how I felt when he would take dumb shots as well sometimes. We may be looking at something similar here soon.
  10. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    I dont think its hard to see that usually if someone takes alot of shots at some point they will fall here and there (Harden, Westbrook, Lamarcus Aldridge etc.) My issue is that he is not the #1 or #2 guy when Jaren is healthy, and probably is the #4 guy when Justise returns. He should NOT be taking #1 guy amounts of shots especially when they are not good shots. Hope thats "lOgiCaL" enough. If he takes high percentage or open shots then I have no beef with him. I don't see how that's not understandable. I have watched or been to almost every game this year except for maybe 6 and alot of the close games we lost this year by 5 or less I have seen us come back from a deficit and Dillon checks in and kills the momentum with bad shots. I love his defense and energy, but all I'm saying is that he needs to be moved to 6th man or told to shape his game as a 3 and D guy and our team will be better for it. If we really want to go after a title at some point with him on this roster then it has to be addressed. If you look at the past 10 years of champions, I can't think of one player on those teams that was clearly a #3 or #4 option that took more shots than the #1 or #2 options OR took as many bonehead shots as Dillon takes. Its not winning basketball and yall know it. As far as Kyle goes, if his only value is ball handling and defense then we have 3 to 4 guys that fit that mold that are better floor spacers than he is. Melton Tyus Grayson and Justise will suffice as far as backup ball handlers, and Melton, Josh, Grayson and Justise will suffice as defenders. Jaren and BC have the 4 spot sewed up and I would love a Tollier-esq type of stretch 4 to bring on next year just as insurance. So that kills the need for Kyle. I do think his Slo Mo Euro's come in the clutch. I just believe our offense is more fluid without him at this point.
  11. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    I really do wonder what makes coach scared to make moves like this. I'm sure he knows Kyle doesn't fit with this squad as great. I'm sure he sees like everyone else in the gym when Dillon goes on his spells of multiple missed layups and/or bad shots. When it comes to player development this should be easy fixes you would think. Its ok to sit a player when he doesn't have it going or doesn't quite fit. That has been my only knock on TJ all year. Other than that he has my support and approval.
  12. Thats what I like most about the pickup outside of his shooting. We thought Solo was like an Uncle. Tolliver is a UNCLE uncle lol we definitely needed that aspect back to the team.
  13. grizzdafuture

    New Starting Lineup

    At full strength and full energy, if we get these lineups right this 1/8 playoff matchup is gonna be fun to watch.
  14. grizzdafuture

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Clippers 2/24/20

    And again, as we've stated already, the salaries aren't off much. All this stuff takes is a simple google search dude. That was just potential framework for a possible deal. My whole thing was the narrative of getting Beal being impossible to get didn't make sense. The actual moving pieces could be moved around (ie. Jonas, Dieng, someone else we sign this off season on a 1 year etc), but i remember just last year DB was in talks with a trade involving WAS. Can't remember if he was rumored to go there or to PHX in that 3 team trade but I'm sure his value is higher this year versus last year. But you got it smart guy.
  15. grizzdafuture

    Memphis Grizzlies @ L A Clippers 2/24/20

    dudes a prick. someone throws an idea out and he just trolls away. its a friggin idea. You could swap players to your liking to make it work. After thinking about it, I would even swap Kyle and throw JV in there and dump our picks that are tradeable. You cant say it wouldn't work when LA gave up 3 picks and players they didn't believe in anymore for AD and the Pelicans actually agreed. DB is better than Hart, JV was probably on par with BI at the time although he's had a breakout year; kudos to him. And nobody knew wth was going on with Lonzo although I liked him as a player but his impact before this year was not lightyears above Grayson's impact this year before injury if your look at PER 36. Nobody in the league is taking Beal over AD. So you can't say something like this is just impossible and make condescending comments just because you don't happen to agree. Grow up.