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  1. guillermo

    NBA Combine Prospect Interviews

    I graduated from there long time ago
  2. guillermo

    JJJ - All-Rookie 1st Team

    depending on Mike is back as primary scorer if J3 main option- 20p8r2a2b if 2nd option- 17/7/2/2
  3. guillermo

    When Should Conley be traded??

    I agree I don't want conley traded unless we can straight out fleece someone
  4. This will require our young unicorn to step up his game to next couple levels- especially rebounding and playmaking
  5. guillermo

    When Should Conley be traded??

    Conley is though Offensively they can play together I have no doubt paired together they may be undersized but would be incredibly exciting and dynamic in up tempo offense
  6. if we had 6'11" Russell Westbrook like Bucks have we could have this conversation
  7. the biggest flaw OPs theory is that superstars have the best analytics
  8. guillermo

    NBA Playoffs thread

    didn't conley rank analytically as one of the better perimeter defenders in the league this season? I saw him ranked 4th I believe.
  9. becky hammon would bring a lot of attention to the team- its a big story if she started winning it would be a really big story
  10. guillermo

    Bleacher Report likes JJJ

    maybe JJJ call Dwight howard and LeBron for some "supplements" fyi im not implying those guys did roids ok I lied i am implying that
  11. I remember there used to be so many "grizz fans" on this board trashing Conley and in love with Lowry (after lowry was traded) they used to enjoy when lowry had good games or played well against us. they'd praise lowery when mike bad games- there were grizz fans mind you they all stopped commenting few years back when Mike proved to be WAY WAY WAY MORE clutch/reliable in playoff than lowry could ever be. lowry for all his bulldawg tenacity is kind of a choker. Mike is opposite of that.
  12. I think JB did better job as coach than Pera has done as owner JB had random G league lineups playing hard and fast and being competitive- mike has his best season once moody slow Marc was gone the team 's style of play was really fun to watch hope new coach can get that kind of effort from the guys
  13. guillermo

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    If conley played for another team all these years and coming off 21p/6a season and we could pick him up for couple seasons at $30mil/yr before JJJ contract kicks in.. wed be beyond thrilled for JJJ to play with point guard that good- in their prime but mike sounds like a baby with the sudden neediness... man up you play for Memphis, ride or die
  14. guillermo

    NBA Playoffs thread

    looks like playoff Lowry showed up never thought someone with so much dawg in them would be so dang un-clutch smh so glad we stuck with Mike