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  1. guillermo

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    Conley post Marc is all star caliber and then some
  2. guillermo

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

    Jon Leuer
  3. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    i love his grit and hustle but his offense is pretty bad right now for nba level point guard tbh I could see him not sticking in the league and playing overseas
  4. guillermo

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    total rebuild is the slowest and least creative way to get back to being competitive. plus it requires a lot luck and tbh its just lazy management- lose games, draft high, repeat, I prefer we get back into the playoffs asap- Do the analytic money ball thing with mix of vets and youth part of the fun for "average" teams is trying to get into playoffs or get good seed into the playoffs. playoffs are the best
  5. guillermo

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    I don't see his production declining ,much over length of his contract. Especially in this new open system. Mike is still cat quick and savvy. Once his salary comes off books its new ballgame. His expiring might be worth something. I think Mike is giving us more production/leadership than we could get in a trade at this time he was just named western conf player of the week- hes not over the hill yet I think we could be good next season and back in playoffs if all key guys come back
  6. guillermo

    JV & Conley combine for 55.

    I think we might be good again
  7. guillermo

    Season win total predictions???

    would be epic!
  8. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    Money ball is probably the only way small markets can really compete in future I think FO use of analytics is right thing to do- I just hope their evaluation of the data is on point and their execution/strategy works I do like the quicker style of play, the extra ball handlers, versatile defenders. the games have been fun to watch fwiw. I think with right off season moves we could be back in playoffs.
  9. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    I like having more than one person who can dribble
  10. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    I think anymore Trae fanboy talk needs to be in nba forum hes over rated chucking turnover machine, cant guard and simply is not a grizzly. Hes not going top be a grizzly.
  11. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    Trae fanboys quiet after 14 points 8 turnovers in a loss when last time mike had 8 turnovers in one game?
  12. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    The Trae Young nut hugging is a bit much. plz go away with that garbage
  13. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    why is it funny? too much homerism for you?
  14. guillermo

    New plan moving forward...

    How does that make Trae better than Mike?