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  1. kboyar

    Phoenix @ Memphis 02/08/17

    In the areana it looked like TD mouthed "Thank You" while looking at the guy that fouled him on the three
  2. kboyar

    Memphis @ Oklahoma 01/11/17

    At least two of mr. Triple Doubles rebounds are at the freethrow line. The two 7 footers are just boxing out and he comes in from the third slot. Another was snatched out of a teammates hands...
  3. kboyar

    Memphis @ Oklahoma 01/11/17

    That second foul on gasol hurts. She pointed to the restricted area and he was a foot outside on the replay.
  4. On the folding schedule it states that the team will wear the MLK uniforms at 6 games. Sunday 15 Jan vs. Bulls Saturday 21 Jan vs. Rockets (giveaway parsons yoga mat) Monday 30 Jan at Suns Monday 6 Feb vs. Spurs (giveaway civil rights museum pride scarf) Friday 10 Feb vs. Warriors Tuesday 28 Feb vs. Suns
  5. I demand a recount!! They under-sampled the team message board
  6. mountains and molehills. Someone needs an e-tissue. I guess he forgot this was the KBM message board vice the teams fan page.
  7. kboyar

    Golden State @ Memphis 12/10/16

    Tony can show dramon how to actually kick someone in the face
  8. kboyar

    Pick 10: Thriller

    Ill pick a tie breaker if anyone joins me in the extreme sun
  9. kboyar

    Pick 10: Thriller

    9-1 Only loss to Miami
  10. kboyar

    Pick Ten - Every Vote Counts

    GF you beat my estimate the slimmest of margins. I demand a recount!
  11. kboyar

    New Orleans @ Memphis 11/02/16

    Church nights are always thinner unless a flagship team is in town
  12. kboyar

    Team Hero Pellis @ Grizz

    JaMychal for plucking the brow Ennis an easy second. Jarrell had some good minutes... Looked like a player tonight
  13. kboyar

    Memphis @ Minnesota 11/01/16

    Funny that the starter for tonght with the most NBA experience is J Green I'm going to have to check ESPN and compare the salaries of the starters for each team tonight
  14. kboyar

    Fizdale Has To Go

    ThunderThighs was another fun one The clipper fan was fun during the playoffs a few years ago until he went full KBM
  15. kboyar

    Good Win, But.......

    What was missing was cowbell. There could have been a lot more cowbell...
  16. kboyar

    Jarell Martin

    He is close to returning. They announced rhe team picked up his 3rd year option today.
  17. kboyar

    Jarell Martin

    He was putting shots up about two hours before the game at the same time as JaMychal so he is probably not that far from returning
  18. kboyar

    Pick Ten - Every Vote Counts

    6-4 Losses to the wiz, tpups, clips, and blazers. 110 in the pickem
  19. ESPN reporting our boy has a foot problem...
  20. 29 teams a year finish as the non-champion. But since the glass is less than half full why not drop every team but GSW and CLE? Every stray thought does not need to be a thread Kevin... I just read your posts at 1:07 and 1:10 yesterday in the 'Are the grizzlies the second best thread' that you have the boys as the second best team in the West... That must have been from medicated KBM
  21. I should have never clicked on it