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  1. kboyar

    Phoenix @ Memphis 02/08/17

    In the areana it looked like TD mouthed "Thank You" while looking at the guy that fouled him on the three
  2. kboyar

    Memphis @ Oklahoma 01/11/17

    At least two of mr. Triple Doubles rebounds are at the freethrow line. The two 7 footers are just boxing out and he comes in from the third slot. Another was snatched out of a teammates hands...
  3. kboyar

    Memphis @ Oklahoma 01/11/17

    That second foul on gasol hurts. She pointed to the restricted area and he was a foot outside on the replay.
  4. On the folding schedule it states that the team will wear the MLK uniforms at 6 games. Sunday 15 Jan vs. Bulls Saturday 21 Jan vs. Rockets (giveaway parsons yoga mat) Monday 30 Jan at Suns Monday 6 Feb vs. Spurs (giveaway civil rights museum pride scarf) Friday 10 Feb vs. Warriors Tuesday 28 Feb vs. Suns
  5. I demand a recount!! They under-sampled the team message board
  6. mountains and molehills. Someone needs an e-tissue. I guess he forgot this was the KBM message board vice the teams fan page.
  7. kboyar

    Golden State @ Memphis 12/10/16

    Tony can show dramon how to actually kick someone in the face
  8. kboyar

    Pick 10: Thriller

    Ill pick a tie breaker if anyone joins me in the extreme sun
  9. kboyar

    Pick 10: Thriller

    9-1 Only loss to Miami
  10. kboyar

    Pick Ten - Every Vote Counts

    GF you beat my estimate the slimmest of margins. I demand a recount!
  11. kboyar

    New Orleans @ Memphis 11/02/16

    Church nights are always thinner unless a flagship team is in town
  12. kboyar

    Team Hero Pellis @ Grizz

    JaMychal for plucking the brow Ennis an easy second. Jarrell had some good minutes... Looked like a player tonight