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  1. grizzly grit

    Grizzlies & Mavericks - 4/16/2014

    Who wants a repeat of last season's sweep by the Spurs? Mavericks have a better chance at defeating the Spurs than the Grizzlies. We could somehow find a way to beat the Mavericks, not the Spurs. Dirk can dominate Duncan, not Randolph. Randolph can dominate Dirk, not Duncan. It's a power forward story.
  2. grizzly grit

    Grizzlies & Mavericks - 4/16/2014

    Thunders Thunder is a noun, not an adjective.
  3. grizzly grit

    Grizzlies & Mavericks - 4/16/2014

    It is easier to beat the Thunders than the Spurs. We match up well against them. Let the Mavericks upend the Spurs and we'll best them after eliminating the Thunders. Then, sweep the Clippers in the Finals. That's the plan.
  4. grizzly grit

    How Big Is The Miami Game Now?

    Joeger sold the last game against Miami by leaving Randolph alone in the paint in the last 2 minutes. He'll do it again by pulling out Koufos and inserting Miller.
  5. Had Koufus stayed to the end of the game, we could have won that Miami game. Grizzlies had a complete defensive breakdown since Koufus was pulled out after a Miami time out. Randolph got clobbered in the middle. Miami's inside shot went uncontested.
  6. grizzly grit

    Grizzlies @ Heat - 3/21/2014

    BAD MOVE: Koufus taken out from last 2 minutes of Miami game Had Koufos stayed in the game to the end, we could have won the Miami game. Randolf was clobbered in the middle. Miami's inside shots were uncontested.
  7. grizzly grit

    Samuel Jackson

  8. grizzly grit

    Samuel Jackson

    He used to play with the Charlotte Bobcats, right?
  9. grizzly grit

    Samuel Jackson

    First team C Marc Gasol PF Zach Randolph SF Rudy Gay SG Tony Allen PG Mike Conley Second team C Darrel Arthur PF Will Coleman SF Sam Young SG Xavier Henry PG Josh Selby Reserves OJ Mayo Greives Vasquez We can tremendously improve our starting line up if we could insert Stephen Jackson by trading OJ Mayo to the Milwaukee Bucks for him.
  10. grizzly grit

    Samuel Jackson

    Stephen Jackson publicly stated that he was not happy with the trade to Milwaukee on draft night. Will he be happy playing alongside Zbo in Memphis? Will OJ Mayo be happy playing alongside Brandon Jennings in Milwaukee?
  11. grizzly grit

    Samuel Jackson

    Is there any chance that we can bag Stephen?
  12. It's npt dumb if we get Jeremy Tyler at #30 to go with Kyle Korver and draft Goudelock at #49.
  13. grizzly grit

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    Who would you give for Jason Thompson and why would the Sacramento Kings accept them? Give them wing players. We've seen what Allen and Young can do. If Allen's defense were really that good, how come Kevin Durant scored 42 points in Game 7? Allen's defense is overrated. We need length and athleticism. We need scorers. C Gasol, Thompson PF Randolph, Tyler SF Gay, Korver SG Jackson, Xavier, Vasquez PG Conley, Brooks 1. Sign Marc Gasol. 2. Sign free agent Aaron Brooks. 3. Send OJ Mayo to Chicago Bulls for Kyle Korver. 4. Send Allen and Young to Sacramento Kings for Jason Thompson. 5. Send Hadadi and Arthur to Charlotte Bobcats for Stephen Jackson. 7. Draft Jeremy Tyler. 8. Let go Shane Battier.
  14. grizzly grit

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    Is it worth a comment?
  15. grizzly grit

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    If we can't afford Marc Gasol, should we go for a lighter Greg Oden?