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    Roster Moves

    So apart from the miserables on this board, most logical people realize that the front office is going to make Marc Gasol their #1 priority. So what other moves will happen: 1. Jeff Green, I believe, will take his player option and look to play himself into a big contract next year when the money goes up. In the open market he isn't going to get 9 mill a year. 2. Vince Carter, to me what the grizzlies end up doing with Vince Carter will be critical since he has so much on the team he affects. With Vince, I don't see Jordan Adams seeing the light of day. Without Vince that paves the way for Adams to crack the regular man rotation (which he should do, by the way) 3. Nick Calathes, is gone. 4. Kosta Koufus. to me Koufus HAS to be resigned. I am not sure what his number will be but I'd have to match anything up to 10 million for him He is just too valuable to let go. 5. Jon Leuer. I am really not sure what the grzzlies should do with him, but he only cost 1 million dollars so I could see the grizzlies keeping him on that number and hoping he develops into something. 6. Beno and clee - both of these guys are solid role players who are on contracts till next year so there is really nothing to do with either of them. However, I think the grizzlies certainly need to upgrade both positions. What I am looking for from the grizzlies this offseason then is to clear the way for Jordan Adams and Jarnell Stokes to compete for the regular man rotation. I also think that the grizzlies NEED to find a way to get a dynamic pg to play behind conley. I think with Stokes, Koufus, Marc and Zach, we are set at the pf and center spots. I would hate for the grizzlies to go into next season with Vince Carter on the roster (amnesty anyone?). The grizzlies need smalls and a bunch of them. Also, I might consider changing coaches but I am not sure who we'd get. Lingering questions: will the grizzlies try to use jeff green as trade bait to get a draft pick, which I would love but not sure how it would be done.
  2. I hope this is what happens with this joke of franchise that we have. We basically announced the entirely that Mike Conley is up for grabs, and one of the primary pieces we traded for Marc gasol was going to leave the team, I don't blame him. But hey at least we got ja Morant
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    NBA Playoffs thread

    That was a cold-blooded shot by DJ, a player on the wrong-side of 30. A team that plays defense is beating the mighty raptors.
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    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I've known of Memphis Slim longer than anybody on this board. I used to see him on the old espn forums, maybe around 18 years ago. Ja is a point god. okay, buddy.
  5. Kevin B Moses

    why the 3 year plan worked

    Should the grizzlies explore this?
  6. Kevin B Moses

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    This is the epitome of jumping the shark. Good grief.
  7. The bucks are starting Brook Lopez (Jonas) The Greek Freak (Jaren) Khris Middleton (RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish) Mattew Brogdon (Dillon Brooks) Eric Bledsoe (Mike) George Hill (Delon Wright) If anything should tell you about the bucks this year, it's that starting an offensive center, next to an athletic beast is an absolute formula for success. I think I'm offically on the RJ Barrett train at this point. The grizzlies have everything that the bucks have, it is eerie how perfect this team matches what the bucks are doing. I would not trade Conley from my cold dead hands. Barrett would make this team a lot better. I don't get this front office.
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    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    For those who are going overboard with 3 point shooting and analytics. Read: the entire board. For your enjoyment (wait for it, it will get there):
  9. Kevin B Moses

    NBA Combine Prospect Interviews

    all I could see was how beatiful allie laforce was. good lord
  10. Kevin B Moses

    why the 3 year plan worked

    I am being really serious and sincere. I hope hope hope that Mike isn't traded. I'm not trying to be decisive either. And I know that many of y'all want to amass a trade for him, I get it. I really believe Conley can help this team for years to him. I do. It's not because i love conley so much, I just think he can help this team win.
  11. Kevin B Moses

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    No, lol. But I remember allen used to be .Allen or something like that. I've been on this board for a good 15 years.
  12. Kevin B Moses

    why the 3 year plan worked

    Mike has said that this is home, and he also said he wouldn't want to stick around for a rebuild. He didn't say he DIDNT want to be here. I also feel that Mike's best shot at a title would be with the grizzlies. Please tell me how Boston and that crumbling franchise will be better. While they have a few pieces they might be okay next year to a run, but once Jaylen and Horford hit free agency, mike will be on the outs as far as championships are concerned. Ditto Miami and he isn't going to be traded to Utah, which would likely be his best shot. Mike doesn't have to have two things simultaneously happen: that is, that he is a star still AND he wins a championship being a star. He could win a championship like Jason Kidd did, being the primary pg, but having the heavy lifting done by other stars around him. The fact was, when the grizzlies got zbo, they went to the playoffs a year later and almost went THAT year. This grizzlies team with Mike and Jonas played great down the stretch. We have been blessed with a high draft pick, we don't need to fill our team with a bunch of rookies. No team does that.
  13. Kevin B Moses

    Im with KBM Reddish will be a star and we need him badly...

    Yeah when the board updated I lost my original account so I probably have at least double what my number says.
  14. Kevin B Moses

    why the 3 year plan worked

    The 3yp worked because the grizzlies took a 28 yr star (zbo) and paired him with a 26 year old VERY developed center (marc gasol) and paired them with a bunch of young talent: Mike, Rudy and OJ. This is the exact same route the grizzlies should take with this grizzlies. By pairing Mike and Jonas up with a bunch of young talent: Jaren, (Ja or Barrett), Dillion Brooks and Rabb.
  15. I'm saying that if he ain't a superstar then why are we rearranging our entire team around him an Ja? That doesn't make sense. But if he is, then we need to maximize those years and the best way to do it (the way he maximized conley and marc) was to pair him with a vetearn star and Mike is as good as any to do that with. I also explained that it isn't unprecedented to have an older former star pg (who is past his prime) to still lead a team to a championship or beyond. Jason Kidd and Rondo. Mike is a valuable player based on how much he can give a team even past his prime years.
  16. Kevin B Moses

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    in 5 years we would have our distributor.
  17. I know what most superstars do, so let's just call it an educated guess. Also, the reason the grizzlies had a 7 year run with GNG is mainly do to exactly this scenario. The grizzlies found a star player (zbo) who was entering his prime (zach was 28) and rode him for 7 years to the playoffs. That is what I am suggesting with Conley.
  18. Team control on Jaren lasts 7 years to 8 years. If it takes 5 years to develop a point guard you got 2 years to make a run with them before Jaren bolts to a big market.
  19. The debate is this: jaren has 6 years left of team control, how long do you think it will be before Ja has the ability to make a deep run in the playoffs? Realistically speaking? Take Lillard for example. He's 28 years old. Ja is 19. Lillard has been swept out of the playoffs for years. Look, realistically speaking you can't assume that you can both develop a point guard Ja AND keep your superstar Jaren for longer than 7 years roughly. It just doesn't happen. So developing a point guard you risk losing Jaren without anything to show for it.
  20. okay, we'll that solves it. but i doubt most people here hold that position as you do.
  21. Mike doesn't have anything to do with it. What I'm pointing out about Mike is that high level star and former star point guards have lead teams to the finals well past their prime: Jason Kidd. So the idea is that Mike could be a valuable player for the duration of Jaren's team control years (another 6 years roughly), as opposed to drafting a point guard who it will take 5 years to develop and multiple playoff runs to get him ready to make a run at it: think Damien Lillard. and having only 2 years with prime jaren, which would you rather have? Developing a pg should be the last resort of any team, because it takes a serious amount of investing. You don't have to have superstar Mike at the point guard spot, but you do have to have a point guard with a tremendous amount of knowledge to go far in the playoffs. Keeping Mike means that you aren't going to waste Jaren's good years, developing a player at the hardest position to learn, only to find out that he isn't good enough to get you to the next level. Mike is extremely valuable.
  22. Again, while I can agree with you on some of that, the problem is that this board SEES Jaren as our superstar, and so if he ISNT like Giannis, or doesn't have the potential to be: then why are we investing all our eggs in his basket. He needs to be Giannis-like. You guys can't have it both ways. Either he is a potential superstar in the vein of Giannis or he isn't. Can't get more cut n dry than that. If he is, then the grizzlies should absolutely model our current team around the Milwaukee way. And that goes for maximizing the 6 years we have Jaren under team control. And as i've said many times, 27-30 year olds win championships. The grizzlies don't need to be getting rid of any high level developed players at this point.
  23. I think that rebounding isn't going to be the deciding factor, but I do agree that he has to become all worldly: but isn't THAT what everybody on this board is banking on anyway? All I hear is that we now have 2 superstars, so I'm not sure why trying to model your team on a team that is very similar to the players you already have and that team is having success, why THAT wouldn't be the goal.
  24. Kevin B Moses

    When Should Conley be traded??

    Jason Kidd ran a finals-winning team at the age of 37. He wasn't a superstar and he was well past his prime, but he was an integral part of that team's success. And look what Rondo did at the age of 31, when everybody thought he was done. He got the boogie cousins-less pelicans to the second round of the playoffs. Jrue Holiday did nothing. Point guards that are great are going to be valuable much later in their career. I would not trade conley. Period.
  25. The fact of the matter is, if Milwaukee wins the title this year, it's going to throw a lot of these Space and Pace teams in a different light. The bucks are doing it differently and Giannis, singlehandedly makes that teams pace fast despite the fact that they field a team of slower players. This is the direction the grizzlies should be heading towards.