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    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Look, I was never a big dwight howard fan, but the guy, at age 23, with no other superstar on his team, beat: a 24 year old Lebron, beat the big 3 in boston in their prime and yeah, he lost to the Kobe-Pau lakers, but you can't really question his accomplishments. I mean he isn't never going to win and awards for being a good teammate, but he did what most no scoring centers could only dream of doing.
  2. I've been waiting to hear who is on his staff, but I haven't heard a thing about it.
  3. So let me break this down to chip, like he is 3 years old. When I use best, I am specifically talking about what players will contribute most to wins and loses. I take offense to the word talent being used to separate players into categories and I prefer to use the most potential. If you are asking me who has the most potential, it would be: Ja, followed by Jaren, followed by Dillion Brooks, Tyus and Bruno. And in point of fact, I would say that Jonas, then Jaren over Tyus, then Ja following the rear as who I think are the best. But I assumed I was refuting the Ja and Jaren over Tyus being better than Ja and then Jonas better than Jaren. And let me just point out that when people say that the grizzlies should not have signed Jonas on a team that is rebuilding, they are essentially saying that Jaren is not ready to lead the team to the playoffs so why do when need a vet. I'm saying that Jaren next year won't be better than a 6 year vet, which is essentially the same thing. If y'all want me to respond to a hero worshiping thread with the heroes y'all want worshiped, then use the correct term next time. Don't use vague terms such as BEST, it will lead to confusion.
  4. I could be wrong but I do believe that Taylor Jenkins is going to focus more on defense than he is on offense with jaren. In fact I think the whole team is going to be defensive first minded. oh yeah and I could literally say the sky is blue and Chip will say no it's not blolue there's white clouds in the sky or something... I think I need to get it together.
  5. I think the grizzlies are going to get better defensively, with who we got, than we have been. I also think that Tyus is going to make the grizzlies a lot better team than we would have been. We will see, but the grizzlies have too much talent to be like the suns have been the last few years. Jaren and Ja won't even be the two best players on this team next year, it will be Tyus and Jonas.
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    Roster Moves

    So apart from the miserables on this board, most logical people realize that the front office is going to make Marc Gasol their #1 priority. So what other moves will happen: 1. Jeff Green, I believe, will take his player option and look to play himself into a big contract next year when the money goes up. In the open market he isn't going to get 9 mill a year. 2. Vince Carter, to me what the grizzlies end up doing with Vince Carter will be critical since he has so much on the team he affects. With Vince, I don't see Jordan Adams seeing the light of day. Without Vince that paves the way for Adams to crack the regular man rotation (which he should do, by the way) 3. Nick Calathes, is gone. 4. Kosta Koufus. to me Koufus HAS to be resigned. I am not sure what his number will be but I'd have to match anything up to 10 million for him He is just too valuable to let go. 5. Jon Leuer. I am really not sure what the grzzlies should do with him, but he only cost 1 million dollars so I could see the grizzlies keeping him on that number and hoping he develops into something. 6. Beno and clee - both of these guys are solid role players who are on contracts till next year so there is really nothing to do with either of them. However, I think the grizzlies certainly need to upgrade both positions. What I am looking for from the grizzlies this offseason then is to clear the way for Jordan Adams and Jarnell Stokes to compete for the regular man rotation. I also think that the grizzlies NEED to find a way to get a dynamic pg to play behind conley. I think with Stokes, Koufus, Marc and Zach, we are set at the pf and center spots. I would hate for the grizzlies to go into next season with Vince Carter on the roster (amnesty anyone?). The grizzlies need smalls and a bunch of them. Also, I might consider changing coaches but I am not sure who we'd get. Lingering questions: will the grizzlies try to use jeff green as trade bait to get a draft pick, which I would love but not sure how it would be done.
  7. I was going by the multiple reports that said it was 28 million. I don't even regard Peter Edminston or chris herrington. They know less than we do, but if it is 26.5 then fine I was mistaken.
  8. You misunderstood, I don't mind the deal at all. I LOVE the signing. All I was saying was that the front office has to have seen a lot in him to give him that much, which makes me MORE excited by the fact that they put a substantial investment in him.
  9. If you go by 28 million for 3 years that is 9.3 and the standard mle is 9,258,000, so yes he would be making more.
  10. The grizzlies gave him more than the mle with incentives and I'm not convinced the grizzlies won't win 33 games this year. and for those of you that say that the grizzlies needed to bid high so that Minnesota wouldn't match you don't bid high just because you want to snatch a player way if the player is not worth that amount of money. that's what the old front office would do the new front office makes judicious signings and they don't overpay
  11. my only point was I was in awe of his contract and I wanted to highlight that the grizzlies gave him an insane amount all this other stuff was your creation
  12. Lol, too much logic. And that list that chip just quoted I guess you didn't see the fact that everybody on that list is making less than tyus Jones will be if he meets all his incentives. but yeah the grizzlies paid tyus Jones 28 million with incentives over 3 years to be a backup point guard, lol
  13. So basically you view Tyus differently than the grizzlies front office views him. Which was my point all along, that that 28 million dollar deal with incentives isn't for a BACKUP pg, that the grizzlies have far more grander plans for him than apparently you and chip feel about him.
  14. My only point was that I was in awe of his contract. I think he will prove the live up to it in spades. But you seem to want to critique my explanation of chip's stupid list. All I was doing when I was pointing out that Tyus is getting paid more than Lou Wlliams is to not try to prove my point, but to show how dumb chip's list was. You can't compare players' contract without comparing a lot of other things as well. However, the fact remains that getting a deal like Tyus got at 23 is a pretty big statement as to what they think he will be, in the future. Of course, chip thinks the grizzlies decided to spend 28 million dollars on a backup pg, more power to him. Who am I to question the great chip crane.
  15. isn't that the same as years of service? and also, if you are 26 and another is 23, it stands to reason that the 26 year old has been in the league longer. However. If you want to take up the chip argument, you might want to understand what chip is arguing, which has nothing to do with my post other than the fact that I said the grizzlies, based on tyus's contract, view him as a potential star. Chip had a problem with that so chip decides that he is going to argue about what a BACKUP PG makes, because that's what Chip views Tyus as by pointing out that among the backup pgs in the league, Tyus is currently in the middle based on salary, and therefore chip feels that the value that the grizzlies place on tyus is about average (and to chip, this is game, set match.) Then I innocently asked chip to redo his chart based on the players at Tyus age. But he failed to do it, so I'll do it for him. Of the players on that list: Dennis Schroeder, Spencer Dinwiddie and Norman Powell are comparable. The only one that is clearly making more than Tyus is Schroeder and everyone of these players are core players or considered Stars. Dante Exum was a top 5 pick and doesn't meet the criteria that I set, but in fact Tyus has a chance to make more than a player that was a top 5 pick. Kris Dunn has not gotten to his 2nd contract, but it is safe to say that he won't approach 10 million on his next deal. Several players on that list are much older and more established than Tyus and are making less: DJ Augustin and Lou Williams for example. And the only players that are Tyus's age or younger that are making his type of money are former top 5 picks with built in salaries: Lozo Ball, for example. Again, this all started because Chip views Tyus as a backup point guard and he wanted to set me straight, and all he did was make himself look silly. That list MAKES my point, not chips dim-lighted view of it.
  16. the escalation of a contract is based on how many years of player has been in the league that's why it matters. Understand?
  17. He's pulling guys that are 26 years old and tyus is 23, smh. I don't know why he's worried about this because apparently everybody understands what he's talking about and nobody understands what I'm talking about, lol
  18. Lol, because you know the numbers are going to look bad for you and also because you never understood my post to begin with which was never about the the actual contract but the contract relative to his age
  19. The incentives actually played several roles because many teams offer incentives to players to keep their cap number down and the NBA decides whether or not the incentives are likely made or likely not made and therefore if they're likely not made then are at least there is a question of whether or not they can be made I believe the NBA doesn't count those bonuses as actual salary for the cap.
  20. now find the players on that list that are his age or younger and see where that list leads you
  21. You made my point these guys are five years more in the league then tyus Jones is and they're barely making what he's making I mean they're making a little bit more but for Tyus to get that contract, it's nearly equivalent to a Max contract for a guy like that at his stage in his career.
  22. No I'm factoring in his age for the contract. Of course you're going to spend a mid-level exception on a journeyman that's 28 years old that's really a specialist. Tyus is getting more than Kyle Anderson money and he's two years younger than Kyle. Call had to work and struggle to get that 37 million dollar contract for 4 years where is tyus is getting that on his second deal are more money basically with his incentives on a three-year deal. how he's making more than jamychal green and jamychal green has had two opportunities to get the big deal and still haven't got one. so you're clearly just looking at the amount of money he's getting rather than how old he is and how much he's getting at that point.
  23. Not for guy that is 23 years old and not a top 5 pick they don't get contracts that are 10 million dollars almost over 3 years and that's the point that I was trying to make but I knew you was going to correct me I knew when I saw your name on there was going to be some sort of correction.
  24. I keep looking at this contract in awe. The grizzlies gave this kid nearly 10 million a year. Patty Mills (at age 28). For a kid that is 23 to get a deal like this, the grizzlies must think he is the second coming. I mean seriously, they are not giving this kid this much to be a backup level point guard. The grizzlies must LOVE HIM to an insane level to give this much to him. I don't think the grizzlies have ever given this much to a player this young in the entire of the franchise. The point that I am making is that they are looking for this kid to be a star, period.