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  1. Lol, not really, but while people are talking about how dillion shoots us out of games and some are defending him, I jedi mind tricked the board by flipping the entire conversation around if he is the most gng player on the team. See how I did that? Not an indictment on ja, just a way for me to confuse the haters, lol. Now why would I reveal this, the haters will be hating again. Hahaha I am so intelligent.
  2. You got it wrong. The whole flexing and mean-mugging is typical of this era of basketball. You'd never see it in other eras of basketball. But just because you mean-mug it does not mean you are a dog and willing to do anything to win. That isn't to say that ja isn't talented, he is. But he has a long way to go before he understands the sacrifice it takes to win a championship. It took jordan 6 years before he was ready to do anything. Dillion already has that mindset, nobody else on the team does.
  3. I watched dillion for 2 years before this year.
  4. Jonas is a lovable lumberjack type, not a dog. I don't know enough about Tillman yet.
  5. It's grit 'n' grind. Or gng Wtf is AND
  6. He is more like Vernon Maxwell.
  7. No. Lol, Jaren or Konchar, really? Konchar plays the right way, but he is not going to body kyrie or somebody. Grayson is dirty but not really a dog. The core four would whip grayson's *** if he did any stunts in a game. It is dillion. The only player that could get respect from the core four.
  8. I am not sure. I have rooted for many guys like him starting with Vernon Maxwell, who dillion reminds me of alot. Maxwell would jaw with Michael as soon as he got on the court. Maxwell was a little crazier than Tony was, but not by much.
  9. I don't. Ja is typical of most players who flex when they get the best of you, but he is not on the level the old grizz players or brooks in that regard. He is more similar to a rudy gay type who has a lot of talent but isn't a dog.
  10. And Dillion Brooks is part of a long line of guys we had like that: from Bonzi Wells, to Lo Wright, to Matt Barnes to Zach(I'll beat yo ***) Randolph, and the king of it the grandfather (He wid us) Tony Allen. The fact that dillion held a grudge that long proves that he should be LOVED in memphis. As far as I am concerned, he is the only guy on this team with the spirit of gng: a guy with limited talent that will break every bone in his body to win a game.
  11. Nba medical staffs and teams have gotten progressively more conservative. Back in the 80s and 90s, players rarely sat out due to injuries and if they didi theyd come back quickly. Nowadays, if a player has a minor injury, it is usually 15 games minimum. I suppose that teams are trying to avoid the catastrophic injury that occurs when players continually play hurt. But jaron Jackson's history for this injury is getting kind of ridiculous. from what I heard he goes through shoot around and everything but they don't want to play makes no sense.
  12. Kevin B Moses

    Denver Nuggets @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/12/21

    Are some of you under the impression that the nba is fair? Bwwwahahahhhhhhhaaaa
  13. Kevin B Moses

    Conley Replaces Booker in All Star Game

    This game is excruciating to watch. I'm glad Conley wasn't in it more. I can't watch much more.
  14. Kevin B Moses

    Conley Replaces Booker in All Star Game

    I am 50 years old. I don't bdo a lot of hero worshipping, especially kids. They are just an okay team. I am jaded.
  15. Kevin B Moses

    Conley Replaces Booker in All Star Game

    Conley isn't built for street basketball, which is what this is. Cp3 is the same. Both look like a fish out of water.