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  1. Kevin B Moses

    1st franchise superstar?

    I never saw Oscar play, that's why i didnt put him on my list. True, i never saw wilt play either. Magic was the point guard of the lakers, but he also played center for that team in the playoffs. Magic was a very unique player. Nash, and others were great players but a superstar is more than that. Kyrie harden and all these other guys are good at getting themselves a lot of points and rebounds and assist but they're not good at taking a team on their back and taking them to the championship like LeBron or Michael or magic or those others Larry Bird could do.
  2. Lol, you were gone for how long and nobody called you back, nobody missed poof. I leave for a few months and they are making threads trying to find out when ill be back. Sorry toke, crazy wins.
  3. All I can tell you is that if you think he's getting Will Barton money or Terrence Ross money who took almost 7 years and has only one year of 15 points or more, i mean i don't know what to tell you. Dillon Brooks is far more physical, scores more has better percentages from three pointers is younger, it won't be Barton money.
  4. Will Barton took 5 seasons to get to 15 a game and barton was never seen as a big time 3 point scorer. Plus his first few years were really bad. He was seen as a finished product by that contract. Dillion is 24, and basically in his 2nd season, hell get way more than barton did in my opinion. Dillion will be seen as a player with huge upside.
  5. Im not sure why brooks will be got at a discount, unless he dogs it the rest of the way, but again. It depends on Dillion s lust for money. And if the grizzlies number is in an untenable difference. I do think he will be in the 18 to 20 millon range. What he does is so IN in the nba, teams are going to go after him hard.
  6. Thats what im wondering, but 28 million vs 20 million is a big difference.
  7. Not sure how long this thread stays up, but come on man. The mle. Dillion is going to break the bank, we will be lucky if we can keep him for 4 years 80 million and Im being honest. Really, yall need to be thinking anything less than 20 million a year is a win. Although, the grizzlies are much more rootless so we will see if we keep him or if somebody gets him. The grizzlies have never lost a player so we will see how yall react if we do lose dillion. Jaylon Brown is good, but he just got 30 millon a year, lol.
  8. No but I bet he's definitely the new 153 million-dollar Mike for the board. they already bemoaning the fact that he's overpaid and he hadn't even got a new contract yet. Oh they won't say that what they'll say is is he worth more than the mle whatever. the fact is the last time the grizzlies had a windfall of cap space we got Chandler Parsons Chandler FM Parsons man
  9. Kevin B Moses

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    I am not sure I follow your logic here. You are not asking if we should resign him at all. If that were the case you would not have attached a salary value to your question. Your question is how valuable is Dillion do you believe? Is he mle valuable, is he of no value, etc. Then, you asked, if you had the power to pick the role dillon plays on the team, what role would that be, 6th man, etc. Your thread has more to do with how valuable is he and using salary and more ridiculously his role on the team, as the answers to your question. If you really wanted to know if the grizzlies should resign him, your poll would have been yes or no. And my answer would have been yes.
  10. Kevin B Moses

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    This thread was created November 14. On Nov 13 he scored 15 points on 46.2% from the field. Just 2 days before that, he had scored 21 points on 47.1% shooting. In fact in the whole month leading up to the thread being created, in 8 games, he had 5 games that were above 45% or better from the field and only 3 games under that. In the 4 games in October he was shooting 43.8% from 3. So if you go back to the beginning of the season, till when this thread was created, which was a span of 12 games, he had 7games that were above or well above 45% from 3 and 6 games that were 45% or better from the field. Only 4 out of the 12 were under that in one of those two areas. Your answer in a word doesn't hold water.
  11. Kevin B Moses

    1st franchise superstar?

    Kobe, Tim, Kareem, Wilt, Micheal, Lebron, Hakeem, Magic and Bird, Shaq, Ai. That's about it. Now if you are saying that ja can be those guys, I got a problem with that. The fringe guys right now are Steph and Kd, Giannis and Kawhi.
  12. Sorry Travis but this thread ain't going to get much traction, the board has already figured out that they hate Dillon Brooks and they're ready for him to go.
  13. Kevin B Moses

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    If he were the number one pick in the draft, all of these questioning things wouldn't even be a question, if he got 31 points and he was ja Morant oh my God he be the second coming, so I can only assume his draft status is the main reason why he gets criticized. If that's not the case, let's go ahead and start criticizing Ja Morant the same way and ask questions like is he worth a max level deal. the other thing I don't understand is why we're not criticizing and making big threads about Grayson Allen or any of the other non-players on our team. Explain to me how a guy that is shooting 45% from the field and 45% from 3 in scoring 16 points a game why we have a thread asking if we should resign him? If you can explain that to me logically then I'll shut up.
  14. Kevin B Moses

    1st franchise superstar?

    None of them were superstars other than Magic, who I really don't consider a true point guard, he was a point-forward. Getting in the hall of fame doesn't make you a superstar, either.
  15. Kevin B Moses

    1st franchise superstar?

    There've only been like three Superstar point guards that's ever been in this league at least that I have seen. One was Allen Iverson. One was Dwyane Wade. And one was Stephen Curry. Otherwise realize this that the grizzlies have had pau, a multi-time All-Star and the second best player on a championship team. If you're asking if he can be a score like Damian Lillard yeah probably but Damian Lillard aint a superstar, and neither was Chris Paul. Westbrook shot was broken. do I think that John Moran can be to the level of Tim Duncan Kobe Bryant LeBron James and Michael Jordan you're just going to have to show me that first. but if you're just saying somebody that can score points like Damian Lillard or Kyrie Irving or somebody like that than sure he can be that.