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  1. Kevin B Moses

    Is Jenkins an NBA level coach?

    Why y'all worried about this, the grizzlies have no chance to win a title until they get a superstar.
  2. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Orlando Magic - 11/8/2019

    Pau is wrong. There is plenty of beauty. The problem really is we have four years more to look forward to bad basketball only to find that once these players get good their agent will be moving them along to a contender. What is really lacking in the game is not beauty but a competitive spirit. Players just want to create overpowered super teams and win an uncontested championship and that's it. Also if you don't think that the NBA and Adam silver had anything to do with all these top level players parsing themselves out to a handful of teams, you are naive. which is fine as far as it goes at least you don't have one overblown super team but the fact of the matter is is that the NBA ain't fair, and the grizzlies are just a blip on the map. The point is that just because you got Jaren Jackson Jr and Ja Morant and a handful of nice young players and think all right we got what we needed now we can go win a championship, lol. the job is not even close to being done because you got to convince those players to stay in Memphis which is most likely not going to happen, the NBA is against it the agents of free agents are against it sometimes the players themselves are against it so yeah welcome to the reality, that is: having a superstar on your team and you ain't a high-level destination city.
  3. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Orlando Magic - 11/8/2019

    apparently they cleared him in May and now they want to come back and say that he's ineligible. that's bull.
  4. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Orlando Magic - 11/8/2019

    On some bull malarkey.
  5. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Orlando Magic - 11/8/2019

    The ncaa picking on the tigers again. I swear they are going to cut the legs out of any program not duke or Kentucky. There is no way that duke or Kentucky get players legal while the tigers are always getting penalized.
  6. Brandon Clark is a next matrix there ain't no doubt.
  7. Dillon Brooks is like novocaine, a reference to remember the titans. He reminds me of Marc Gasols second year, when nobody believed in Marc.
  8. I think I've figure it out Jarens fatal flaw, he has a snail-slow reaction to everything. He is not processinh plays quick enough. And newsflash, thats something you cannot easily solve. He is almost as slow as kyle. Although kyle can process plays much faster than jaren can.
  9. I don't think Taylor Jenkins is necessarily worried about winning games. He doesn't even know what his lineup should be at this point. Of course jaren is the focal point; he's going to be, but that doesn't mean much when Taylor Jenkins is trying to find out how the grizzlies are going to even play. That's why you're seeing 11 players getting 20 minutes of game.
  10. The facts have to be faced, jaren is a poor rebounder, he isn't a natural scorer, he doesn't help with facilitating the offense, meaning qhen he is in the game the team must adapt to him and not the other way around. Jaren should be a 25 point scorer based on his physical traits alone, but he isnt. I see him as a possible paul milsap defender/ and rudy gay on offense and a small forward rebounder. He hasn't made a leap at all at this point.
  11. Because Google text translation is stupid that's why. I don't have time to figure out how to spell his name right.
  12. If the grizzlies have any shot to get Wiseman, we need to do it. This kid is special. Whoever gets Jameis Wiseman will instantly be a playoff team in my opinion. This kid is the best center I've seen come into college basketball in a while. His talent level reminds me of David Robinson when he came out, thats great this kid is. Or Alonzo mourning.
  13. Kevin B Moses

    I'm not dead.... Yet

    Hey, I appreciate the interest in the book, although being a writer, one thing I know is that a reader, even a friend of the author, isn't going to slug-their-way through a dull book. I am more concerned with this: that when you start to read my book that you actually become so engaged with it that you forget that it's your friends book and you read it because you can't put it down. That's what my goal is. I want you to say, **** this book is AWESOME. Know what I mean?
  14. He can't stay on the floor, players in their second year, Karl Anthony towns 25 a game. Jaren is not looking close to being that kind of player. I mean, I hope he gets better, but it isn't looking great at this point. Ja is looking good though.