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  1. Kevin B Moses

    All Star Ja

    the all-star game, much like the defensive, all nba team is a joke. haven't watched it un 20 years, at least.
  2. Kevin B Moses

    Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/18/21

    i am impressed with the defense, but is it really this good, or are the grizzlies just riding a hot streak right now. I'm going to go with a hot streak but I would love for the grizzlies to have a legit defense though cuz I value defense.
  3. Kevin B Moses


    if you are interested in optics, Tillman is married, with a kid, at 22. It seems once every 5 years Michigan State turns out an unexpectedly great big man. Could Tillman be what DD was supposed to be? Asking for a friend.
  4. Kevin B Moses

    Crowder had 16 & 6 in the Miami upset win?

    they don't care, they are just trying to replace dillion with either a guy that won't shoot or the second coming of ray allen. Seems like a legitimate pursuit.
  5. Kevin B Moses

    I guess Josh Jackson didn't pass the eye test, either

    maybe I should have rephrased the thread title and said we should have kept Josh Jackson and cut Dillon Brooks. I'e probably would have been made the mayor of grizzlies lol
  6. I low skilled player that the grizzlies coaching staff didn't need. Why do we need a guy that scores 27 a game?
  7. Ja Morant's the next Tim Duncan? lol, didn't Tim Duncan win the NBA championship after his second year in the league.
  8. San Antonio was from a different era, when players rarely left the team and tim duncan was simultaneously the greatest power forward to ever play the game and also one of the most humblest players who didn't seek the limelight. so yeah I guess if we get another Tim Duncan then we could win a championship. keep hope alive I guess.
  9. like the warriors got lucky when conley broke his face, or perhaps when the league suspended zbo for ridiculous reasons to ensure that okc would come back and get passed the grizzlies, or perhaps when the lakers just because they are the lakers get lebron and ad to team up, or when the warriors got kd to sign with them. lol, but westbrook going down, oh man, the grizzlies are so blessed. give me a break.
  10. If you really try hard and click your heals three times, it will be: conley got 153 million, then traded, conley who? the sad fact is that I am considered delusional, yet not one person here called out this. For s&g what is the formula of your eye test. Can you quantify that for me? although I'm going to get the last laugh because there's no way that Ja we'll get as far as the grizzlies did in grit and grind. so y'all keep hoping keep hope alive keep hope in your veins and dope out of your brains, getta closer to God, or whatever. you'll never get anywhere smoke in the pipe
  11. Prince just does everything right. If the grizzlies could somehow trade winslow for him, I would be ecstatic. I'm not even sure why Brooklyn even traded for him since they never play him.
  12. lol, no. That won't happen. I didn't even know he got hurt cuz I wasn't watching the game. So, I certainly don't want to talk bad about him while he's possibly broke his leg or something. but at the same time you know we've seen how Kyrie Irving has done very little to make teammates better. and while Ja Morant is a superb scorer, you need a lot around him to make his scoring matter. so in that regard I do think that DeAndre Hunter is more impactful on the court going forward. Hunter is a beast.
  13. iiwii, you should be calling bull**** on this front office, more than anybody. you aren't the type to be wowed by flashy players. But the vast majority of this board will be so in awe and giddy about ja that they will forgive this team losing for the next 4 years just to say they have a true superstar. you usually call bull**** on that kinda stuff.
  14. be happy watching ja score forty and lose every night then. JJJ gives me flashbacks to Pau Gasol. But a worse version. Ultimately Pau was a high level beta. The nba is a mans sport. and josh Jackson scored 20 tonight, but he didn't have a good enough 3 ball so he is gone, in place of bane. lol