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  1. Kevin B Moses

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Lets goooooooi
  2. Kevin B Moses

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Ja needs to not jump and then decide what to do. Terrible habit. Defensssssseeeeee
  3. Kevin B Moses

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Defennnnnnnse defensssssssse
  4. Kevin B Moses

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Every time i watch the grizzlies they lose
  5. Kevin B Moses

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    I think the reason Phoenix traded him was the same reason the grizzlies declined his last year deal: they knew they weren't going to accept that 9 plus million next year so why not just let him go. Jackson is clearly talented.
  6. what you just said about Josh and Dillon could also be applied to Jaren Jackson Jr and Ja Morant. You seriously don't see the dumb plays that ja makes on a daily basis? but don't worry there's probably less than 20% chance that the grizzlies actually sign Josh Jackson pass this season, regardless of what he's doing.
  7. The rockets did nothing of the such. Okc explored a trade for harden: the deal would have been jv, either ross or DeRozan and Calderon. Also, jv was very overhyped at the time, and you want to talk like he was wrongly developed. Pau Gasol was drafted a decade earlier and he had no problem being the guy that in your mind you think jonas should have been. The truth is that even at 19 jonas was still a low skill bigman that could run the floor. Basically exactly what he turned into.
  8. First of all, I never said I wanted to give him a Max contract. I said that on the open market that we may have to give that to him because some other team will most likely offer that to him and it wasn't a max deal it was 20 million. Secondly, i said that dillion would be the guy closest to Jackson in terms of talent. Thirdly, why exactly can't the grizzlies have q player worth 20 millon and still not be a top 3 player: golden State had draymond and klay, whichever you want to point to as the 4th best player and still get a max deal. Thanks for playing.
  9. Not sure I agree clarke is better than josh talent wise. Brandon is more of a role player. He has a limited but effective offensive game. Josh has more bags of tricks. I think that the better player than clarke is Dillion Brooks. So I would rate dillion and josh as closer than brandon. The other thing is, with the game on the line, who do you trust to make a basket? Brandon Clarke? No. Id trust Dillion first off, although I think eventually i might trust josh more. Josh is a mismatch nightmare whereas Dillion is a bulldog.
  10. I still don't know how he and jaren could coexist in a starting lineup, i still think Winslow is the better fit, but some of the shots Jackson makes are so effortless. He is still widely inconsistent, but he is trending in a very positive direction. Points seem to come rather easy for him when he gets it going.
  11. Kevin B Moses

    The official Hot take thread

    Yeah they can You know you're stir crazy when you can look at high school girls basketball tournaments and know half or more of the girls playing, lol. Such as Cameron Brink a 6'4 center.
  12. Kevin B Moses

    The official Hot take thread

    Who here knows who Paige Bueckers and Hailey van lith are?
  13. Doris Burke is the best NBA analyst/ commentator since Marv Albert to be honest. She is fantastic.
  14. Kevin B Moses

    The official Hot take thread

    Mike has taken and making more clutch shots in the playoffs and otherwise then Donovan Mitchell has taken in his entire career. don't get me wrong Donovan Mitchell is a good player but he wants to be a superstar in year 3 and he's just not.
  15. Kevin B Moses

    The official Hot take thread

    Donovan Mitchell is the reason the jazz won't do anything in the playoffs. Donovan Mitchell wants to be the star and he certainly is not utilizing the talents that are around him.