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  1. Kevin B Moses

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    The grizzlies aren't going to move from the bottom six until they have a pattern to winning games, which requires a system. The grizzlies are terrible right now because they have no system. The grizzlies system this year was a short-sighted move to do nothing but play off Mike and Marc's high pnr and hope for the best. Nobody else even factored into it. The grizzlies need a coach that actually has a plan and is willing to implement it.
  2. Kevin B Moses

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    yeah, i have no idea why he even went. and i also thought chris and reggie were rooting against conley for some unknown reason. it's almost as if they think conley is some scrub
  3. Kevin B Moses

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Zion Williamson looks like the next Round Mound of Rebound.
  4. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    The grizzlies lost this game because of a combo of things: playing on the road playing too many young players no real game plan, just go out and play lack of familiarity tanking still a goal jb The grizzlies have good players, it's just that there is so little organization to team right now. jb said rabb earned the starting job, but apparently that only lasted 1 game and 1 half, seeing Jonas put up monstrous stats. Jb is far too much of a reactionary coach. And that goes for everything, across the board. Hollins, by contrast, never wavered from how he wanted to play. I just don't think Jb is a good coach overall.
  5. Kevin B Moses

    Valanciunas 23 & 10 in 21 minutes

    This could be a portland Jusuf Nurkic situation. However, it remains to be seen how the grizzlies are going to proceed. This team doesn't look like a rebuild to me, it looks more like a pivot. Anybody hoping for another superstar in the draft with this team next year or going forward might be disappointed. But I'm still not sure how the grizzlies will play this.
  6. Kevin B Moses

    Valanciunas 23 & 10 in 21 minutes

    patty mills abuses us with or without JV. I don't think Jv had much to do with that honestly.
  7. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs -2/12/19

    I don't know if we will win this game, but the grizzlies are making some great trades.
  8. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs -2/12/19

    Sometimes I wonder, why teams don't just go out there and play on offense, instead of all of this complicated bull**** that they do. It always seems to work a lot better.
  9. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs -2/12/19

    Mills kills us every game. Nothing new.
  10. Kevin B Moses

    Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs -2/12/19

    Best thing about our players. Everybody wants to play defense. The grizzlies are going to win a lot more games this season. The grizzlies raped toronto and I LOVE avery bradley.
  11. Kevin B Moses

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    The more that comes out about this trade, the more logical it becomes.
  12. I think Ja could be great, but I also think that once he gets with the bib boys in the nba, he could become a terrible chucker, and a cancer to the team. Ja is about ja. Garland is more in control, that's why I like him.
  13. indy doesnt have the assets, the only guy i like on that team would be sabonis, but the grizzlies don't need sabonis. I hope you are suggesting that their first rounder this year would be enough to get conley, that's hell to the naw to me.
  14. I still think that the grizzlies cannot trade Conley WITHOUT a high talented pg on the books next year. My opinion could change however if Delon Wright can set the world on fire. I really love his size at the pg spot. I don't think Avery Bradley and him fit very well together though. I like CJ next to him, Dillon would be good next to him, Justin also. I think Tyler Doresy isn't very good, and he is only a g-league player at best. One option would be to win enough to convey pick this year, trade conley for a pick high enough to get Darius Garland.