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  1. Ace-is-high

    Roster Moves

    Need to see him against NBA players, he'll get his chance in pre season
  2. Ace-is-high

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I cant imagine a team taking him on, I'd be surprised to see him playing this year, maybe he can get his trade value a little higher in pre season games... but with a young team that seems to like each other with a first time first year head coach I think having him around is a bad idea
  3. Ace-is-high

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    I'm going with 28, they'll look bad early in year but beat some teams their not supposed to late in the year
  4. Ace-is-high

    2020 NBA Draft

    Yeah the next draft is guard heavy at the top, hoping we have a season like the mayo rookie season where they looked great towards end of the season but still lost enough to get the 2nd overall pick
  5. Ace-is-high

    Trade with Dallas

    I'm liking the new FO too, we already got one first for taking him, another first or a decent young prospect would be nice but even if the just buy him out at the trade deadline I still like the iggy trade
  6. Selby was flashy, he was all offense that didn't involve teammates, Clarkes game is very team centric and that will translate at the next level
  7. I think hes right on this one, I think the only choices were Delon and Jones, the dropoff was significant after those 2, anything less on the Jones offer sheet and Timberwolves match
  8. John Frusciante put out some really good home recordings when he was out of RHCP for a spell dealing with heroin addiction, the cover was a brown paper grocery bag with him scribbling on it, had the CD in late 90s haven't seen it since, Zappas 63 appearance on Steve Allen show playing the bicycle shows he had genius qualities pre Beatles pre psych.. don't have much liking for his records but no doubt the guy had a gift
  9. Ace-is-high

    Summer Doldrums

    If you have a first Tennessee bank account the building downtown I think on the 6th or 8th floor if I remember right, has a foreign currency exchange counter, you can exchange dollars for any world currency with no exchange fee, I'm old enough to remember travelers checks, always alot of time spent trying to cash them every 100 bucks or so
  10. Ace-is-high

    Summer Doldrums

    Stopped at 'people posting trade ideas' yes summer is boring no need to punish myself more than I have to
  11. Yeah that dude needs to go read the clippers boards then come back
  12. Ha! Let him enjoy the moment were champs!
  13. He'd be the first over priced role player to publicly show disdain about playing for a team he was traded to