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  1. I loved Hubie too. I agree with you. His stint was just so short, I forgot all about it. YO
  2. Lionel Hollins was the best coach we have ever had. He took a team that had never had playoff success and gave us a culture and identity that we still lean on today. He took mostly cast offs and young guys and beat great teams. He related to players but demanded the best. We didn't like how he handled guys like OJ but it appeared he was right when he sent Kyle away and said "OJ is not a pg." He represents stability and he still has doin a lot of great work in the city. If he doesn't want to go golf and kiss butt, don't make him. Lionel Hollins is a no brainer! YO
  3. GrizzliesIQYO

    What is the Grizzlies Vision of The Future?

    I would roll with JA, J3, Val, Dillon, Anderson as future key pieces. I would keep Conley,, Parsons, Bradley, CJ, and even Noah to help the young guys with the transition of being pros while strategically adding young pieces to develop. I don't think we should trade away all our talent and be bad. I'm cool with giving Ja and J3 years to develop before getting rid of the vets similar to what OKC and GState have done. I would rather keep contending year to year. Its know way we shouldn't be able to contend now to keep being a playoff team with whatever coach and system we will have. We have a tweener All Star in Mike, 2 lottery picks and lot of vets that have had good careers. YO
  4. GrizzliesIQYO

    Predict #2 Pick

    RJ may be good but I don't want to pass on a sure thing when they are comparing RJ to Rudy Gay. Ja also has layers to his game when his athleticism fades, he can still shot, pass and has great size at the pg spot. YO
  5. GrizzliesIQYO

    Predict #2 Pick

    JA is electric and if we can run and gun he looks pretty unstoppable in transition. Electric athlete and amazing passer. He and J3 are a good core along with Val. We still need a playmaker at the 2 and 3. I think he and Conley can coexist until he is ready but small backcourts always typically struggle bad on defense. YO
  6. GrizzliesIQYO

    Trade Deadline - Who Stays, Who Goes

    They play different positions. He is Tony Allen type with more offense. JAM is a stretch 4 that wasn't really impacting us winning games. YO
  7. GrizzliesIQYO

    Trade Deadline - Who Stays, Who Goes

    I think we did a great job acquiring some good pieces. I hope Avery Bradley resigns because I don't think we will do better in free agency. Jonas is serviceable and has playoff experience. I think J3 may be a star so a serviceable big is a good fit. We still are in need of a dynamic, scoring wing. Mike, Bradley, Kyle, J3, Jonas is a very nice defensive lineup. CJ Miles can score it. YO
  8. GrizzliesIQYO

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    I just hope we don't keep bluffing and waiting until all the good deals are off the table. I think if we get a young scorer or big with some level of potential and a first round pick (preferably lottery) we accept the deals. I agree with some that if we don't get value for Mike we keep him. I think he can still be good for like 5 more years with some help but can't carry a team. We also have to stop overpaying people to stay here so we can actually get free agents that may come because we have decent cap room. YO
  9. GrizzliesIQYO

    Is It Time to Embrace Another Tank?

    All I know is that if we tank, we have to do a really good job of tanking or the Celtics will be beneficiaries of our tank. YO
  10. GrizzliesIQYO

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Chandler has been down this road many times. Fizz let him get over on him. Bickerstaff will make him get fully healthy so he can actually give us something on the ridiculous contract he is on. YO
  11. GrizzliesIQYO

    Memphis at Utah - 10/22/2018

    So the sky was falling, now we have one of the best records in the NBA. Lets hope we can keep trending up. It seems we have a Big 3 again. In those instances, its on the role players to maximize their roles, play hard D and don't go outside of what they do best. YO
  12. GrizzliesIQYO

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    I didn't want to overact on the offense in the preseason but no movement, no screens on offense and poor rotation on defense we will win less than 10 games this year. I feel like we are at an all time low. I am wondering if we are quietly attempting a tank. YO
  13. GrizzliesIQYO

    Preseason basketball thread

    I think the attention to detail on defense is good. I can see the effort and scheme but that means nothing if we don't REBOUND and convert off of turnovers. I think the system can work if Marc, Mike and J3 and anyone else can carry the load with scoring a lot of points. YO
  14. GrizzliesIQYO

    Preseason basketball thread

    Last night was my first time getting to watch. Im encouraged by Conley, J3 and Parsons. Everyone else exhibited defensive effort but offense struggled. Kyle Anderson appears to not know where he fits on offense. Selden, Mack, and Rabb flashed potential. I'm hoping J-Mike and Temple make us better. We did a good job forcing turnovers but at least half of them we gave right back in transition. YO
  15. GrizzliesIQYO

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    JB continues to clean house of the scrubs. I love it. YO