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  1. Bad offense, Bad defense, Bad players, Jenkins letting stars break free throw records trying to guard them 1 on 1. Running double screens for guys that can't shoot. Biggs look uncomfortable on the wing. This is my first game I have seen a lot of. I'm hoping this is just a 1 game thing or we will for sure be getting James Wiseman. YO
  2. I like the offense. It looks like a carbon copy of what Milwaukee ran which leads me to believe that really was his stuff. He seems like an easy offense to play in that players will love. I also like what I hear him saying in the huddles. Not a lot of rah rah but very goal oriented and focused. If the can keep control of the locker room, I think he has the juice. YO
  3. GrizzliesIQYO

    Parsons traded

    Glad we got out of a bad contract and a player that seems to have no desire to even be in the league. YO
  4. GrizzliesIQYO

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    I'm super glad to have one of the better bigs in the league but how does he fit the perceived run and gun, 5 out, pace and space system I'm assuming we are going to run? YO
  5. GrizzliesIQYO

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    You are being a conspiracy theorist and your track record shows you are smarter than this unless you are attempting to play devil's advocate. Iggy has been 100% in on winning a championship for a very long time. He has relegated himself to a role player and stayed in GS to try to win rings. Your mindset doesn't change from that unless you are washed up and counting your days in the league. YO
  6. GrizzliesIQYO

    FO poll

    I'll be glad to say I'm a prisoner of the moment but all their moves so far I give them an A+. I see a lot of similarities to how Dallas built a program but also helped facilitate trades for financial benefit while acquiring draft picks that will be useful in the coming years. I also liked we actually got something back when we gave up Mike which we traditionally have never done in my opinion. So far I'm all in with this group as of now. YO
  7. I like his Youtube. I like his size. I hope we can strike lightning in the bottle with him. He is not too much older than a senior out of college so he should be able to be molded. Will he play summer league ? YO
  8. GrizzliesIQYO

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    An old Tayshaun and Battier really helped us. He still has a lot to give and would help us win a lot more but he continued to stay in Golden State in his prime to win championships. He has a hefty salary so unless he is bought out going to Brooklyn, the Lakers, Raptors, etc seems like a long shot. YO
  9. GrizzliesIQYO

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    I think the future lineup they are envisioning is Morant Brooks Anderson Clarke J3 We still have a pretty weak shooting guard spot but we have depth at the position. As I look at what I just typed where is the scoring coming from? Is Clarke a perennial backup or are they going to allow him to develop into a Shawn Type of defensive stopper mismatch guy? I don't know how to pick anybody else on the roster without knowing the vision. It looks like we are going for the 7 seconds or less or Bucks 5 out type of team. I don't think JV fits if he is looking for a 3 pt shooting floor stretcher that can move a little. YO
  10. GrizzliesIQYO

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    I think this is the first time we have ever won a trade in franchise history. I like everything about the deal. Jae Crowder and Korver are Elite role players. Grayson is young and TWO FIRST ROUND PICKS. I may be a prisoner of the moment but CW would never pull this off. YO
  11. GrizzliesIQYO

    JJJ - All-Rookie 1st Team

    Great rookie year for the kid. He is super young and has a sky high ceiling. I'm expecting even better in year 2. My favorite part of his game is how fearless he is guarding NBA greats and attacking them offensively. YO
  12. I'm down. Our new coach has never played. I'm sure he is more qualified. YO
  13. Our pg is better than Kyle Lowry who was in the finals. Our Center if we resign Val is equivalent to the Centers in the final. JJJ can impact like Pascal. We have comparable guys to Van on our roster. Kawhi was a 15th pick. We have the #2 pick. We have players that produce similar to Danny Green. They also had a rookie coach. We have the pieces. They just need to be coached and we can use this draft as leverage to get back to being a playoff team we were a couple of years ago. YO
  14. Guys under contract with no options for next year. (Average amount per year/years remaining) 1. Mike Conley ($33.5/2 years, last year PO). No (I hope I am wrong) 2. Chandler Parsons ($25/1) (I expect a buyout but maybe he will work hard to earn at least one more NBA contract somewhere) 3. Kyle Anderson ($9.5/3). Yes 4. CJ Miles ($8.7/1). No. Viable trade asset. 5. JJJ ($7.8/3) - He does have team options, but realistically, they will be exercised. Yes 6. Bruno ($1.8/1). Low Salary and talent, will probably be traded. No 7. Dillon Brooks ($1.6/1). Cheap and talented. Yes 8. Jevon Carter ($1.4/1 and then RFA into 2020). Yes or out of the league. Guys with options or other 9. Jonas ($17.6/Player Option by June 13). Yes if the front office wants him. 10. Avery Bradley ($12.9/1 year with only $2 mm guaranteed, remainder guaranteed on 7/3/19). Yes elite role player combo guard. 11. Ivan Rabb ($1.6/Team Option). Yes. He made it past all the trades last year. We have no bigs. Free agents 12. Delon Wright (Restricted - $2.5 mm last year). Yes. Cheap talent. 13. Justin Holiday (UFA - and we will all be thinking of him during the 2nd round of NBA draft). Yes if he stays cheap. 14. Joakim Noah (UFA). Yes if we want him. 15. Tyler Zeller (UFA). No he was an insurance roster filler.