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    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    The problem is though, that other teams in the west have good players also. If you have the Grizz top 8, who is not making the playoffs? Golden State Lakers Nuggets Blazers Clippers Rockets Jazz Thunder Spurs I suppose it is possible that things could happen that may put us in a position to push the bottom of the playoffs but I do believe that RIGHT NOW those teams are still better than the Grizz. Grizz are doing good things but there are a lot of very young players on the team and our primary contributors are VERY young still. A few years of this kind of momentum and the Grizz can become a power. I just don't see us being there yet.
  2. Gradey

    I'm getting a little concerned about the Grizz

    The warriors drafted their players. Then they added Iggy. Then later KD. But the heart of their team THEY drafted. IE young players.
  3. Ah yeah my bad. Been looking at stretching him so long I had it in my head when they said buyout
  4. I sure hope not. We can be done with him this year instead of it lasting till 2023.
  5. Grit.  Grind.  All heart.

  6. I think it was a pretty good pick. I was on the fence between him and Little at the time of it but I dont have a problem with it being Clark. I do hope he develops his shot..if so yikes!
  7. Gradey

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I hope not on Bol myself.
  8. Yesterday I heard that Parsons is the longest tenured Grizzly now that MC is gone. Roster turnover has been intense lately. I am pumped about tonight's draft
  9. Gradey

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

  10. Gradey

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Man Grayson cant carry Tony's jock strap. Not that I'm razzing you but that one stood out
  11. Gradey

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    I don't know but I would have waited until folks didn't get the players they covet and moved on to their next options before I would have settled on a trade that features a pair of mid/late first rounders and a dude who doesn't look like an NBA talent.
  12. Gradey

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    That's the key I think. Just viewing it from what it IS its not good. But what it COULD BE is good. So don't screw it up or its screwed up.
  13. Gradey

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    It was a bleh deal to me. I'm not all up in arms either way. I'd like to have seen a better return but it was not a bad haul either.
  14. Gradey

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    To be fair KBM, it does seem that regardless of the issue there are folks on both sides. Its hard to say "the board" does one thing or another because there is VERY RARELY any kind of consensus.
  15. Gradey

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Hah the last time I was this anxious about draft night was 10 years ago. 🐻
  16. Ah 1 shooter in a million aint so bad!
  17. Mike is the just before closing time semi hot chick that looks a WHOLE lot better through beer goggles at last call. I dont think he is going home alone but he's going to get picked up late after all the hotties have left.
  18. Gradey

    Am i the only one that really isn't happy for Marc...

    Yeah it really pisses me off when a dude who played high school ball in the city and over a decade of his pro career here gets traded and wins a ring. Really burns my arse.
  19. Gradey

    NBA Playoffs thread

    A pair of small guards also would leave issues for any larger PG or SG's that they need to cover.
  20. Im not saying I don't want AB I just don't think he is staying due to the $$ situation.
  21. 1. Mike Conley ($33.5/2 years, last year PO) - No 2. Chandler Parsons ($25/1) - Yes 3. Kyle Anderson ($9.5/3) - Yes 4. CJ Miles ($8.7/1) - Yes 5. JJJ ($7.8/3) - He does have team options, but realistically, they will be exercised. - Yes 6. Bruno ($1.8/1) - Yes 7. Dillon Brooks ($1.6/1) - Yes 8. Jevon Carter ($1.4/1 and then RFA into 2020) - Yes Guys with options or other 9. Jonas ($17.6/Player Option by June 13) - Yes 10. Avery Bradley ($12.9/1 year with only $2 mm guaranteed, remainder guaranteed on 7/3/19) - No 11. Ivan Rabb ($1.6/Team Option) - No Free agents 12. Delon Wright (Restricted - $2.5 mm last year) - Yes 13. Justin Holiday (UFA - and we will all be thinking of him during the 2nd round of NBA draft) - No 14. Joakim Noah (UFA) - No 15. Tyler Zeller (UFA) - Yes
  22. Gradey

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    To be fair, it wasn't they couldn't get those players but they were asking for players AND 2 first rounders.
  23. Gradey

    Lonzo & 4 = RJ Barrett?

    Im not very high on Ball. Seems to be pretty fragile physically and he has baggage that I just don't know if I want around the team I pull for
  24. Gradey

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    What an asinine statement.
  25. Gradey

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Thabeet was a lot of garbage too and he still sucked.