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  1. Gradey

    Even I know you have to draft Ja

    Difficult to agree with this when we don't know who the coach is and have completely turned the roster over in the past couple of years (more than once).
  2. Gradey

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    I would sure love to be wrong but I duno if we are going to get a lottery pick and a legit player in return for Conley.
  3. Gradey

    Who would you draft at...

    Iggy was an elite level athlete, I do not see that out of Cam. He is a shooter, great mechanics...who's shot doesn't fall.
  4. I'd be pumped but I'm trying to keep my enthusiasm in check until the lottery
  5. Jimmy is also the type of player who will call an org on bull s. If you make a run at Butler you better have a plan and stick with it instead of floundering in limbo or he is going to make sure you know about it.
  6. IMO Becky taking this job would damage her career. Why would she even entertain that proposition? Wait for a job in a better situation with a more settled front office with a history of making good decisions. That does not at all describe this situation.
  7. Gradey

    We should've had the 6th pick

    Yeah man to be fair...I would not have a problem with 3 in this draft. RJ, Zion and Ja are good players. I'm telling you though man, it is the most Grizz thing EVER for us to give Boston a number 1 in 2 years. I'm desperate to get off that pick ASAP. As much as I like Ja and RJ I'd rather not have them than give Boston a number 1 in 2 years. Hell of a situation we are in though
  8. Gradey

    NBA Playoffs thread

    He carries and walks a lot also, never called.
  9. Gradey

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    Breath bro. Marc didn't want to be traded. Why would you not be happy for him when he is doing well? Be mad all you want at the org, but MG busted his *** for this team for a lot of years. Its not like he demanded a trade.
  10. Gradey

    Gasol killing it with Raptors

    That is a pretty good description
  11. Gradey

    We should've had the 6th pick

    Not me man...if I had my choice it would be 1 or none. You know there are ballers in this group but they are not standing out very much from the pack. And that stupid Boston trade is like a guillotine poised for action.
  12. Gradey

    We should've had the 6th pick

    Yeah I was going to type about Reddish that he is intriguing...but man his shot was doodoo at Duke. I want to like him but if you take 270ish threes and hit at a 33% rate in college it is concerning to me. He is a player that I keep going from no way Jose to maybe he can be a baller.
  13. Gradey

    Is a Mike Conley trade Addition by Subtraction?

    I don't see a scenario where you improve by just removing MC. You could have a scenario of addition by addition (if you get good pcs). But you do not become automatically better simply by removing Mike. Hopefully, we can move him on to a place he wants to be and in return the Grizz get assets that will improve the team. I would say my hope is he stays and is dialed in. But its not looking like that's what he wants to do.
  14. Since the 2010-2011 season the Grizz are 26 wins and 30 losses in the playoffs. That is a far cry from excellence really. Its not a dumpster fire but not excellence. Its tough to argue against the ownership change causing problems but the flip side of the coin is that Pera purchased the Grizz in 2012 and this ownership group presided over the most successful years in Grizz history. I think they made some nutty choices but...historically they have been good for the Grizz.