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  1. Meh on a personal level I'd rather have Jaren than Wendell personally. You could make an argument either way but I do think that Jaren has a higher ceiling in todays NBA.
  2. Jackson has to improve his strength to play the five. His core and lower body are not strong enough to get it done yet.
  3. Gradey

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    But you have to admit, those are some bad contracts for the production. I think 15M is too much for DB but if the Grizz have it to spend, that is what the market is, and they dont have a better idea then I'm ok with it.
  4. Dont be discouraged, the only thing consistent about a team so young is they are inconsistent. We'll keep seeing flashes of brilliance and flashes of WTF ARE YOU THINKING
  5. Gradey

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    It all comes down to price...I think he would be a wonderful 6th man type of option. He is a good spot shooter, I like to see him shooting when he is set and not so much off the bounce. Either way, it just comes down to the money.
  6. Gradey

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    Its hard to say what JJJ will be, its pretty obvious he is still growing into his body. I think we'll see him as a player and the ways he can impact the game shift as he gets older and his body develops.
  7. Gradey

    Brandon Clark thread

    I'm with you guys I really like BC's game. Just gets it done. If he really develops a knock own jumper he could be a really special player.
  8. Gradey

    It took Ja Morant...

    I cant think of a player for the Grizz who is more fun to watch that Ja has been. Even when he makes rook mistakes, it is still must watch because you never know when he is going to do something ridiculous. This is what makes a league-wide star.
  9. Dont tank just go out and play to let the young guys learn the NBA. This is a win/win situation regardless of the W/L record.
  10. Our problem is the other team keeps scoring more points than we do.
  11. Gradey


    I really wish they'd just stop with the Hustle crap, bring him up and let him play. If he dont work then cut him.
  12. Hah, wild! I had to leave just before the end of the 3rd, it was like a 3 point game or something. I checked the score on my phone about 30 minutes WTH happened in the 4th?
  13. I think JJJ's knee may still be aching too. When he slipped there early it looked like he was favoring it some.