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  1. Well if you are shopping them, games like that cant hurt.
  2. Gradey

    Roster Moves

    With you man. Doing "stuff" so you can say you did "stuff" doesn't cut it. Make it right or don't do it.
  3. Gradey

    Roster Moves

    Only way we get a pick for Gasol is if we take on some dumb contract to bail out the team trying to move off of it. IMO adding a player for ~ 25 mill per year along with a (just for example) number 20 pick...that is not going to do much to help us. I think best bet is you get a couple players back who are rotational guys...maybe a 2nd round thrown in for s & g's.
  4. Pretty wild, just got blown out by the Pels at home on national TV....without the brow. I'd hate to have to speak to media after that debacle.
  5. Bad thing is we have a couple of years of doing the right thing before this team can start not sucking out loud. There is no easy way or fast way to fix this beyond just some bizarre stroke of luck. Going to be some crappy ball in Memphis for a while.
  6. Gradey

    Time to trade Marc

    FBS this is where I am on it also. 100% agree with you on this.
  7. Gradey

    Time to trade Marc

    I'm with you here man. Honestly, it looks like we are just stuck in limbo for a couple of years before there is any hope at all of starting to crawl back up. And then we will NOT BE ABLE to blow draft after draft. The only hope is they can start drafting like they have some semblance of a clue toward what they are doing. And even then it will be after years of drudgery.
  8. Gradey

    Season win total predictions???

    I'm going to hang tight at 34. I think we'll pick up some wins later in the season. I dont THINK we'll see a front office tank run this season....if they do then who knows at that stage
  9. Gradey

    Our owed first rounder is now a sunk cost

    What do Hasheem Thabeet, DeMarre Carroll, Sam Young, Xavier Henry, Dominque Jones, Greivis Vasquez, Josh Selby, Tony Wroten, Jamaal Franklin, Janis Timma, Jordan Adams, Jarell Martin, Wade Baldwin and Wang Zhelin have in common?
  10. Well check that, now he has hit more shots than the starting 5.
  11. Omri Caspi has hit as many shots as our starting 5 combined with 3 mins left in the 1st half. Wert thu.
  12. Our starters are shooting something like 4 of 20...
  13. Gradey

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Yep you said it. I think we may be able to move Marc or maybe he wont sign the player option this off season. So I think Marc is doable for a tank starting next season. Mike I think is going to be with us in the tank I think though, his contract is tough for a dude his age and size. Plus, we will have to spend money on the team even when tanking and he is a good spot to dump 90 mill lol. We have some gnarly contracts for players who are far under-producing for their money which makes it VERY difficult to turn those contracts into anything other than more bad contracts. If we can work a trade for Marc and Chandler where we get something decent and do not saddle ourselves with even more contracts for bad players...that would be amazing. What I'm afraid of though, is that folks are going to look to us to give up assets to take those contracts (which we don't have) or take their bum contracts back in the trade. That doesn't really help us IMO. If we did that we are still stuck with bad contracts and no picks. It doesn't matter which way you stack it...when you get down to the actual gritty details of any idea we propose there is not an answer that makes you happy about Grizz position. All these idiotic moves over the years are catching up quickly and IMO it WILL be ugly. Very ugly before it starts to turn. And I have zero faith in this front office to make the decisions that will allow this to turn into a success in the future.