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  1. Gradey


    Marc has had a hell of a run the last half a year or so
  2. Perhaps but if we buy him out them you certainly will get nothing. If he has no value, he can play out the season. I expect you will get good offers for him later in the year. Or not, either way it does not benefit the team to let him walk.
  3. You can look at it like that if you like but I look at it as though we traded for a PLAYER as well as a pick and some cash. There are three aspects of our return. 1 the pick. 2 the money. 3 the player. It is the height of ignorance to throw away 1/3 of that return, even buy him that the PLAYER can go PLAY on another TEAM. Its not rocket science. Dont get me wrong I'm not jazzing you or anything but I'm kinda tired of the idea we are expected to ***** away a solid NBA player just because he is a vet who would like to play elsewhere (in general not in response to your message above). If another team wants his services this year they can pony up for them.
  4. I don't understand why there is some kind of expectation we would cut the guy. He is an asset...why would you just cut him?
  5. Star. Power. The Grizz have a historical lack of it and this is what drives viewership.
  6. Gradey

    Bests in Grizzlies History

    Same here man, my favorite sports memory that I personally wasn't playing
  7. Gradey

    Free agency 2020

    Hard to say what targets we may have when we don't know how the players on the roster will develop or who we draft (if we draft) next year.
  8. Yeah! That said though, I do see his game in the mold of Garnett in a general sense.
  9. I'm a huge TA fan...but I don't see him as being a hall of famer. I'd love to be wrong on it myself...but I really don't see him making the HOF.
  10. Gradey

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    I think....26 wins.
  11. Its hard to say that with a rookie and 2nd year player. I'd love to be wrong but I think we are ~ 2 years from seeing that kind of level of play. FLASHES of amazing talent but also stretches of w.t.f. play also.
  12. Gradey

    Trade with Dallas

    I like that we are not rushing it. Situations will be much different toward the trade deadline.
  13. If he develops a reliable stroke from the perimeter he is going to be a BEAST.
  14. Gradey

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Iggy does not hold the leverage in this.