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  1. Its hard to say that with a rookie and 2nd year player. I'd love to be wrong but I think we are ~ 2 years from seeing that kind of level of play. FLASHES of amazing talent but also stretches of w.t.f. play also.
  2. Gradey

    Trade with Dallas

    I like that we are not rushing it. Situations will be much different toward the trade deadline.
  3. If he develops a reliable stroke from the perimeter he is going to be a BEAST.
  4. Gradey

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Iggy does not hold the leverage in this.
  5. Gradey

    FO poll

    I dont know how all of it will work out but this FO is fun. They are seeing things in a way we are not used to our FO seeing them. I love it. Do not be a prisoner to a situation and dont let the tail wag the dog. It just seems like they are in the driver seat instead of passively waiting for something.
  6. Gradey

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Heh I bet Jackson is higher...(pun intended)
  7. Gradey

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Def don't sleep on Melton. He is a dawg.
  8. Gradey

    Parsons traded

  9. 100% with you here my man.
  10. Gradey

    Roster Moves

    I saw a story the heat were trading Dragic to the Mavs. That should put Dallas out of the Delon running I hope
  11. I wouldn't concern myself with it either way from that perspective. But I sure would not do any favors to him or the Lakers. If its not a direct benefit to the Grizz I'd not buy him out. I don't see that Iggy holds the chips here. He WANTS to be bought out. But whats in it for us?
  12. Same here. I don't think a buyout is the way to go. If he is on the roster all year its ok with me...I don't see a Grizz advantage in just buying him out and letting him go play with BronBrow.
  13. Yeah moving JJJ to 4 is what I'm most excited about. Love JV but the big winner is JJJ not having to bang the 5's all night.