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  1. Gradey

    Grizzlies "City" Jerseys

    I wasn't so impressed with the up close photos but from the nose bleeds and on TV they looked pretty good.
  2. Gradey

    Grizzlies vs 76ers - 11/10/2018

    Fun game, good to see MC hit some shots! I think we are going to have to embrace the ugly win this looks to be our M.O.
  3. The way MC has been playing lately you cant play him at SG (since he suddenly cant shoot).
  4. Gradey

    Memphis at Phoenix 11/4/18

    Good to see us winning one with Mike and Marc sucking out loud.
  5. Gradey

    Pulling a KB. JJJ?

    We had to know this year was going to be iffy for JJJ. He shows flashes but he is very raw and very young. Def needs time to learn the game.....but not only that, he has to learn what the Grizz are trying to do with him. Either way, I don't expect great things this year in terms of the big picture. I'd just like to see him work as a professional and learn the game while growing into his body. It was a long game pick instead of a quick hitter.
  6. Gradey

    Grizzlies vs Wizards - 10/30/2018

    Yeah totally agree GB.
  7. Gradey

    Memphis vs Phoenix - 10/27/2018

    I'm coming to the same conclusion....pretty bummed we cant seem to hit for anything on our free agent signings of any significance.
  8. Gradey

    I've come to a painful conclusion today

    Would probably hold out for bacon to be added until it was too late to place the order..then not get any burger at all.
  9. Gradey

    I've come to a painful conclusion today

    IMO if you can get a number 1 with no onions, fries and a coke for Mr. Parsons you jump on that with both feet.
  10. Gradey

    I've come to a painful conclusion today

    lol my bad man.
  11. Gradey

    I've come to a painful conclusion today

    If you trade your best young prospect in a decade in order to try to make a run with the roster the Grizz currently should be fired then tarred and feathered on your way out of town strapped to an angry gopher.
  12. Gradey

    Future of the Grizzlies

    I think we are looking to let Mike, Chandler, and Marc's contracts run their course. We also owe Boston a pick. Best case, we do make a little noise this year and make playoffs (or miss them close enough that we give Boston that pick). Then moving forward we would be in a position to rebuild without those big contracts and with having all of our picks available.
  13. Gradey

    Predict The New Starting Lineup

    I don't understand why we would not start JJJ to help the bench. IMO start him and let the scrubs sort out the backup minutes. Play your horses except when they need a breather. The only reason you would have 12 guys playing is when most of them suck and are not worth big minutes. Play the players.