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  1. Timmy_D

    Don't Look Now

    No joke I thought the boards were more fun when we were like the worst franchise in the world. Because everyday was just talking about who we could trade for, who could we sign, who could we hire, this rookie could be awesome etc . . . When you are a really good franchise people just nitpick and a lot of the time it just sounds crazy because people over exaggerate everything. But when you are terrible the negative views are all valid and everyone can just complain together.
  2. Chris Paul only let Curry get 40 and led all players with 11 rebounds. Pretty elite I would say
  3. So who are the "Elite" point guard defenders in the NBA?
  4. Not that it matters but we only have one white guy on the roster now. I dont think that's ever happened. We've always had a Gasol and usually one other foreign guy and like a Mike Miller
  5. I dont think theres any chance they wave Russ. NBA teams almost always keep 3 pgs on a roster. You have to for emergencies
  6. Timmy_D

    Thoughts On Chalmers

    He is shooting 11% from 3, so that does make him a perfect Grizzly
  7. There were only 6 small forwards in the league last year that scored more points that Jeff Green. Why does everyone act like he is the worst player on earth or something. And yeah I wish he really used his skill sets to the fullest but come on
  8. Timmy_D

    Maccabi Haifa @ Grizzlies - 8/10/15

    I cant think of one guy in the NBA over 6'6" that cant dunk. Hell Tractor Traylor dunked all the time
  9. Timmy_D

    Grizzlies Logo Gets Love

    But you can say that about anything. Doesn't make it right
  10. Timmy_D

    Ball Don't Lie Article

    Great Read!! Can the season get here already http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/bdl-25--the-grizzlies-know-exactly-who-they-are--and-that-might-be-enough-173434112.html
  11. Timmy_D

    Grizzlies Logo Gets Love

    Not really, there are rules and science behind good design
  12. Timmy_D

    Jordan Adams Surgery?

    No the trade kept us from paying for it
  13. Timmy_D

    Jordan Adams Surgery?

    True intelligence is based on opinions of basketball players, it's a fact
  14. Timmy_D

    Welcome Matt Barnes

    Could be true but if anybody thinks the FO isnt going to resign Conley next off-season they are just going to be really disappointed. Unless a career ending injury happens this season they are going to roll with Mike and Marc for the next 5 seasons. And yes we might not win a championship but we will be good and I would prefer that than being terrible.