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  1. Okay, I just read the traded draft pick rules. If we had owned a second first round pick at the time of the Jeff Green trade, we could have given either one to Boston. But as we only had the one, we have to give ours to them eventually.
  2. Question I thought of earlier today. Suppose we do trade one or both of Mike and Marc, and get at least one first round pick that is after the eighth pick. Can we give that pick to Boston and keep our own pick?
  3. Not a good third, but the Nuggets didn't do much better.
  4. Marc been in aggressive mode all game so far.
  5. Any team that sees Marc or Mike as their last piece also doesn't have the one or two contracts that will match up salary wise in order to make the trade legal under the CBA. The contracts that would match up are for guys that they are not going to be willing to part ways with. Neither Marc ir Mike wants to go to DC, and no one they have that could match is a player that we should want.
  6. Wells

    Grizzlies at Miami Heat - 1/12/2019

    Good motion on offense, everybody staying with their man on defense. Just need to stay focused.
  7. Our three bigs (Marc, JaM & JJJ) are holding even with AD, but their perimeter guys are doing better than ours.
  8. Taking too many 3's for a team shooting the percentage we have of late.