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  1. Wells

    Bane out another 3-4 weeks

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sesamoid_bone They are bones embedded within muscles and tendons that act like pulleys to relieve stress on the sinew.
  2. Wells

    Bane out another 3-4 weeks

    The original injury announcement did not mention a sesamoid injury. Sounds like they found something new in the evaluation.
  3. I expect Tayshaun Prince also is involved in this development. His career is the poster child for how good defensive work can give you a long career.
  4. Wells

    Anyone Have a Problem With Ja Doing This?

    You think either the Union or the Association wants the players looking like idiots, saying or doing crazy stuff in front of somebody with an iPhone on record? I think both would have been much happier without the Poole-Green confrontation or anytime Kyrie has opened his mouth in the last two years not being plastered over the media feed. The Grizzlies have a bunch of better IQ players, and GCM keeps them reminded to stay focused on their images.
  5. Wells

    Anyone Have a Problem With Ja Doing This?

    Basically, GCM is the media gatekeeper for the Grizzlies, and it follows NBA guidelines religiously. Much easier to prevent one media outlet from crying foul about limited access when all media outlets have the exact same access. No more media in the locker room, the team brings the coach and selected players out to a meeting room so all the media can ask their questions. COVID just accelerated a process that was developing five years ago.
  6. No, Sacramento took Bagley over Luka, just like Phoenix took Ayton over Bagley, Luka and Trae Young. There were a bunch of GMs who thought Luka was a reach at three. And do you think people in Atlanta are kicking themselves for trading Luka for Trae?
  7. Nice start to the second.
  8. Wells

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I think the FO soured on Melton after he disappeared for the third time in a playoff environment. I was never really impressed by him during the regular season. He's a player who impresses the guys who only look at stat sheets, not what actually occurs on the court.
  9. Apologies for being so late.