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  1. Draymond. Ja has the athletic advantage, and Dray is more a setup weapon than an offensive threat himself any more.
  2. Pj's had Dillon scoring 30, he scored 23. I didn't give a score, though I said Dillon would be significant.
  3. Actually, there was a tiebreaker: high scorer in the deciding game.
  4. Let's see, won in six, Dillon being significant, maybe I knew something in the prediction thread.
  5. Just thought about my lineup against a Warriors group of Poole, Curry, Thompson, Wiggins and Green. Ja, Bane, Brooks, Anderson and Clark. Ja guards Draymond, while everyone else switches.
  6. Eric Hasseltine on the radio broadcast explained the change quite well. When the NBA Review Center looked at the replay, they saw that Jaren was already falling away from the contact before KAT touched him, making it a block instead of a charge.
  7. Wells

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Maybe that's all they could air on YouTube.
  8. I'm not going to say it is Finch's fault. During the second quarter comeback, he called three timeouts trying to break the run, to little effect. He had the end of the third quarter timeout, which he probably hoped would disrupt our rhythm. He probably should have called one when we got it under 5 points, but we really didn't give him a chance. So, I'm not calling him out, as any of his players could have called one, and he did have some veterans on the floor (Bev).
  9. Nah, finished eating before the end of the third quarter. Spent the fourth playing with my 6 month old grandson. Happy to make that a game day ritual
  10. Family dinner tonight, so missed the fourth quarter, will have to watch later. But have to say, last year's history seems to still be repeating. That's two!
  11. Last season, the playoff virgin Grizzlies won the first game against Utah, only to lose the next four. Could history repeat this year, with the virgin T'wolves winning game 1, only to lose the rest? Stay tuned!