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  1. Wells

    Effort & body language

    I'm also wondering if the "no fans" situation is effecting the team. Teams DO feed off of crowd energy, especially young teams. Hearing people chanting for you and applauding your efforts triggers adrenaline flow, giving someone that extra bit of energy needed to push through at crucial moments. Some players will rise when faced with an adverse crowd reaction, a "FU" mentality. But no crowd means neither response is triggered. In all three games, we had opportunities to take control, but were never ever to get over that hump.
  2. Technically, it is possible for us to get the seven seed, if we win out and the Mavericks lose all eight. I know, not likely unless Luka and Porzingis both tear their Achilles or something. But the four teams behind us do have to play against each other, so we need to win the games that we should win. They will do some mutual eliminations among themselves.
  3. Yeah, they had us last in the west, but had the Knicks being worse overall I believe.
  4. Zion is playing, but limited minutes. Jazz is definitely playing together well. Nice to see the Memphis connection in Mike's jersey selection, "I am a Man."
  5. Lillard is supposed to be back, but he did miss their last scrimmage with a foot inflammation.
  6. Hey, Dillon, no virtual crowd diving!
  7. Jenkins not going to let this game get close.
  8. Played a solid first half. Just need more of the same
  9. Nice to see that everyone who has shot a three has made at least one.
  10. Looking good so far. Good movement, everyone involved and scoring.
  11. Dillon starting to heat up as well.