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  1. Actually, most people are believing that the original leak on the trade deal was from the Suns. And this also sounds like it came from the Suns. Shams won't trust his source in Phoenix anymore.
  2. Sorry, had to work tonight. Just got free.
  3. Actually, that season started on Christmas day, 2011.
  4. It was mentioned on Golic and Wingo about a week ago that historically, after roughly the first quarter of the season, 7 of the eight teams at the top of each conference by that point will make the playoffs for the season. The Grizzlies are in the top eight.
  5. I was visiting friends, and turned off the radio with 52 seconds left, down seven. Didn't get a chance to check back until I saw Chip's post on Facebook about them coming back.
  6. Teams are coming in more prepared for a slower paced game.
  7. Wells

    Memphis at San Antonio - 11/21/2018

    Four ex Grizz on the Spurs roster. Maybe Pops thought highly of our team all those years.
  8. Wells

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Same to you and yours, Chip!