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  1. From the stuff I've seen, Jae and Solomon are really doing the job of being mentors. After every good play, they are there to congratulate, while offering advice when something goes wrong. Most "star" players don't know how to mentor, it's the role players who know the tricks of the trade.
  2. Sorry to be so late with this; been on the road driving through Arkansas.
  3. Kinda nice to spoil a Tony Parker celebration for once.
  4. Wells

    What's wrong with Jaren?

    If I remember correctly, Jaren had a growth spurt late in high school, going from shooting guard to big man. I think he is still trying to get used to that bigger body. A lot of his fouls come from moves that would be normal for a guard, but are too obviously a foul when done by a big man. He plays clumsily, which is a common thing when you are trying to get used to different perspectives due to increased size.
  5. Always loved listening to Hank. Best color man the Grizzlies had.
  6. Wells

    I'm not dead.... Yet

    Keep it real, KBM! Good to see you!
  7. Got to work on getting Davis in foul trouble. He's the key for the Lakers.
  8. New Year, New team, New Victory!!!
  9. And of course, I'm cooking dinner, away from my computer, as we go to overtime.
  10. Yep, best BC logo I could find for Brandon. Plus, since he went to Gonzaga, it had a partial geographic connection.