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  1. Well, he does lead the league in minutes played, so he is probably starting to get tired. Thibs is known for running his best players into the ground.
  2. Wells

    Marc Gasol And Mike Conley Today

    Really? Then why do we see Jaren in the middle of the bench area with all the rest of the team on every broadcast? If you watch the replays of the Ja dunk where SloMo put it off the backboard to him from last night's game, you see Jaren, Brandon, Melton and Winslow all there on the sidelines with the rest of the team, enjoying the spectacle. https://www.nba.com/watch/video/top-dunks-from-atlanta-hawks-vs-memphis-grizzlies?plsrc=nba&game-highlights=0022000780
  3. Wells

    Marc Gasol And Mike Conley Today

    Yeah, Marc had a good game last night in a win against the Raptors, but the Lakers have already said they are starting Drummond as soon as his big toe boo-boo is better. Andre has played one game, which they lost by 15, and in the three games with him out, and Marc starting, they are 2-1, losing to the Clippers. The Lakers are 28-13 with him as a starter (4-6 when he is not), and they were 24-11 before he went out for the health & safety protocols. They are doing him wrong.
  4. Wells

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Jennie Buss grasping at any straw available to keep this season from swirling down the toilet.
  5. Hawks played last night as well, so both teams will be coming in with similar rest. Looking at their roster, it looks like it may be important to make them have to use the last four players on the bench. They appear to run a nine man rotation, so getting out running may be to our advantage, as we are definitely younger than they are.
  6. Wells

    Top 25 Under 25: How Many Grizz Players?

    Three of those players made the 2021 All-Star game rosters. Mitchell & Booker have played in two, and Mitchell was on the 2018 All-Rookie team and second in the Rookie of the Year voting. They do have good resumes.
  7. Few of those good young players stick around past their rookie deal, and the team has a hard time attracting good vets since they see everyone leaving. Kevin Garnett made them relevant for a while, as he was willing to stay, but once he left, they have been nothing but a revolving door.
  8. Wells

    Predict JJJ's Return

    So, I went and downloaded the data from Basketball-Reference.com, and filtered only for players who are listed as playing some PG, SG or SF in their system. The average attempts for the 307 players from that filter is 3.39 per game. If you just take the middle 100 players in that list, the average attempts drop to 3.15. The question is how do you define an average wing? Jimmy Butler is not your average wing, but he only shoots two threes per game. Grayson Allen shoots five. Malik Beasley shoots almost 9.
  9. Wells

    Predict the Month of April Record

    Eleven away games to six home games. Four back to backs, with three of them road back to backs. Last game of the month is the first game of a travel back to back as well. The schedulers were not kind to the Grizzlies with this month.
  10. Since we play the T'wolves tomorrow night, it's possible the Sixers run them out of the building early and he gets a lot of rest.
  11. Bowie played in 70 games as a rookie, starting most of them and averaged 10 pts. But he wasn't Mike, who ran away with the ROY contest. And so Portland has been defending that draft up until they drafted Greg Oden. And I think Ralph Sampson was really messed up by Houston drafting Olajuwon. He grew up playing back to the basket, then had to learn to be a power forward, playing more on the perimeter, which probably led to the knee injuries. After recovering from those, he had lost a step and had to go back to center, which meant to the bench in Houston while he relearned the position until he could leave the team.
  12. But it is a fun what if. Houston elects to keep Sampson at Center and drafts Jordan because they really needed a shooting guard in 84-85. I mean they started Lewis Lloyd all 82 games that season. Olajuwon goes to Portland in a Phi Slamma Jamma reunion. Chicago gets to choose between Perkins and Barkley. Without Jordan, Phil Jackson never becomes a "legendary" coach.
  13. Wells


    Since I cite five man lineups as being preferable, that data is here. Our best net rating lineup that has played at least 20 minutes together is Bane/Clarke/Melton/Morant/Winslow with a 39.0 rating.
  14. Wells


    That's actually four week old data. The current numbers have the AndersonBrooks/Winslow trio with a 60.6 net rating over five games and 20 minutes (127.3 Offense to 66.7 Defense). The best net rating overall is Brooks/Melton/Winslow with a 75.0 net rating (125.0 Offense, 50.0 Defense) from eight games for 13 minutes. The best net rating for any group that has played more than 75 minutes together is Clarke/Morant/Winslow at 21.3 (113.8 Offense, 92.5 Defense).
  15. Wells

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Surely we can do a 10-day.