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  1. Wells

    So do the "Core 4" gets statues or nah?

    Oh, they won something all right. They won the hearts of this city, put a chip on our shoulders, made us say we deserve respect, no matter what you might think. That is in someways greater than any championship.
  2. I would expect Mike to be traded around the second week in July, after the free agent market has cooled off. Teams with the cap room to absorb Mike's salary easily are looking at Kemba and Kyrie first. Once they are off the market, then interest in Mike will pick up.
  3. Wells

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Some of the national talking heads were calling it a Warriors sweep before the Eastern Conference finals were finished.
  4. Wells

    NBA Playoffs thread

    I think so, and maybe even one at Oracle. The Dubs are not the team that beat the LeBrons three of the last four years. Their bench is the thinnest it has ever been, and injuries have meant the starters are playing more minutes than ever. They are not getting the breathers to send waves of offense at you. Add that the Raps have enough solid one on one defenders that they're not having to double team anyone, which is what plays into Kerr's offensive scheme. That was what the Grizz did that always gave them fits, and Marc knows all of those tricks, and has two more guys trained defensively by Pops to help him. Throw in Ibaka, who knows Durant's game as well as anyone, and the defense matchup really favors the Raps. The Dubs fueled their offense by being just good enough on defense to get a few strings of stops so their offense could get a lead. Once that happened, other teams started pressing offensively, which gave the Dubs more opportunities to get turnovers and extend the lead more. The problems snowballed. But I don't think that will happen with the Raps, because the Warriors' defense is not as good this season.
  5. Wells

    Whatever happened to 3 shades of blue?

    It was fun getting to write a couple of blogs there, but like with Chip, real life intervened.
  6. Wells

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Without KD playing for the Warriors, put Kawhi on Steph, Lowry on Klay and Green on Iggy. Toronto has home court advantage and won both games during the regular season. This is a closer matchup than most of the pundits realize.
  7. Wells

    agent zero and scouting

    If I remember correctly, Wallace looked into Arenas after reading several threads on the boards suggesting he would fill a need. So, I would blame the posters, not Wallace.
  8. Oh, Google searches, which I've saved the urls in a reference document. Cut and paste for posting.