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  1. Joey Crawford

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    That was a high scoring first half.
  2. Joey Crawford

    Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls - 2/13/19

    Lopez going for the caveman look.
  3. Well, the grizzlies looked better after the trades, than before the trades.
  4. This is a great win for the new Grizzlies.
  5. Seems like we got a lot of rebounds this game.
  6. That was pretty funny JJ over AD
  7. Now that we got JJ in there, he should finish out the game.
  8. Well, Noah is getting game ball so far.
  9. New Orleans to me, looks like a demoralized team from the Anthony Davis ordeal. I'm back on page 2 working on my jersey # - name list.
  10. Mike Conely was really smiling from the bench at the end of that third quarter for a change.
  11. I bet Chris Wallace is sweating this game.
  12. Third quarter - so far, so good,
  13. Anybody got a Jersey number list for our players now? MC - 11 Rabb -10 Avery - 0 JJ - 13 Holiday - 7 Noah - 55 Carter - 3 Miles - 6 Wright - 2
  14. We will see if our third quarter fall behind happens.