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    Team Hero: Grizzlies@Nets 3/4/20

    This... Plus Jonas and Dieng are KILLING it on the boards!!
  2. I believe Some of that came from Them seeing the Nets doing the same thing..And they were getting STOMPED. They even did the celebration that the Nets do when someone hits a 3. KD was even acting like that. So they just got them back with some of their own medicine
  3. tjazz22

    The official Hot take thread

    Dam good read....
  4. tjazz22

    Grade the Trades & Provide Analysis

    C A A (C) I think the FO just did Jae and Solo a favor and traded them to a contender. Just so happens it was part of Iggy deal. If Winslow comes around as expected. It’s an A (A) Flipping JJ for Dieng was big.and needed (A) Bruno for Bell was nice too. Bell is a nice young piece for small ball 5. Keeps BC free from that. Good job FO
  5. tjazz22

    Jordan Bell to Memphis

    This is CRAZY!!
  6. tjazz22

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Instant Offense off the bench. If not, Expiring for next year. Another asset. We still have a few hours left too .
  7. tjazz22

    Jordan Bell to Memphis

    Bell..Small ball C Good move
  8. tjazz22

    Appears that Andre is about to be traded.

  9. tjazz22

    The Grizz have recalled Josh Jackson

    Beautiful job by FO.
  10. tjazz22

    Would You Shut Josh Jackson Down Right Now?

    Yes!! Come on Josh!! Lets Roll!!!!!
  11. Is anyone else use sling tv on here? I can’t see the games anymore
  12. Exactly!! And I’d Defoe SURE take him now. We have a true Alpha on the team now. And he’s our pg. Ja can control how and when Wiggins gets the ball. He’s a wing SCORER. That’s what we need
  13. tjazz22

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    20yrs later....Still singing that song. ...Keep saying it's gonna rain..And when it does...."See I told you" 😂😂
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    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    That's what i was thinking. Working on your game right?
  15. tjazz22

    Bruno vs. Greek Freak

  16. tjazz22

    Bruno vs. Greek Freak

    Lol....Boy Stop
  17. tjazz22

    make or break Man I sure hope Josh gets it together. He had alk of the tools we need to be that long, athletic sg/sf we've been desperately needing. I'm pulling for him. He's the PERFECT "type" to go along with 12 & 13.
  18. Dam Clark is GOOD. I loved seeing him challenge shot going STRAIGHT UP! If JJ can develop this habit. Thay would be ridiculous having BC, JJJ and JV all clogging the lane like that! BC is non stop action. He retreats, switches so fast its crazy. If he had a real pg out there with him. He would've had 40 a few of those games.
  19. tjazz22

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Lol. IWII
  20. tjazz22

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Yeah. I dont consider junping high as being athletic. Rodney Carney could jump high. But was goofy as hell. Make him change directions and it was over lol
  21. tjazz22

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    I 100% agree. He just reminds me of the little dude in the hood who was kinda sheltered. Then all of a sudden has some money and on his own. Mamas boy types.(Hence the older woman). He'll be aite. He can ball...Dam good pickup