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  1. They switch everything. We have to move the ball quicker to the mismatch at that time. Or when we do, make a move quicker. Most times we hold the ball too long
  2. tjazz22

    Roster Moves

    Dam he did?? Thats NICE!
  3. Not against CP and Harden or PJ Tucker. They all switched onto him
  4. BTW...I was sitting in front of Eric Gordon’s family (I assumed, by the older lady constantly calling him CJ). It was 3 ladies and they all were saying that his knees were bothering him. He had been complaining about not feeling “right.” I want to see if he sits out within the next couple of games. AAND...They “CANT STAND” Chris Paul. Stemming from some stuff that was going on in LA👀
  5. Yup. But when it gets to the post..Marc has to GO.and stop being cute...that’s the only knock I have. As soon as Jaren gets it down low. It’s BBQ 🍗. Every time! QUICKLY
  6. Conley is going to do CP3. As usual
  7. Yep. Conley is better than Lillard to me. And I love CJ! He's the real killer on that team
  8. tjazz22

    Roster Moves

    Not bad... Id take KCP from LA too tho. We need wing scoring BAD...Even with Dillon coming back. Marshon is only getting spot minutes anyway and Seldon is CRAZY inconsistent. KCP is a real threat
  9. tjazz22

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    I could never say what anybody WANTS to do. I cant even name an all-star that we've even went after. That's been one of my biggest issues with the FO. We always seem to just go after the "low hanging fruit" so to speak. You can keep that in mind...But it cant control your thoughts. That's how you get paralyzed by fear of rejection. You never know..One of them might say yes
  10. tjazz22

    Roster Moves

    Exactly. I just dont like the "guys won't sign with us" mentality. We should always go for it IMO
  11. tjazz22

    Roster Moves

    So we shouldn't even TRY?
  12. I literally thought my phone was freezing up lololol
  13. tjazz22

    Welcome Joakim Noah!

    Nice signing.
  14. tjazz22

    JJJ has arrived ahead of schedule

    I swear I did too. Lol. I just had this vision of him just tumbling all out of bounds trying to catch the ball...smh😂 I love this kid!
  15. tjazz22


    Lol. I dont understand some suggesting CLee and not Hardaway Jr. Now THJ/Ntilkina for Jam/Temple and throwins would work for me!