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  1. tjazz22

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    I like Bruno. He has surprised me evey game. His arms are SO LONG.
  2. tjazz22

    Valanciunas 23 & 10 in 21 minutes

    I swear! And mismatches are taken advantage of IMMEDIATELY. Plus LA was slinging Rabb all over the place lol. He couldn’t move JV
  3. Jaren uses his hands way too much. Rabb is just too light in the pants. LA was just bouncing him all over the court. But he couldnt move JV! Rabb is a back up 4. JV and Jaren is going to be a good combo. Jaren was hesitant tonight for some reason. I think the ticky tack fouls got in his head
  4. 🙏🙏She was so emotional the whole time. That meant a lot to her AND me. I had to say something
  5. I sat behind Marc/Pau's parents. Told them that we still loved BOTH of her boys and we are still rooting for them. She got choked up. Hell I almost got choked up myself lol.
  6. Thats EXACTLY what I said. That he would be a fan fav
  7. JV is a grown MANE down there!! Love it
  8. tjazz22

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    If Mike had the chance to play with a top level sg, he would look twice as good. Utah would be the ideal place for him
  9. tjazz22

    Grizzlies keeping Mike Conley

    I would love to come away with Rozier from Boston
  10. Yep. Thats thw only thing I was upset about. I really wanted atleast 1 young guy.....well.....OG
  11. tjazz22

    The positives

  12. tjazz22

    The positives

    Didn’t we get/create an $8mil trade exception?
  13. tjazz22

    The positives

    JV is going to become a fan favorite. He plays HARD, goes after rebounds and will bang. He’s a good garbage/clean up man. He’s more skilled than he got credit for in Toronto. I like him. I think we should keep JJ at the 4 with Rabb backing him up.