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  1. tjazz22

    Mike Alex Conley Jr. Will Be Traded to Utah

    PERIOD. Don’t try to be cute and outsmart yourselves. Take Ja and go sit down somewhere
  2. Exactly. Jaren is better suited at 4. And i think JV is the perfect guy to have next to him.
  3. tjazz22

    Memphis Slim's Father Passed Away

    Thoughts and prayers Slim
  4. Yes. We need that big body.
  5. YES! JV cleans up a lot of mess. He'd serve as J13 body guard down low until he's ready to bang fulltime. Shore up our rebounding issues and he's still young. Also, I think we have to resign Wright to serve as Ja protector, mentor and he is 6'5 so he can play with him on the floor a lot.
  6. tjazz22

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    EXACTLYYYY!! Don't try to be cute. Just take Ja. Reach out to Denver for Conley/Harris swap. Resign Wright, Jv for sure, maybe Bradley and roll with that. Convey next year. Ja/ Wright/ JC Harris/JB/Dillon Kyle/Dillon, Bruno JJ/ Bruno, (Tre Lyles??) JV/Noah?
  7. tjazz22

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    My thoughts exactly. Dangle him to Denver for Harris
  8. tjazz22

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    I want Gary Harris in a trade with Denver. Then go after Jaylen Brown from Boston.
  9. tjazz22

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    I swear!! So, do you trade Conley immediately? Or resign Wright and let them roll?
  10. tjazz22

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

    Man I’m going CRAZY at work
  11. tjazz22

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!

  12. tjazz22

    Grizz Moved Up!!!!