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  1. memphtucky

    A Honest 2018-19 Grizzlies Season Preview

    None of THIS would be possible. What is THIS? It isn't even December yet. Everyone sit back and enjoy where we're at and quit trying to shove meaningless **** in each others faces. We're all Grizz fans. ENJOY IT.
  2. I loved Luka when I first "discovered" him. However, the more I watched the less I liked. I think he will be a decent player...but not top 5 draft pick worthy.
  3. memphtucky

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    If you're questioning the pick of Jaren Jackson at this point you just want to complain about anything.
  4. memphtucky

    fo draft grade

    I haven't posted since 2016. I'm more of a redditor but I've recently been checking back into the message board more and more. Initially I wasn't super excited about the JJJ pick, but the more I've heard him talk and the the more I've watched him play I've convinced myself he's going to be a stud. JJJ seems to have the personality and work ethic needed to become a highly productive NBA player. I like the pick. He has the tools and although his jumper is ugly - he has shooting %'s that will translate to the NBA. Jevon Carter is the kid of guy you spend a high second round pick on. Safe, productive, and has the personality and work ethic to keep himself on an NBA roster. I'm excited for summer league.
  5. memphtucky

    Grizzlies Brought This Upon Themselves.

    unfortunately sarcasm is hard to detect on the internet. anything achilles related is serious. especially if they shut you down for the remainder of the season because of it.
  6. memphtucky

    Grizzlies Brought This Upon Themselves.

    who the hell is complaining? we're resting two guys coming off serious injuries. who cares? we will win our fair share of games this year. people need to calm down.
  7. memphtucky

    Andrew Harrison

    Conley has elite quickness. Harrison has nice size but it slow as hell. Not sure why you want to be so patient with Harrison.
  8. memphtucky

    Roster Moves

    He got on the floor last night and looked better than Harrison. Why do people continue to defend Harrison? What NBA skill does he bring to the table? Nothing. I am a University of Kentucky alum and even I don't want to see Harrison on the floor anymore.
  9. memphtucky

    Roster Moves

    Imagine Gasol trailing behind for the 3 at the top of the key.
  10. memphtucky

    Roster Moves

    Troy Daniels is the best shooter on the team now.
  11. memphtucky

    Grizz 2016 Summer League Updates

    Lol at everyone for overreacting to summer league. Remember Marcus Williams? No. You don't.
  12. memphtucky

    Grizz 2016 Summer League Updates

    I've had it. It hurts. Lasted a few weeks without treatment.
  13. No, I'm saying he will likely play primarily with the second unit. Also, he will also play with Conley. They can coexist.
  14. Regardless, he will play primarily with the second unit. Let's see what he can do with Conley creating shots for him before we say he's not worth what he's getting paid. Memphis isn't a free agent haven. Lance is the kind of guy we need to try and embrace. Let Fizdale ger his hands on him then make a decision after this year.
  15. memphtucky

    Tony Wroten Back In The Fold...

    Lol Jeremy Lin will cost money. Wroten sucks. This is for summer league