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  1. CashConsiderationsFan

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    WIth all the roster changes? Any updates for this season?
  2. CashConsiderationsFan

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    By the way, keep them coming. I know I miss quite a few even though I'm looking for quotes. (And I posted the post that I was updating before I saved the update, so you weren't crazy that those two were missing.)
  3. CashConsiderationsFan

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Yep. New additions were One Eyed Charlies, First Team, Masked Assassin, and Proud of You.
  4. CashConsiderationsFan

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Who was that Masked Man? A gutty heroic effort by Mike Conley and the rest of the grizzlies combined with a miked up Tony = new material for the list. Tony isn't the only one proud of Conley (and the rest of our team.) Show your support on Saturday.
  5. CashConsiderationsFan

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Added a few items including past nicknames of Jeff Green during his Thunder and Celtic days.
  6. CashConsiderationsFan

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Added Captain Clutch.
  7. Is Calathes going to be the new Haddadi? Got to love player fans.
  8. CashConsiderationsFan

    Why The Next 3 Are Must Wins

    Hopefully SA realizes that was a must win game and will now start tanking and trading off players for picks.
  9. CashConsiderationsFan

    Conley For President

    I'll have to remember not to get talent evaluations at Buffalo Wild Wings (and definitely not from Verno/Roser.) My only fear in that draft was that we'd do something really stupid like draft Thabeet.
  10. CashConsiderationsFan

    Cavs Reportedly Interested In Tayshaun Prince

    He didn't sign for the sixers. He was traded to the sixers. It was a salary dump by Brooklyn and Philly wanted to get a pick. He'll be released shortly. Still don't want his baggage though.
  11. CashConsiderationsFan

    Conley For President

    It looks like a pretty bad draft, and it's not the same when you are looking to fill your 13-15 spots on the team instead of trying to figure out who your 5th and 6th guy is. (And on the draft above in Chip's post, I think he recollects poorly. That was touted as possibly the deepest draft in history well in advance. The issue with missing Griffin was we needed a PF, and it was big step down from Griffin to Hill. The ZBO trade took care of that position though.
  12. CashConsiderationsFan

    Conley For President

    I don't post as much as I used to. However, I keep check the vocabulary thread several times a year to make sure it gets updates, and I still read pretty regularly. Don't feel the need to do a lot of "I told you so" posts since I don't really like it when others do it. (Couldn't believe there was anyone debating against me on the positions of "Thabeet has the same skill set as my elm tree" and "We will look back on Conley's contract as a steal in a couple years". Even during the 3YP, I was debating how the moves were getting us to eventual success. Over time I was proved right on pretty much every single debate. (There were a few I thought the DC pick was awful, and he'd be out of the league in 2-3 years.) Now that we are winning, there just shouldn't be so much to debate. I've been surprised a lot of the same arguments happen now that we are a top team as there were during the 3YP. Don't need to jump into those.
  13. CashConsiderationsFan

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Big Spain missing was almost as embarrassing as when I noticed the Grindfather wasn't on the list. List is due for some updates. Any of the newcomers or rookies have nicknames to add? National media coming up with new terms about the Grizzlies? Keep your findings coming.
  14. CashConsiderationsFan

    Dumb Pick # 22

    That logic worked great when the Thabeet pick happened.
  15. CashConsiderationsFan

    Was Trading Rudy Gay A Mistake?

    Nope. Two separate deals. I recall reading that Toronto was surprised to hear about the second part of the deal.