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  1. BeBoutBidness

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    Honestly. That's been a rumor since the Grizzlies moved to Memphis.
  2. BeBoutBidness

    Official: Russ to Rockets for CP3

    Game of Zones is gonna be
  3. BeBoutBidness

    Grizzlies x Pelicans, do we finally have a rival?

    Rivals are made in the Playoffs. So far our rivals are OKC LA Clippers SA Spurs
  4. BeBoutBidness

    Dissecting Chris Wallace

    True...I absolutely hated the draft with Wallace running the show.
  5. BeBoutBidness

    Who Makes an All Star Appearance First?

    Conley...the Utah fans will probably vote him in.
  6. BeBoutBidness

    NBA May Reduce Number of Games in Season

    I like this a lot. I actually think they should start the season after Thanksgiving. Too much football going on in October I like the idea of a lottery tournament. And if the season is reduced to 58 games someone is gonna complain that is still too many games.
  7. BeBoutBidness

    I'm getting a little concerned about the Grizz

    How can you say that about this FO, when this is their first offseason together. I've never been this excitied about a Grizzlies draft before this point. You gotta to give em a chance
  8. BeBoutBidness

    Change, Identity, and all points in between

    Grit & Grind is a mindset not a playing style. As long as there are Grizzlies in Memphis. This team will always be known for Grit & Grind. As long as the the team hustles and play strong defense with heart & determination, I'm good. I'm gonna miss Mike, but Ja is next level.
  9. BeBoutBidness

    Woj: Mike Conley traded to Utah

    Younger Grit & Grind Quick PG Mike Conley :Ja Morant Tough SG Tony Allen:Grayson Allen Lefty PF Z-Bo: Triple J Intl Center Marc Gasol: JV
  10. Could we sign JV and trade him to New Orleans forthe number 4 pick?
  11. BeBoutBidness

    Am i the only one that really isn't happy for Marc...

    I feel you on this one....hopefully our turn will come. It seems like things are changing for the better finally. Super excited about the possibility for Ja Morant. Ready for that number 12 jersey!
  12. DeMarcus Cousins anyone??
  13. I agree. Hiring Hammond sounds very gimmicky.
  14. BeBoutBidness

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    Rick Pitino...anyone? He was playing the way they currently play now back when he was in the NBA.