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  1. Has anyone allowed themselves to look up at the playoff race instead of down on the convey/not convey topic? As of today, the young Grizzlies sit 1.5 games out of 8th in the West (13-21). I think it is safe to say the following: 1. As of the last day of 2019, nobody on this board, including me, expects them to make the playoff this season (please speak up if you do). 2. While the Grizzlies may have slightly exceeded expectations (as have the 17-15 Thunder), several WC teams have greatly underachieved. Spurs 13-18 sit in 8th. The Pelicans and Warriors have been hurt by injuries. Portland and T-Wolves have really disappointed, and the Kings and Suns still are who we thought they were (teams that should be much better than this year's Grizzlies squad, but sit above and below them now). 3. The POTENTIAL is there that if the Grizzlies beat the Kings on 1/2/20, they could be sitting in 8th place (Spurs, Suns and Portland would need to all lose their games through that date. 4. The NBA is a different league for the last 40 games or so of the season. I'm going to say this, I wouldn't mind watching a game again and thinking about playoff implications based on outcome. I don't expect it to be the topic of conversation on this board.....except for maybe in this one tiny thread that might not last 1 week in January, depending on how dumpy the rest of the WC tends to be.
  2. Instead of burying any G-League/Hustle news in the Josh Jackson thread, perhaps put it here. And for those who regularly attend Hustle games, please give updates as most of us probably only will check this board. And yes, general G-League news can go here since the Grizzlies have regularly signed guys from other G-League teams. Anyone go to last Hustle game?
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    Solomon Hill

    I don't foresee a FO that worked the offseason like this FO did this past offseason sitting still.
  4. Mavs running into some injury misfortune. The announcement's around Kristaps Porzingis's knee remind me of the Parsons days. (Soreness, rest, soon ready, maybe next game, out a little longer as knee isn't responding), but the devastating injury is Powell's.
  5. Grizzled Vet

    Marco Gudric

    Solo's value was earlier in the season while there was so much inexperience on the court. Not really sure he ever had trade value beyond an expiring contract, but that's all it is now. I wonder if part of Solomon's Hill's problem is that he relaxes once he attains some achievement. He played for a big contract, then went to seeing little time. For each team he played for it seemed he earned minutes early in the season, but then become a non-factor by the end. This year he played for and earned a roster spot when there definitely was a roster crunch, but now he's not nearly as sharp. I do want him to be a consideration for a 1-year minimum level deal (or 1+1), but not if he's going to be like he's been in January.
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    Free NBA League Pass

    Thanks. I have NBA LP and it really is a bigger pain to use than the illegal streaming services. And slower.
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    Solomon Hill

    Titans will play the Packers in the Jack Pirtle Liberty Bowl.
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    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    Retaining Morgan & Morgan & Morgan & Morgan & Morgan & Morgan. The accident must have happened about 4 years ago as the complaint mentions "peak physical condition". Maybe Atlanta will be the ones to use cash in on that injury exemption, not that they need it.
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    Solomon Hill

    But he looks 38. The only time a single game +/- is meaningful is with the team, not the player. If the team has a + for the game, they won. If the team has a - for the game, they lost. The stat is highly influenced by the other players on the floor, for both teams. Solo is serving his purpose this year, should be available for trade if any unlikely offers come, and be considered for a near vet minimum deal next year if he a positive guy in locker room and on the floor. The benefit for a vet like him instead of some young guy is Hill has received his big paycheck and may be more content to doing what is needed to win instead of some young guy needing stats to get the next contract.
  10. Good memories. He was a solid energy guy off the bench. DA's issues were injury related, but his career exceeded what a typical very late first rounders was. I don't know if it was training related or just bad luck, but he constantly was getting injured some years, it seemed.
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    Ranking The Best Players In The NBA By Category

    6'7" is likely the better backcourt fit with Mitchell, than 6'1". For Mike's sake, I hope they keep Joe in starting lineup until Mike's playing much better.
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    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    That is hilarious and deserves it's own thread
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    Ranking The Best Players In The NBA By Category

    Part of this hot streak that the jazz have been on since Mike went down is a bit deceiving. The Jazz benefited from a weak schedule. Against sub .500 teams: 12-1 Against winning teams: 1-1 That's a long stretch of playing bad teams. Unfortunately, the next 14 games have one bad team (Warriors), 2 good sub .500 teams (Spurs TBlazers) and 11 playoff teams. That's not to suggest that Mike has played well, but instead predict that when the Blazers go 7-7 the narrative will be about the Jazz not playing as well because of Mike when the difference may be the schedule. The value of Conley will be in the playoffs. If the Jazz disappoint he'll get crushed, deservedly.
  14. He did. That guy essentially forced his way out and was dealt to Toronto. That guy ended the Heat superteam. That guy ended the Durant Warriors dynasty I guess that guy also ended the Spurs as we knew them.
  15. With free agency soon starting, here are list of free agents for discussion. Current Grizzlies free agents: Delon Wright (RFA), Tyler Dorsey (RFA), JV, Joakim Noah, Justin Holiday, Tyler Zeller (I believe Yuta is technically a RFA) Remaining free agents - please feel free to correct or update status (like various club or player options). Generally, I didn't list a guy if they didn't average 15 mpg or more (Unless they at one time were a discussion topic on this board or former Grizzlies player). I'm using the player positions, which differ from other sites. Guards: Kyrie, Jimmy Bulter, Klay, Rubio, JJ Redick, Kemba, KCP, Alec Burks, Terrence Ross, Shumpert, Danny Green, Darren Collison, Rondo, Jerryd Bayless, Garrett Temple, Cory Joseph, Jeremy Lamb, Mario Hezonja, Ish Smith, Patrick Beverly, D'Angelo Russel (RFA), Lance Stephenson, George Hill, Glenn Robinson, JJ Barea, Rodney Hood, Emmanuel Mudiay(RFA),Troy Daniels, Tomas Satoransky (RFA), Elfrid Payton, Seth Curry, Reggie Bullock, Ray Felton, Vince Carter, Devin Harris, Jamal Crawford, Derrick Rose, Jose Calderon, Wayne Ellington, Terry Rozier (RFA), Q Pondexter, Isaiah Thomas, Shelvin "LilTokeFan" Mack, Corey Brewer, Jerian Grant(RFA), Justin Anderson (RFA), Ian Clark, Tyus Jones (RFA), David Nwaba(RFA), Furkan Korkmaz, Wayne Selden (RFA), Ryan Arcidiacono (RFA), Trey Burke, Malcolm Brogdon (RFA), Austin Rivers, Michael Carter-Williams, Rodney McGruder (RFA), TJ McConnell, Chasson Randle (RFA), Wes Matthews, Edmond Sumner, Jeremy Lin, Nik Stauskas, Tim Frazier, Jimmer Fredette, RJ Hunter Forwards: KD, Kawhi, Paul Millsap, Harrison Barnes, Tobias Harris, Khris Middleton, Trevor Ariza, DeMarre Carroll, Jabari Parker, Kristaps (RFA), Taj Gibson, Thaddeus Young, Wilson Chandler, Bojan Bogdanovic, Rudy Gay, Jared Dudley, Julius Randle, JaM Green, Nikola Mirotic, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ant Tolliver, Thabo Sefolosha, Marcus & Markieff Morris, Mike Muscala, Dragan Bender, Easy Ed, Mike Scott, Stanley Johnson (RFA), Marquise Chriss, Frank Kaminsky (RFA), Trey Lyles (RFA), Dante Cunningham, Jeff Green, Luol Deng, Kelly Oubre (RFA), Jerebko, Darius Miller, Sam Dekker (RFA), James Ennis, Bobby Portis (RFA), Rondae H-J, Noah Vonleh, Luke Kornet (RFA), Jarell Martin (RFA), Richaun Holmes, Jake Layman (RFA), Dorian F-S (RFA), Maxi Kleber (RFA), Kenneth Faried, Danuel House (RFA), Troy Williams (RFA), Jaron Blossomgame (RFA), Lance Thomas, Jordan Bell, Daniel Theis Centers (12 mpg or more): Al Horford, D Jordan, Marc (PO), Robin & Brook Lopez, Nikola Vucevic, Kosta K, Dewayne Dedmon, DeMarcus Cousins, Kyle O'Quinn, Willie C-S (RFA), Nene, JaVale McGee, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Looney, Ivica Zubac (RFA), Thomas Bryant (RFA), Enes Kanter, Salah Mejri, Pau Gasol, Khem Birch (RFA), Zaza and Bogut, Boban Marjanovic, Greg Monroe, Nerlens Noel. Former Grizzlies are italicized, but I'm not sure I got them all. Because of drug suspension, Tyreke Evans has been removed from list... And the NBA
  16. Speaking of Spurs Hawks None of the Hawks starters were alive yet the last time the Hawks beat the Spurs in SA in 1997. (From Twitter)
  17. Not a bad scoreboard night Most importantly, Grizzlies win. Thunder lose and now Grizzlies just 3 back on them. Pacers over T Wolves Hawks over Spurs! (2 game lead now on Spurs) Now the Blazers-Mavs game is a belief test. Either cheer for Blazers because you think Grizzlies can get to 6 seed or cheer for Mavs if you believe Blazers are threat for Grizzlies playoffs chances.
  18. Because of Andre Iguodala's contract, it is unlikely that there will be a 1 for 1 trade that is done, and more likely a 2 for 1 deal (or 3 for 2) would need to be done. Therefore, in order to accept a player back in a trade there needs to be an open roster spot.
  19. FYI on Bruno This is in the Grind City & Grizz media forum, but I wonder how many check that.
  20. Grizzled Vet

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Generally agree about the FA class, but for some of these teams, it might be about getting under the lux tax this year or next because of the repeater tax consequences. The Grizzlies (according to Spotrac) are $6.8 mm from lux tax line. OKC (less than a million), Heat $5.4 mm, and Warriors ($6 mm) could possibly work a deal that helps those teams this year. It would be a pretty complicated trade, but Solomon Hill and AI for James Johnson and Goran Dragic might get them below. I don't expect that particular trade to happen, just saying the lux tax might be a reason for some teams to deal. It would probably net the Grizzlies a first round pick for most those teams. Maybe something like Gallinari + pick for SoloHill and Josh Jackson would get them under lux tax and all are expiring salaries. Being in a playoff race hurts their likelihood they would do that, but that would be their motivation.
  21. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Ryan Hollins tribute move.
  22. Grizzlies picked for last place in West (according to Vegas as of 7/16) with 25.5-26.5 estimated wins, after opening at 27.5. In your face Hornets! (Hope the formatting isn't jacked up) Team PointsBet Current FanDuel Current DraftKings Current PointsBet Opened 2018-19 Wins Bucks 55.5 56.5 55.5 55.5 60 Clippers 55.5 56.5 56.5 51.5 48 Jazz 53.5 53.5 53.5 50.5 50 Sixers 53.5 53.5 53.5 54.5 51 Rockets 52.5 53.5 52.5 53.5 53 Lakers 51.5 51.5 51.5 51.5 37 Nuggets 51.5 50.5 50.5 50.5 54 Celtics 48.5 48.5 48.5 48.5 49 Pacers 46.5 48.5 47.5 47.5 48 Nets 47.5 47.5 47.5 50.5 42 Warriors 47.5 47.5 47.5 46.5 57 Raptors 45.5 46.5 45.5 53.5 58 Spurs 45.5 46.5 45.5 44.5 48 Blazers 45.5 45.5 45.5 45.5 53 Heat 42.5 42.5 42.5 34.5 39 Mavericks 40.5 41.5 41.5 41.5 33 Magic 40.5 40.5 40.5 35.5 42 Pelicans 39.5 39.5 39.5 31.5 33 Kings 37.5 37.5 37.5 33.5 39 Pistons 37.5 36.5 36.5 34.5 41 Thunder N/A 35.5 N/A 46.5 49 Timberwolves 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 36 Hawks 32.5 33.5 32.5 32.5 29 Bulls 30.5 30.5 30.5 27.5 22 Knicks 28.5 29.5 28.5 37.5 17 Suns 28.5 27.5 28.5 25.5 19 Wizards 27.5 27.5 27.5 28.5 32 Grizzlies 26.5 25.5 26.5 27.5 33 Cavaliers 24.5 23.5 23.5 23.5 19 Hornets 23.5 23.5 23.5 32.5 39