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  1. Like Porter, McDermott is there now, but he's playing all games there. Given the health of our guys, Bane and Tillman may be regular rotation players in matter of no time. This is where having the GLubble hurts because if the team was in Southaven with no testing and quarantine restrictions, the decisions would be easier. Bane and Tillman could go play 24 minutes every week at a home game, and stay with parent squad the rest of the time.
  2. This team is like this message board: One night its tank. Next night its beat the Clippers. Since 12 games have played, the Grizzlies have had the following .500 records. 6-6 9-9 10-10 11-11 12-12 13-13 14-14 (Current) Would people take a 36-36 record to end the regular season?
  3. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    For those who have watched some Hustle games, how has Porter looked? Based on his need to regularly rest, I'm not encouraged, but have there been signs that he might really be good or is he just taking up a roster spot that could be going to someone else right now (or both, I suppose)?
  4. Grizzled Vet

    Grizz 2nd half schedule

    I think that there will be significant minutes limits on all these guys, and I wouldn't be shocked to see games with 11-12 guys getting into a rotation (all but Porter, Konchar and Dieng). Furthermore, I expect there to be games like Pop used to do where he might rest 2-4 key players, and say this is a Dieng, Konchar game and Tillman is getting 30 minutes. I don't know what will happen with Ja though besides a minutes restriction.
  5. Grizzled Vet

    Grizz 2nd half schedule

    Let me say this though...I love watching basketball, so I can't say I'm too sad that the Grizzlies are going to play 3-5 games every week to end the season. All these teams are getting fatigued. I think it is why offensive scoring is increasing as the season goes on.
  6. Grizzled Vet


    Right now Winslow should not be playing top 5 in minutes, but by the end of the season he should be. Right now, Dillon is 2nd in MPG, and that should not be once Winslow gets his offensive groove back.
  7. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks 2/22/21

    Because of the numbers crunch, I believe a 2nd unit (with Ja off floor) with KA, Melton, and Winslow would allow the better offensive talent to play and keep Tyus on the bench next to Dieng and Konchar. Unfortunately with tonight's game, Tyus played better, and Melton did not. Winslow is going to play better and is going to have a big role on this team. However, I don't think that will happen, and we are soon going to see a 12 man team rotation when Brooks and JJJ return.
  8. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks 2/22/21

    Right now it is all of this. At some point, making baskets matters. I don't know how much of this is just luck, inconsistency with rotation and lack of rhythm, but our "best" lineup doesn't matter if the guys in the game can't take a basket. People can complain about Winslow's shooting 1-5 from 3, but Melton was 1-6, and Morant, Allen, JV, X and Tyus combined for an 0-12. Winslow's going to improve but this team needs some practices where there is some consistency.
  9. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks 2/22/21

    Maybe it's OK to change the lineup and roster/depth around early in the season when every other team is doing it, but maybe having no consistency with a starting lineup or who is available is now catching up.
  10. Grizzled Vet

    Who is the third best Grizzlies player?

    In dealing with reality, here are our top 3 players. Rankings can be changed when reality changes, but there is no use ranking on potential 1. Ja 2. JV 3. Kyle
  11. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks 2/22/21

    Also this: The Grizzlies lead the NBA in assists per game (27.8) and steals per game (9.8)… No NBA team has led the league in both categories over the course of an entire season since the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors (Sportradar)… Memphis also leads the league in deflections per game (17.7) and points off turnovers per game (20.5).
  12. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks 2/22/21

    I think there have been more blowouts this year league wide than any year in the past, from what I've heard. 2-3 reasons: 1 - More teams rely on 3 point shooting, and if it is a night when one team is hot, and the other isn't, it gets ugly fast. 2 - No home crowd. Without the energy in the arena, teams just come back less and it is easier to throw in the reserves which often reduces the lead, even though it is a blowout. 3 - More games on less rest. More teams on 2nd night of B2B or 3 in 4 nights or 4 in 5 nights.
  13. Grizzled Vet

    Is Ja a top 5 G in the West?

    If we have this discussion after the bubble, Jamal Murray is high on all people's list, but now? When doing the rankings, it somewhat depends on what you want from your PG. If I had a team that had plenty of scoring from my wings and/or posts, Mike Conley would be very high on my list, but if I need a PG that has to score with little help, he would be much, much lower whereas Ja would be higher. Saying that, if I was starting a team to play just this remaining part of the season, and the whole realm of guards is available, here is my draft board, in tiers Tier 1 - Steph Curry, Dame, Chris Paul, Luka Tier 2 Paul George, Donovan Mitchell, (Ghost of Klay Thompson) Tier 3: CJ Mac, Conley, Ja, Booker, Jamal Murray, De'Aaron Fox, Wall, Demar Maybe that is a copout to the OP question, but those Tier 3 guys are all guys that are probably regular All-Stars in the East that generally don't make it in the West (traditionally).