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  1. After 20 games, I think the top 3 in the West will stay the top 3, barring injury. I also think OKC, SAS, NOP and HOU are virtually out of any play-in race. The Grizz and the Nuggets basically have to hold off the Kings to remain play-in worthy, but from 4-10, the separation is only 1.5 games. 1. Warriors 18-2 2. Suns 17-3 3. Jazz 13-7 4. Mavs 10-8 5. LAC 11-9 6. LAL 11-11 7-9: T'Wolves, Port, Grizz 10-10 10. Nuggets 9-10 11. Kings 8-13.
  2. Grizzled Vet

    ReDraft the 2018 Big Men

    Denver looked so promising with Murray and MPJ a couple seasons ago, and now 2 of their top 3 players are injured or injury risks for a while. PJ Dozier also has a torn ACL, and I don't know how that MPJ contract is structured, but I could see that contract being a reason the Nuggets small championship hopes for the future just dimmed to nearly nothing.
  3. Grizzled Vet

    ReDraft the 2018 Big Men

    So has 20 games of this season changed anyone's mind? Has the MPJ health status changed anyone's mind? Before answering, however, don't over react to JJJ staying healthy so far this season (but it's a start).
  4. Grizzled Vet

    Should the Grizzlies go after Mo Bamba?

    I believe with @chipc3 that the Magic like Bamba at the present time. That could change, sure, but a Mo Bamba type trade hasn't been the M.O. of this FO. They just haven't brought in talent that way in deals, but have picked up cast offs or special salary cap situation deals where the Grizzlies also pick up draft capital. I suppose they could try someone like Marvin Bagley if the Kings know they aren't going to re-sign him. Grizzlies could bring him in for half a year to check out how he played next to Jaren, see his work ethic and character, and make a decision on him. I don't think they would do that because it would probably cost the Grizzlies at least 1 of the first rounders for next year and I don't see the Kings just taking on Culver and Merrill or Adams as a charity project. This FO also hasn't done a lot of in-season trades. Was the AI, Crowder, Solo Hill for Winslow the last one they did? If that is what their in-season trade deals represent, I'm fine with them standing pat. I guess it depends on what the FO plan is for 3 first round draft picks
  5. Grizzled Vet

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Toronto Raptors - 11/30/21

    Double digit win for them last time. No Ja this time. What Jenkins should say to Nick Nurse.
  6. Brandon Ingram could not play for Mike Singletary. More about him.
  7. Tonight when watching him it reminded me of seeing Acie Law in a Griz uniform. Also from a Texas (A&M) school and a lottery pick (Hawks). Expected him to have a decent career and was hopeful when the team signed him to back up MC11, but he was signed in August and was waived before Hanukkah was over. Like Culver, he just looked like he didn't belong on the NBA floor.
  8. Grizzled Vet

    Is the emperor naked?

    I feel that the odds of either Tillman or Aldama being here in 3 years is higher than Adams. That doesn't not mean Tillman and Aldama will be, but Adams won't.
  9. Kings just got Konchar'd again
  10. Kings just got Konchar'd again
  11. Kings just got Konchar'd
  12. Tillie in before Tillman?
  13. Grizzled Vet

    (no longer) Impressed by Adams

    It depends on the development of ZW, and that will take a while to evaluate. Of course, that's the benefit for a GM of always trading for future assets. You won't know how horrible or great the move was so they get to keep their job. Said it from the beginning when people were fawning over this FO compared to Wallace....it's a lot easier to tear down a team then to make it a contender. When in the middle of the playoff runs, we could identify the Wallace mistakes very easily, but at least those teams were consistently making the playoffs.