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  1. Grizzled Vet

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Kings were my #1 threat to go after JV. Especially now that WCS said he wanted out of Sacramento.
  2. Grizzled Vet

    Roster Moves

    Kings may be quite interested in helping, but as I think of it, maybe a team like the Nets can facilitate that deal, especially if they strike out on Durant.
  3. Grizzled Vet

    GRIZZ are playoff bound in 2019

    Well, that really would be a bargain. That's what Parsons makes in about half a quarter. The reason to bring back JV is the rebounding, the screener on the pick and roll, added toughness, and at some point, you have to start putting pieces around Ja & JJJ, and there are no perfect pieces. It's not much different than young buck OKC keeping Nick Collison to play with Durant and rookie Westbrook. I imagine teams will go to town on a Ja/JV pick and roll defense. I imagine they'll go to town on Ja/anyone defensively.
  4. Grizzled Vet

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Not surprising move (Gasol removed from FA list)
  5. Grizzled Vet

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Kings also have plenty of cap space.
  6. Grizzled Vet

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    The puzzle isn't resolved as it isn't guaranteed he will return here until he signs. It just means that the Grizzlies will match other offers or that other teams have to overpay to get him as a FA.
  7. Grizzled Vet

    GRIZZ are playoff bound in 2019

    It's not just the media. It's Vegas. It's observations of what happens when boys play men in the NBA. A lot of teams in the West have guys with playoff experience. It's also the observation that the FO is probably selling off experienced players like Conley, and probably Bradley & Korver (and Parsons, if they could). The extremely optimistic comparison is to compare Ja, JJJ (& Jonas) to Westbrook, Durant (& 5th year Nick Collison) during Russel's rookie season (Durant's second). Those guys acquired a young James Harden in the next draft because they only won 23 games.
  8. Grizzled Vet

    Summer League Team 2019

    I believe the same could be said about Grayson Allen. The benefit to having Grayson and Dillon out in Vegas (or any Grizzlies player) is to have them working within Jenkins system, but those guys, especially Dillon, should not be playing in the games and risk injury. I suppose if they aren't sold on Rabb, they may want to see him playing against his potential replacements. In fact if Rabb is playing, he needs to know he's playing for his job.
  9. I'm guessing there will be some ceremony here for him when he returns as a member of the Jazz so that they get to honor him with those awards again.
  10. Grizzled Vet

    R.I.P. to former Grizz Exec Tony Barone, Sr.

    He had a ton of passion and enthusiasm for the game. If they want to bury him like he lived then they can wad up his suit jacket and toss it over in the corner of the casket, loosen his tie up, and then untuck about half of his dress shirt.
  11. Grizzled Vet

    Roster Moves

    I would say that rumor is put out by an agent trying to maximize his players money. If the team is trying to win this year, they would have kept MC11 and probably retained Bradley, and have the owner proclaim this team is going to the playoffs. I don't see this team making big free agent signings this year.
  12. Grizzled Vet

    GRIZZ are playoff bound in 2019

    This is my feeling as well, and Dwash might be generous by saying 6 and not 4. Optimism is about the future, and it probably ain't happening in 2020-21 either. If the FO believed that this team could go to the playoffs, they wouldn't have dealt Conley.
  13. Grizzled Vet

    Are Mid Majors the Way to Go?

    Slightly off-topic, but what is considered mid-major? Some people use the term mid-major for every school not in the Power 5 conferences, and those people would be wrong, IMO. (Memphis and UNLV are not mid-majors, and neither are Georgetown nor Villanova). Is Arkansas St or MTSU? Is it the schools that don't play FBS football + Big East schools? Anyways, for players I think there is a certain attitude to look for, and that can be the overlooked player. There's been plenty of guys that come from the smaller schools that don't succeed in the NBA. Some weren't overlooked (Adam Morrison) and some just aren't good enough.
  14. Grizzled Vet

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Also, here are some upcoming deadlines: While I originally believe Bradley and Korver might be dealt so another team could waive them, I'm not sure the time line allows. If Conley deal doesn't go down officially until July 6th, can a Bradley trade, or even Korver, get done in enough time to allow another team to acquire them and waive them? On the other hand, I suppose if the Grizzlies knew it couldn't happen, they may have waived them by now? I guess we'll know in the coming days.
  15. Grizzled Vet

    Who Makes an All Star Appearance First?

    It's safe to say Klay Thompson won't be on the All-Star roster this year, and because of the flexible position spots on the All-Star selections, it isn't hurting that Durant will be out. Conley's window is open this year, especially as CP3 is aging out. Although, he could be out shadowed by Donovan Mitchell or CJ McCollum. It all depends on the record. It would be interesting to see how many WC guards from the All-Star teams during Conley's time WON'T be Hall of Fame guys. Curry - HOF Kobe - HOF CP3 - HOF Harden - HOF Dame - probably Klay Thompson - probably Westbrook - HOF Meanwhile, Dragic and D'Angelo Russell are making it from the East.