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  1. maybe Kobe can come out of retirement and help the Grizz win a title in 2016. By playing off the bench Everyone can dream LOL LOL by the way everyone comes here to revive their career when they get old
  2. Bryant opened up about which defender gave him the most trouble and much more in an interview with TNT's Ernie Johnson. "The player I had the most trouble with, individually, was Tony Allen. Always," Kobe said. So shot out to TA everyone
  3. heck no why give up green for a c frye this guy sucks who cares about his numbers will he fit in our system no
  4. The Real Truth

    Lets Start Thing More Moves - Won't Hurt To Wish

    FO, You all need all the ideas you can get ANY ONE ELSE HAVE ANY IDEAS
  5. FO !!!! DO SOMETHING MAJOR NOW!!!!! PG-M.Conley / M. Chalmers / R. Smith SG-T.Allen / Kevin Martin from - Timber Wolves offense power SF- Paul George (pacers) / M.Barnes / V. Carter PF-B. Wright start him / Z-Bo --- bring off bench for bench scoring an save energy / J. Martin C- M. Gasol / R. Hollins Call him back up Send C. Lee, Jeff, Green, Jam. Green & Jordan Adams to In. Pacers Sign One more SG- combo guard, and SF Combo that can play PF strech 4 CAN ANYONE SAY CHAMPIONS This would be a powerful team And this could really happen, check it out on Real GM it works! only thing i did not add was K. Martin but you can still find a way to pick him up -next yr salary increa But the FO in MEMPHIS likes to loose so we will suck this year Maybe a little gamble on P-George but this could still work
  6. Every team that beats us seems to start off knocking three pointers down. Then just like that were playing from behind. And we can't get back in the game because we cant shoot the THREE BALL. The FO knows we don't have anyone on the roster that can shoot the three ball consistently and will not get anyone. So all the teams we have played are packing the paint and leaving us open on the three point line knowing that no is a three point threat. THIS SUCKS we are better than this and the team seems to have given up
  7. The Real Truth

    Joergger Has Lost The Starters

    Stop making excuses for the team losing like this. .. When they are really playing for the coach they still do things like this. So stop it...!! The Front Office knows this is ridiculous and watch they do nothing like always. They know for a fact this team is missing a Three point specialist (in his prime) and a player that can create his own shot off the dribble at will. Players like that are out there...... and to make it even more worst this was the perfect time to to recruit players of that caliber knowing our history the last 4 years you have players that are willing to play here unlike 7-8 years ago when no one wanted to be here. As of now our market is small but players don't mind playing here because our rep has gone up so the front office have no excuse.. do something now!!!!
  8. The Real Truth

    What Are They Doing! Here We Go Again

    Been saying this for the longest
  9. I don't wont hear its to early !!!!!! There is no way we should be losing this way. Everyone is playing like they don't care were is the grit were is the grind. I mean teams are getting up just to make our team look like we shouldn't have been in the playoffs the last few years. I mean no excuse were is the heart no one is playing with passion..... no one FO need to get some shooters in here and not any one old ... First THE CAVS >> now G.S. Warriors.. I mean can we beat these teams that are projected to win it all early
  10. The Real Truth

    Is Mark Jackson Available ?

    Calling all great 3 point shooters, calling all shooters right now!!!
  11. by the way calling all grizz players calling all players your wanted at BASS PRO SHOPS TO BEGAN FISHING make sure you get a elevator ride to the top of the pyramid great view
  12. at least 3 players that can knock down the three point shot consistently
  13. would still need major 3 point specialist
  14. Anything is possible if the FO office acts likes they really want to win