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  1. fanboyslim

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Yeah, well, it's not official yet but it seems there will be some room for using them once free agency opens again. So maybe a week or two in November. Still, the idea that the Warriors spent a 1st round pick to dump Iguodala's salary just to turn around and pick it up again is insane.
  2. fanboyslim

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    And in a shocking turn of events, GSW's Iguodala TPE just expired.
  3. Yep, as long as you don't play for the senior national team you can keep your options open.
  4. Sabonis has US nationality because he was born in the US. He also has Lithuanian nationality because he is the son of Lithuanian parents. This happens regardless of how he identifies himself unless he explicitly renounces one nationality. Most countries don't recognize dual citizenship, meaning each country will treat him as his own in terms of legal and tax obligations. A bureaucratic pain in the behind but usually not a big problem as long as there isn't a war between the two countries. I should know, my daughter is a dual citizen. Now, for basketball purposes, Sabonis can only play with Lithuania since he has already played with their national team in official tournaments. FIBA allows dual citizens to choose what country they play for, but doesn't allow changing national teams once the decision is made. Exception, of course, if a country breaks up / dissolves, e.g. the USSR or Yugoslavia.
  5. fanboyslim

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    2027 is the date to keep in mind, no doubt. Anything before is unrealistic given the local owners' right of first refusal.
  6. fanboyslim

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    I know this is a bit off topic but I had to post it somewhere
  7. fanboyslim

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Ok, Bolmaro re-signed with FC Barcelona and he has a buyout clause for an amount that hasn't been disclosed but is reported to be significantly higher than his previous contract's clause of 880k€ (around $950k) and decreasing every year. I've seen estimates between 1.2M€ and 1.8M€ ($1.4M-$2.1M) so it's possible that the amount for 2020-21 is closer to the higher end of that bracket. Since an NBA team can only pay $750k towards an internation player's buyout, this means Bolmaro would have to pay between $750k and $1.35M out of his own pocket in order to be released. Obviously a minimum contract wouldn't work since he would lose money (especially considering a good chunk of all players' salary is going to be in escrow this year). If he makes the 1st round he could probably make the jump as that would be at the very least $3.5M guaranteed over two years. If we pick him in the second round we'd have to take a chunk off the MLE in order to offer him something in that range. I personally think it makes much more sense to draft him and stash him since once his buyout clause goes down there'll be much more flexibility in the kind of contracts he could entertain. Also, he had played a grand total of 13 games in the ACB/Euroleague prior to the 2020-21 season (he wasn't part of FCB's first team last season), so he could use one year or two playing at that level to get seasoned. The drawback of course is if he explodes (I think the comparisons to Manu are ludicrous, but hey...) he might request an even higher salary to jump over.
  8. fanboyslim

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    That would be a first for FC Barcelona but it's not impossible. I'll see if I can find out.
  9. fanboyslim

    Robert Pera Buying Homes

    If he's just investing it makes sense to buy high scale properties in big coastal cities. It's where the prices will swing back up the fastest once the economy recovers.
  10. fanboyslim

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Bear in mind that Bolmaro is under contract until 2023. If he gets drafted in the 2nd round he won't be able to pay his buyout clause unless he gets an offer significantly above the minimum, and even in that case probably not before 2022 (buyout amounts tend to decrease over time but I don't know the details of his contract). I'm not sure that would fit the FO's plans.
  11. fanboyslim

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    I'm not sure if you missed the multiple proposals to trade for Horford, or Wiggins, or similar players that won't really move the needle but come with hundreds of millions in owed salary. Maybe "middling" is not the right term for this kind of players, but they aren't stars either. And I'm not trying to be contrarian, but I think the strawman is the idea that we should tank next season in purpose. I haven't seen anyone actually say that. The discussion is not between tanking or not tanking. It's about how much we should spend in assets that could give us a push right now versus a few years down the road. I'd rather manage our salary conservatively, use our picks and trades to get young players with upside, and grab the occasional veteran on team-friendly contracts (like JV or Tyus) and then use all those accumulated assets a few years down the road. In the meantime, push hard to win every game with the team we have and demand accountability from everyone in the organization. You know, like last season.
  12. fanboyslim

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    I think you misinterpreted what he said. The idea is to become competitive for a title run starting 2-3 year from now, not to stop competing every single game until then. Frankly, the template should be pretty much what you say: play hard to win and pounce on any opportunities to improve the roster. The key difference with what some posters are saying is that the goal should be to improve the roster with that title run window in mind, not to cash our chips right now for some middling player that will cripple our salary structure and become a free agent before Ja, JJJ and BC finish their rookie contracts.
  13. fanboyslim

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    I personally think it would be better for him to complete this season in Europe and enter the next draft. If his progression goes as expected I think he'll end up in the lottery. As an aside, I'm not sure how realistic it is to draft European players (other than to stash them overseas) when the 2020-21 season is already ongoing in Europe. Even those players with NBA out clauses won't be able to exercise them until the season is over.
  14. fanboyslim

    Best realistic offseason plan

    I think it's just that the closest point of reference was the previous season when he lost quite a few games, but yeah, for a big man JV is very durable (cross our fingers).