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    All Star Ja

  2. I think that's limited to how they calculate advanced stats. Basic stats are not arguable.
  3. I think the tradition is to fill a vault with pennies for the amount of the bonus and the player to jump into it and swim a few laps. Most NBA players have a vault built in their homes for this purpose. So, probably at home.
  4. https://www.nba.com/stats/players/clutch-traditional/?sort=GP&dir=-1
  5. Random stat facts of the night. As Pete mentioned during the game, Ja is all-NBA 3rd in clutch scoring. Well, guess who’s 3rd in clutch steals? Killian Tillie, I <bleep> you not. Oh, and 3rd in clutch fouling is Dillon Brooks. 😁
  6. It was a likely bonus so it’s already included in the cap.
  7. 41 points. Just another Wednesday.
  8. Which is right when both Ja and Jaren will be entering their primes.
  9. This may be his only motivation right now:
  10. He is a bit inconsistent from game to game, and sometimes gets tunnel vision when he's handling the ball which kills ball movement, but other than that he's a great contributor.
  11. I think it doesn't matter, he's reached that elder stateman status, like Jerry Sloan with the Jazz, where he's going to coach as long as he wants to. The franchise may encourage him to retire with an FO or honorary position but they’re never going to fire him.
  12. fanboyslim

    Impressed by Adams (sometimes)

    I’m going through the others as we speak 😂
  13. Clearly a typo. I’ll fix it.