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  1. fanboyslim

    News from Tillery

    “News” and “Tillery” are a contradiction in terms.
  2. fanboyslim

    What are you watching in place of sports?

    I will take this in lieu of actual sports news.
  3. fanboyslim


    To follow up on GameOn's post, another trial is showing a lot of promise for a flu drug to treat the coronavirus. It doesn't seem to do as well on the most serious cases, but if it can be used to reduce the number of people with mild or no symptoms going spreading the virus it will be a major weapon against the pandemic.
  4. fanboyslim


    The other drug is azithromycine, a common antibiotic. Important note as this information has been circulating like wildfire: Those two drugs have major side effects when taken at the same time, so as GameOn says they may be used for very serious covid cases (if confirmed to be effective), but nobody should take them unless prescribed by a doctor. In plain English that means higher risk of a heart attack. So not good unless you're already at high risk of dying. In a hospital setting with 24/7 monitoring of your heart rhythm this risk can be acceptable so this could be definitely useful to lower the current death rates, especially for patients without access to ventilators.
  5. fanboyslim

    What are you watching in place of sports?

    My kid had a lot of marbles but he was shocked when I told him you could play games with them outside. Then I told about bottlecap races and he thought I was BSing him.
  6. fanboyslim

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    ROY is a major early step towards a place in the HOF. It matters to players as well.
  7. fanboyslim

    What are you watching in place of sports?

    We can go out to buy food, medicine and basic stuff like TP, but only one person at a time (exceptions if you live alone with small children or if you need to drive someone to the doctor). There's a short list of things that are allowed to do outside, otherwise everyone must remain in their homes. You can go to work but only if it's not possible to work from home. Of course a lot of people in shops, restaurants and so on simply cannot work because almost everything is closed. Patrol cars are cruising all the time. They will stop and check anyone not complying with the lockdown, and they can fine and arrest those who refuse to do so. The army has been deployed in major roads to stop all non essential travel. This video shows my street, almost completely deserted last Sunday at 6pm. We're bracing for the worst in the coming days as the scenario in Italy is replaying here with two weeks of delay. We did close schools and enforce the whole country lockdown comparatively earlier than Italy, so maybe we'll be able to flatten the curve a bit, but some hospitals' ICUs are already at double capacity and it's very likely that they'll have to triage critical cases quite soon.
  8. fanboyslim


    Absolutely fantastic proposal... for the Brooklyn Nets.
  9. fanboyslim

    What are you watching in place of sports?

    I've been binging on Netflix documentaries. Currently halfway through Hip Hop Revolution. Dang, I'm old. Also re-watching lots of old movies with the kids. I watched Alien with my 10yo son, who's only slightly traumatized (my dad did the same to me at the same age so no regrets). We're going to watch Aliens right now. I'm sure it counts as therapy. Some NBA and ACB players from Spain are planning to stream national team games and live comment on them. It would be amazing if NBA players did this with NBA games. Someone ping Adam Silver! And then I'm watching stuff like this: That's a guy who in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown decided to take out the trash dressed as a T-Rex. Technically not a violation of the lockdown buuuuut... And this genius decided to exploit the fact that walking your dog is still allowed by taking a plush dog on a walk. SMRT!
  10. fanboyslim

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    LOL, that's his entire season highlights. They even did the KLove attempted murder!
  11. fanboyslim


    Not exactly, you're 36% more susceptible to the human common cold coronaviruses. They (for obvious reasons) didn't test for SARS-CoV (the one causing SARS) or SARS-CoV-2 (the one causing COVID-19, which didn't even exist in 2018). Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are dozens of labs around the world testing this very possibility as we speak, and we'll get more information ahead of the next flu season. The problem here is that people in at risk groups are in principle still far more likely to die from the flu than COVID-19. This could change quickly depending of specific local circumstances.
  12. fanboyslim


    Not this year's flu vaccine, not this strain of coronavirus. The study is from the 2017-18 season and can't simply be extrapolated to the new situation. There's just very little accurate data about this one and it will take some time until peer-reviewed studies start coming up. The advice to get a flu shot during the coronavirus outbreak is badly justified in many places. It will definitely not help prevent getting the coronavirus. What it may help with is reducing the cases of people with the flu who need ventilators precisely when they're all going to be needed for coronavirus patients (and of course for at risk populations the flu is quite deadly itself). At this point it may not matter any more as flu season is over in the northern hemisphere. In Spain for instance you won't even be able to get a flu shot right now as all medical facilities are restricted to people with serious medical problems.
  13. fanboyslim


    They must never find we're both posting from the same basement... oops, did I type that out loud?
  14. fanboyslim


    The flu vaccine is especially complicated because it has to be produced every year before anybody knows what strain is going to be the most prevalent. So the health authorities make an educated guess about what strains will be prioritized and you get a shot for those. Then: - There may be a completely new strain nobody could have predicted (e.g. Spanish flu or H1N1) and everyone is screwed. - The initial guess is wrong and some strain spreads that's not covered by the vaccine, and then those who don't already have immunity against it are screwed (usually children and young adults) - The guess is correct and you get the vaccine but your body doesn't acquire immunity / doesn't mount a strong immune response, and then you are screwed. Still, much better than no vaccine at all. In the Coronavirus case, since all we need it protection against one particular strain (or rather strains, there are two of them) the expectation is that one vaccine should be able to be enough for life, but as you say, there's never 100% effectiveness. That's why herd immunity is so important. If enough people are vaccinated, even those who cannot be vaccinated or have immune issues will be protected as the virus won't be able to spread.
  15. fanboyslim


    A year, year and a half away, at best. (needs registration but can be accessed with a Google or Facebook account) The problem (at this point) is not manufacturing the vaccine. The virus' DNA has been sequenced and the virus itself has been grown in animal tissues in the lab. That's great news because it allows for the production of candidate vaccines, but the longer part of the process is their testing, first in animals, then in humans. This process is critical and cannot be shortened because you don't want to mass produce and distribute a vaccine that turns out to lose effect a couple months after the shot, or even worse, have more serious side effects than the disease it's trying to cure.