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  1. fanboyslim

    Austin Rivers appreciation thread

    We’ll remember all those times you kept Doc Rivers awake all night. Especially those nonstop first few months. Great effort! And what about that time you scratched Doc’s car after taking it without permission? Yeah, you got the belt and two months detention, but it was so worth it. Oh yeah, and that time you joined the Clippers and sent them in a downward spiral! Good job, you 5th columnist! Good times. Good times.
  2. fanboyslim

    Parsons - Disabled Player Exception or SOMETHING

    Didn't some (named) journalist recently mention he had sources saying Parsons' season was over? I may be wrong but I'd swear I read something.
  3. fanboyslim

    We did not just trade for Oubre

    I give our FO a lot of crap, but the Suns have been a ****show for a decade, only surpassed by Sacramento, IMO.
  4. fanboyslim

    Roster Moves

    Checking the salary tracking sites it looks as if he only has a 2-year contract, no options.
  5. fanboyslim

    Roster Moves

    Every first round pick receives a rookie scale contract with the salary ranked by draft position. These contracts are 4 years long, with the last two years team options (which must be exercised a year prior.) If a team chooses to decline either of these options, the player becomes an unrestricted free agent. If the player completes his 4 year contract and the team wants to keep its right of first refusal, it must extend a qualifying offer. The size of the offer is fixed, and it's essentially based on the rookie scale salary. For second round picks and undrafted players the rules are a bit more complicated because they're not bound to the rookie scale but the process is essentially the same. The QO is normally for a one year contract, but a team may extend a maximum QO which lasts for 5 years and has 8% raises. The QO is what turns the player into a restricted free agent. Now there are several options: - The team may rescind the QO at any time, which turns the player into a UFA. - The player may accept the QO and sign the new contract, and turn into a UFA at its end (usually one year.) - If the offer is neither accepted nor rescinded by October 1st it expires automatically (it can be extended until March) but the player remains a RFA. This means he can still negotiate with his former team but cannot sign with any other NBA team. - The player may get an offer from another team and sign an offer sheet. The former team then has a week to decide to match or not. - The player and his former team negotiate a contract that improves the QO (e.g. JaM Green). In addition to this a team may offer an extension before the rookie contract ends, which essentially means the rookie never becomes a RFA. The Designated Rookie rule allows a team to offer a 5 year extension (up to the max) to up to two players on rookie contracts. However Dillon and Carter cannot be designated because their current contracts aren't 4 years long. In addition to that, Carter cannot receive and extension because his contract is not 3 years long. So this means we can at most offer them 4 year contracts at the end of their current ones, and in Dillon's case we could offer an extension during this season. We will have full Bird rights on Dillon so we'll be able to pay him up to the max, but only Early Bird rights on Carter, so depending on our salary situation he might get an offer sheet we could not match. The whole details are here:
  6. fanboyslim

    Silver Lining?

    I love rookies with the right attitude. Not the "I've done everything in HS and college and I already have a shoe deal" attitude some high picks bring to the NBA. Rather the "you're not gonna rook me " attitude Jevon showed. Just keep cool, show what you got and then give them a little attitude. Good for him.
  7. fanboyslim

    Grizzlies at Warriors - 12/17/18

    I'm not sure anyone can fix those problems.
  8. This game has quickly gone into the crapper.
  9. What happened to the decent perimeter defense we had earlier in the season? Now it’s a 3 pointer free for all.
  10. fanboyslim

    We did not just trade for Oubre

    Jesus Christ, I stay one day, ONE day, off the grid and this happens???
  11. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat - 12/14/18

    Well, at least Kyle's OK.
  12. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat - 12/14/18

    Our offense, completely baffled by a zone.
  13. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat - 12/14/18

    OK, these T's are getting a bit ridiculous.