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  1. fanboyslim

    Yeah, but: a thread you may wish to avoid

    Impressive as his 3rd quarter barrage was, I was more impressed by him drawing 3 offensive fouls in the same period.
  2. Chip showing his age
  3. Toke tripped on the power cable.
  4. fanboyslim

    Ja out tonight?

    Guys, there’s no conspiracy. When Ja and Brandon came back from injury the team said they would be on minutes restriction with no back to backs. This isn’t Kawhi saving himself for the playoffs, it’s just injury recovery.
  5. fanboyslim

    The disrespect!

    I’m guessing he’s referring to this: Trae Young scored and gestured “game over” only for the Heat to go into a 22-0 romp to beat the Hawks.
  6. fanboyslim


    I clicked through, no big deal, the warning message is quite scary but 99.9% of cases this is due to some configuration issue (e.g. expired certificates). In our case it went to a generic landing page from the hosting company that said the site wasn’t configured. I haven’t checked but last time this happened the forums had changed their hosting company, so the certificate was invalid. It’s likely to be a similar scenario now. I can’t help to be extra peeved because part of my job is to ensure service continuity for a major telecom operator in Spain, so when stuff like this happens I get called at 4am, and if it’s not fixed in less than 4 hours people start losing bonuses (or jobs). So imagine my reaction when the site is down for days...
  7. fanboyslim


    Hey, at least he’s not Dion Waiters
  8. fanboyslim


    Thoughts and prayers for Aron Baynes.
  9. Jae Crowder questionable due to illness
  10. Ja confirmed available for the game.
  11. fanboyslim

    Ja Morant Week to Week

    Announced as “probable”
  12. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 12/7/19

    Sorry, 4AM games are just the worst
  13. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Jazz - 12/7/19

    So is there any team that Jeff Green hasn’t played for at this point?