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  1. Trade JJJ for Samuel L Jackson and a Big Mac.
  2. Bigs have a longer learning curve than guards. The kid's just 20, let him grow into his game. It's not like he has a lot of flaws to work on.
  3. This. Don't sweat it, this season and probably the next are just extended auditions for our young guys. If one of our wings turns out to be a solid NBA player that's a win.
  4. I really hope this is not a sign of things to come. I've always said that with Zion's size (read: weight) and explosiveness he'll be at an increased injury risk.
  5. Yeah, the voices told me so.
  6. fanboyslim

    Shaq Buchanan Signs, Uthoff Released

    Exhibit 10 contracts. Basically they give a bonus to those players if they sign with the G league team and stay for 60 days.
  7. The ESPN trade machine is a hack. You can use it for salary matching in complex trade scenarios, but you have to keep track of each player's restrictions as those are more often than not not taken into account.
  8. Looks like the news about Dillon Brooks’ demise were overstated. Long term I think he will excel in a microwave role. I don’t think he’s consistent enough to be a 6th man with starter-like minutes, but he has that kind of confidence that can get a team out of a deep hole or break out a tight game. Unfortunately that same kind of confidence can keep him shooting when he’s not hot, so I suspect his minutes will go up and down on a game to game basis. Of course he’s young and can still improve but realistically that’s where I expect him to be. You can build a solid NBA career on that, just ask JJ Barea.
  9. fanboyslim

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Yes, but not all of Nike’s revenue from China is NBA merchandising. If the NBA’s *total* RBI from China is $500M, as reported by USA Today, that’s what it is. Or USA Today’s figures are wrong. Who knows.
  10. fanboyslim

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    How does Nike’s revenue affect the NBA salary cap?
  11. I've printed a picture of Iavaroni to look at during this season's games, just to remind me that: a) it could be worse, and b) it will get better.
  12. Yes and no, you have to take into account that cap space isn't that important when you're not contending, and next season they'll free up more cap space than Parsons would have.
  13. fanboyslim

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    Remember this is a Grizzlies forum. If you want to talk about politics there is an off topic forum. But in this case it's not even talking about politics. I understand you're only trolling one user but it's still trolling so please refrain from doing it.
  14. fanboyslim

    Grizz on National TV

    I think it's more accepting that we're not going to win a lot in the near term, so we better be exciting.