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  1. Welcome back, 4th quarter Ja Morant
  2. Every time Kyle winds up for an open three I hold my breath. I almost passed out this time.
  3. I'm not hating on the guy, he's leaving it all on the court and having very positive contributions. It's just that it's going to take more than a few games of good play to overcome his history of terrible play.
  4. Ja Morant +/- is -33 so far
  5. He tends to go into stretches of brain disconnection. Not as bad as Bruno but still infuriating.
  6. Well, we're still in the game
  7. I'm still not convinced about Josh as a player but you can't deny the effort
  8. It was a foul but it's encouraging to see Josh rotating well on defense
  9. Barnes misses!!! Barnes misses!!! Stop the presses!!!
  10. Yeah, it's not that Marko was terrible, it's that Josh was doing well and it was completely unnecessary.