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  1. fanboyslim

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    You never know when Kleiman and multiple picks are involved. But yeah.
  2. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Again, he is eligible until June 30 for an extension worth about 20% more than the MLE. If we want to keep him we'll definitely offer that to begin with. If we don't even offer that I don't see us getting into a bidding war in free agency. If we offer the extension and he declines the question is how much more he can get in free agency and if he can land a starting job elsewhere. Not many destinations meet both requirements.
  3. fanboyslim

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    The difference is that those comments were made by people who hadn't watched a minute of Euro basketball in their entire life, let alone Doncic. Or Jovic. Also, Doncic had played three pro seasons prior to the draft, winning several titles with arguably the best non NBA team. Jovic has played all of four games for Mega Basket, home of Rade Zagorac. I see him as a high ceiling, high risk prospect.
  4. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I wonder if the FO has offered Tyus an extension. That would be more than MLE money on a long but easily movable contract.
  5. fanboyslim

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I'm not sure that team exists.
  6. fanboyslim

    Lamarcus Aldridge

    Jesus Christ. I expected to come back to a few bad takes in the forums, but come on.
  7. The funny thing is Dillon is shooting 50% from three. It’s the midrange and penetrations that aren’t falling.
  8. BnaBreaker makes a post in the forums detailing a play and wonders about the need to do it.
  9. I think Adams gets taped and returns. It didn’t look bad.