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  1. Analytic tells me KBM is still too upset over Lionel not being brought back to think logically. The ultimate man crush is what we are dealing with here between he and Hollins
  2. I can definitely see both sides of this, and am really okay either way. Wth that said he cannot continue to call out his bosses in the media and not think there will not be some push back. If I am constantly telling my boss to shove it and Dave me alone then there is a good chance at some point I will be run out of there
  3. I know a healthy Zach didn't need Rudy two years ago to get pas the Spurs. And I know our record was pretty **** good without Rudy after the trade this year
  4. Yeah because if we would have had Rudy we would still be playing. Just like last year
  5. Well remember who you are dealing with here
  6. To be fair I think any coach would have a problem with someone from the front office, especially not being a gm or owner, coming onto the court during practice and talking with players. I know I would be ******