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  1. Nothing surprising to us ... but at least its something to read. https://nba.nbcsports.com/2019/09/09/grizzlies-reportedly-refusing-to-talk-buyout-with-andre-iguodala/
  2. He's not Tony Allen good, but he's very good. He is aging, but he is still very good in 4-6 minute stints.
  3. In crunch time late in 4th quarter when the Clippers need a stop ... put Iggy, Kawhi, George, Beverly, & whoever on the floor ... man! I'd be betting on the Clippers.
  4. pjs

    Fan favorite of all time

    I'll go with Mike. Add Mike to TA, ZBo, Marc, and Battier ... that's my top 5.
  5. Yeah. No need to feel sorry for Mike ... he's well payed. But man, after a couple of years of doubting him, Mike proved me wrong and became my favorite Grizzly of all time. Mike's first couple of years were disappointing to me. I hope fans learn from that experience and give Ja a few years before rushing to conclusions ... PG in the NBA is tough. I wish Mike well with his new start & will be rooting for the Jazz this year. If they stay healthy, the Jazz will be fun to watch and really good this year. Mike was great for the Memphis franchise ... a really high quality person and teammate.
  6. pjs

    Free agency 2020

    I like it! Let's go!
  7. Congratulations Niele ... and welcome to Memphis!
  8. I don't know who to compare him to ... but I like what I'm seeing. At this point, let's not label JJJ. The young man can be as good as he wants to be.
  9. No. But TA is in my Hall Of Fame.
  10. pjs

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Good question. And I'm answering this from the standpoint of Ja being in the game, and also making the assumption that the coach has to make a choice between playing either Kyle or Bruno (which is admittedly simplistic). Early in the game. I'm assuming we'll usually be pushing the pace. That seems to favor Bruno to me. Excellent athlete. Very good shot blocker. If it's a fourth quarter, grind it out half-court situation - that's when I could see Kyle being in the game with Ja, especially if the opposing team has a dynamic shooting guard or small forward. Bruno would struggle defensively compared to Kyle in that situation, and Kyle's BBIQ would be important offensively when the value of possessions are magnified.
  11. I agree. This will be evident in the fourth quarters of fairly close games ... if we are playing the young guys when they have been struggling earlier in the game instead of closing out with more experienced players, we're in development-mode ... not winning-mode. I think 28 is still optimistic.
  12. 24 ... but it's ok this year.
  13. pjs

    2020 NBA Draft

    Take BPA regardless. Wiseman would be NICE ... he would fit.
  14. Not expecting anything ... but it would be nice to have another successful Memphis redemption story. Good luck to you JJ. I hope it works out for you here.
  15. Thanks. Here's a good Iggy article for those interested. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2019/7/16/20696679/andre-iguodala-trade-suitors-memphis-grizzlies-los-angeles-lakers