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  1. pjs

    Who has been the best coach?

    I give Lionel top marks ... with Hubie close behind. If Hubie could have gotten a few wins in the playoffs, I might give it to him because he would play young guys and help them develop (Lionel was less likely to do that). Other than that, I don't know. They all had their good / bad traits. I personally liked J.B. given the cards he was dealt and his willingness to play the younger guys so they gained experience when it became obvious we were not going to make playoffs.
  2. pjs

    Aren't We Undefeated When...

    It's simple. Fear the 'fro when we score 130+. That's the secret sauce.
  3. We're 2-0 when we score 130+. Push the pace guys!
  4. If Solomon Hill's afro gets some playing time, I like our chances. We're 2-0 when the 'fro gets some court time. Fear The 'Fro.
  5. pjs

    Aren't We Undefeated When...

    It's official. Solomon Hill's afro is undefeated (as long as he gets some playing time). Of course it might be when we score 130+ points ... also 2-0. Either way, keep the afro Solomon ... it's intimidating opponents!
  6. My mind could be changed, but right now I can't imagine anyone passing up opportunity to draft Wiseman. Edwards might convince me otherwise, but he better be a lights-out shooter from deep.
  7. Man I thought we had lost Ja when he tried to posterize someone in the 4th quarter ... that could have easily turned into a serious injury. I hope Westbrook gave him some veteran advice. Before the season started, most here knew this would be a rebuilding year. I don't understand the angst about losing. Yes we have some talent, but we're not ready yet. I'm just hoping to see some chemistry build this year and no serious career-threatening injuries.
  8. Be nice to Jevon ... I wouldn't want him any more motivated than he already will be.
  9. Personally I don't see this as a long-term problem. Yes its frustrating at the moment, but JJJ is smart, young (just turned 20) and still growing. As his body matures and gains strength, things will improve ... plus he'll have more NBA experience and respect from the refs. It's a process. Be patient. I respectfully vote no to G-League for JJJ. If his fouls were the only thing keeping this team from competing for the playoffs, I might feel different. But this is going to be a development year for the whole team, let him play through it.
  10. pjs


    Hey Josh, if you ever happen to read this ... good luck to you man. Memphis is a good place to start over ... ask ZBo. I'm wishing you well & much success & will be pulling for you.
  11. Just enjoy the challenge guys. Keep it close & have fun.
  12. TH: Ja, Solomon, Dillon, Kyle, and at the end JAEEE!!!!
  13. Ja got the floater going. That's what I'm talking about!