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  1. Well ... the Grizzlies will have to earn it. Play well or go home. It's all good.
  2. pjs

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    Lol. Sure!
  3. pjs

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride with Ja and Jaren. I just hope we get to see them develop together as Memphis Grizzlies over the next 15 years. It could be EPIC!
  4. pjs

    Grizz 8 Games

    Hmmm. Interesting. Westbrook at #7? Nah ... I would put him at #2. I think Simmons should jump ahead of Middleton and Lowry. Why is Mitchell on the list? Who is Jazz #1 player? JJJ is underrated, but hard to argue if he's on bench in foul trouble.
  5. pjs

    3J workout video

    I see the video as developing muscle memory & being comfortable handling the ball in traffic. It's just some drills. They can't do much contact work and I would prefer the contact work be done with professional supervision to help avoid injury ... so these drills look good to me for what they are. Keep playing JJJ.
  6. It's ok. I think we're right there. Personally, the Celtics would get the nod for #1 from me. They have made it to the Eastern-Conference finals twice in the past 3 years. The Grizzlies / Pelicans is a coin toss.
  7. pjs


    Barring injury or illness, this should be a good experience for our young team. We'll be playing some good teams throughout and on a neutral court. Good competition and hopefully good chemistry-building experience. Play solid. Play together. Have fun. Learn how we can get better.
  8. pjs

    NBA latest transactions

    Awww man. Somebody sneeze on them.
  9. pjs

    Memphis Grizzlies Death Lineup

    I'll play along (assuming Ja and Jaren are resting). What you have sounds real good ... and it would be effective. But I would stick with bench players so they could go 100% for 5 minutes while we give the starters a breather. They would need to turn up the perimeter defense. So instead of Justise & Dillion ... I would go with Melton, and depending on matchups - Tyus, Grayson, or even Konchar. It would be a small-ball lineup ... probably better suited against the Rockets than the Lakers, but as long as our guys look to fast-break and play good perimeter defense, it would be worth a try.
  10. pjs

    NBA latest transactions

    If we face the Lakers in playoffs, Ja and Dillon have to be relieved they won't have to face the defense of Avery Bradley.
  11. pjs


    The only reason they will play the games is to meet contract obligations with the television networks. If they could be released from their legal obligations, they probably wouldn't be playing this thing. Games without fans ... I don't know how it will go ... the quality of play may suffer and the interest of the casual fan may cause them to not tune in at all. How would that affect future NBA television contract bids and player contracts? This is kind of risky, as in it could be a total flop with some long-term negative consequences. I will probably watch because I'm a Grizzlies fan & love basketball in general. It's just going to be weird.
  12. pjs


    Yeah. Not sure how micro-management will work out with a bunch of millionaires. Personally, I expect lots of violations (although the NBA will be very hush-hush about it). Let's see if the NBA is into enforcement, or will it be selective enforcement / star-treatment-based? It's easy to make rules. It's no fun to enforce them.
  13. pjs

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    I have no idea on who the Grizzlies get in our range (probably 40th pick). But it's nice to have some confidence in our front-office with the results of the last few drafts. Very nice after years of pretty bad overall results. If I had to guess, I would say Tre Jones if he's available. Or, since we have a young team already ... I could easily see us trying to trade out of this draft for a couple of future second round picks. We already have some good young talent that haven't had much time in our rotation ... I'm not ready to give up on Yuta or Konchar (and don't forget Porter). Of the high picks, I still wouldn't pass on Wiseman regardless of team. He's just too skilled of a big man to fail and looks built for basketball. He might get pushed around a bit for a year or two, but even then he will still be effective.
  14. pjs

    Cocktails with Jason Wexler

    Thanks ... good video.
  15. pjs


    Not scared. But Pelicans are most talented of those listed. The Kings seems to have our number too. But bottom-line ... as long as we play solid against these teams, I think we win.