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  1. pjs

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Mavs 03/20/2023

    +1. Santi had a great game, and did it in a quiet workman kind of way - not too flashy but effective. As a side note, I wasn't paying close attention to it, but I can't believe that Jaren had only 1 block. He sure impacted a lot more. Kyrie's an all-time great ball-handler, but Jaren did a good job of staying in front of him on the perimeter late in the game. Not many 7 footers (or even guards) can do that - more fodder for DPOY recognition. HHM to the entire bench - they had 31 of our 50 rebounds (of course, led by Santi's 14) / and 11 of our 17 offensive rebounds. Great job.
  2. There's something to the statement "Youth is wasted on the young". Wisdom hopefully comes with age. Let's hope our young men grow their maturity skills as well as their basketball ones.
  3. pjs

    Team Hero Grizz@Spurs

    TH: Team HM: Luck
  4. pjs

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    Whew! Could have been much worse. A big second chance from Silver ... hopefully nothing like that will happen again.
  5. pjs

    Tillman Luv

    Coach Jenkins deserves a lot of credit in my view. I like the way he protects his players. He does his best to control the drama & tries to keep things in the locker room that need to stay in the locker room.
  6. pjs

    Tillman Luv

    In turmoil comes opportunity. Aldama, Tillman, and now Roddy have made the most of it. They have earned the opportunity to get some quality minutes in the playoffs. It's all good.
  7. pjs

    Ziaire Williams??

    I'm staying out of this debate. I remember how I gave up on Mike Conley after year 2. I had to eat crow on that one.
  8. pjs

    Team Hero Warriors@Grizz

    TH: Dillon HM: Draymond
  9. pjs

    Steve-O out 3-5 weeks

    Man. The body-blows keep coming. smh.
  10. pjs

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    This too shall pass Ja. Let this help shape you into a better man. Then, when you're career is over and your story is written, maybe it will be a positive example that will help others going through their own tough times. Best wishes. Keep believing.
  11. Hang in there fans. The team is playing well. We're right there. It comes down to execution in the half court. It's better to face and try to figure out these playoff-style games now. Great experience.
  12. pjs

    Hey DB you know what…

    Yikes. Artificial Intelligence is getting scary good.