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  1. pjs

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Jazz 03/08/2019

    TH: Big V HM: Mike HHM: Noah, Rabb, Bradley
  2. pjs

    Team Hero v Trailblazers 03/05/2019

    TH: Mike HM: Delon HHM: CJ
  3. pjs

    Team Hero v NOLA 02/09/2018

    TH: Joakim Simon Noah HM: New guys ... appreciate the hustle. Welcome to Memphis!
  4. Marc was engaged from first minute ... he actually boxed out and got rebounds. REBOUNDS!
  5. pjs

    Team Hero v Spurs 01/10/2019

    double yep
  6. Alright ... Mack, Noah, Jamychal, Caspi, and Holliday are bringing it in 2nd quarter. Good run there guys!
  7. Marc rebounding well ... yay!
  8. pjs

    Time to trade Marc

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm on-board with blowing it up / trading the vets (including Marc and Mike) as long as we get a good deal (as many first round picks as possible). Ouch. That hurts. There's a sense of hopelessness and the team has started going through the motions. Other teams have figured us out & we have to play at an extremely high level to win these days. If the effort is there, we can pull it out against some good teams. If the effort is a little below average, we can lose to anybody. I'm ready now. I previously felt I was one of the few holding onto the bitter end. But it's time to rebuild around the young guys, especially Jaren. Just hope whoever we trade will go to a team in playoff contention and I wish them the best.
  9. pjs

    Fire ME First. Then Fire Bickerstaff. Now.

    We need a few things: - Marc, when you are open and get the ball with 7 or less secs on shot clock, let it fly. Please. It's the right thing to do. Hesitating is bad option. Passing is bad option. Shoot. The. Ball. - Mike ... if Marc won't shoot, forget him and feed the kid. It's ok. - Team ... rebound.
  10. pjs

    Team Hero v Cavs 12/26/2018

    Yeah. SloMo and GT. Ugly win. Good defense though. But man, terrible rebounding.
  11. JJJ may not be a star yet, but the young man is giving us some bright flashes. Very encouraging.
  12. pjs

    Team Hero @ Lakers 12/23/2018

    TH: JJJ HM: Garrett HHM: Mike, Marc, Ivan, Wayne
  13. pjs

    Kelly Oubre Appreciation Thread

    I remember that Ricky Sanchez thread ... classic!
  14. pjs

    Kelly Oubre Appreciation Thread

    Kelly Oubre deserves a place in the Grizzlies Media Guide, right beside other greats like Cash Considerations and Player To-be-named-later.
  15. pjs

    Team Hero v Trailblazers 12/12/2018

    TH: Bench for digging us out of ugly first quarter. HM: Mike.