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  1. pjs

    The future of the Grizzlies - next step

    Yeah, both had career-best-so-far seasons ... so you're right in that sense. But (by definition) both of them showed individual improvement last year & I'm not sure they will start to decline yet. JV's rebounding keeps improving, but he can improve in pick-and-roll defense (which would make a big difference in his game). SloMo's shooting improved, especially his 3 point shooting went from terrible (< 30%) to respectable (36%) on a lot more attempts per game - plus Kyle's assist numbers also improved & he showed some veteran leadership.
  2. pjs

    The future of the Grizzlies - next step

    The Grizzlies have a chance to be very good going forward. No one had a career year - there's a lot of room for improvement both individually and as a team. With the current make-up of the team, we're probably a few years away before making serious noise, but I can see us competing for the 5th or 6th seed in the West next year. I would like to see us improve defensively. We were exposed by Utah as being pretty bad defensively - especially in pick-and-roll and defending the 3-point line. We need better rim protection from Jaren and JV so we can have our other guys be more aggressive on the perimeter and challenging the opposition's 3 point shooters more (without fouling). Offensively, I'm not concerned. We're going to get better as these young guys improve their skills. Imagine Ja improving his 3-point enough to be a real threat (37% would be enough) ... teams are trying to defend him now by giving him the 3 point shot. Getting Jaren back to 100% will help too.
  3. pjs

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Hmmm. If Dallas sweeps the Clippers ... maybe Kawhi would like a quieter market like Memphis.
  4. I hope Chip doesn't need a Game 5 thread. haha
  5. TH: Dillon - 3rd quarter was dominant HM: Ja - 4th quarter Ja took over. Kyle for getting us battling back in first half when we were down. JV for giving Gobert in foul trouble.
  6. C'mon. One more stop.
  7. That was a five point swing by Jaren - keep it up!
  8. Getting it done. Dillon & Kyle leading the way. Keep it going!
  9. pjs

    Jazz Series Predictions

    Memphis in 7. Jaren's got to show up big in 4 games - 5+ 3's each.
  10. My head say Griz lose in 5. Heart says Griz win in 7. I'm going with the heart. But we need Jaren to show up big time in 4 games.
  11. pjs

    Team Hero Grizz@Warriors. JA MORANT

    TH: Ja - great game HM: Kyle for being steady and smart, Xavier just played tough & hit clutch 3, Grayson lights out from 3, and Dillon for making Steph work.
  12. I'm calling it. It's time for a break-out game for De'Anthony. He's due.
  13. TH: The big guy HM: Kyle & Dillon
  14. pjs

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Can we sign & suit-up Tony Allen for the next game or two please? Just for defensive specialist duties / situations where we need a few stops. He doesn't even need to run to offensive end of court.