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  1. Grizzhype

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    I see Zaire as a full time 2 guard... JA, Zaire, Dillon, SlowMo, Jaren... Then next draft-2022, when we have 3 first round picks, draft an athletic wing/combo forward and big... What I like about Zaire is his ball handling and separation skill level... Plus he is just a smooth effortless athlete...😎
  2. Romeo Weems: Weems measured 6’5 barefoot, 6’6 in shoes, 220 lbs, with a 6’11 wingspan, and a 8’7 standing reach in mid 2018 Athletic 3 n D... Cheap Moses Moody with hops...🧐
  3. One thing about it, Zaire wants to play for Memphis... Kleimann aint playin about character and fit... I got vibes watching Moody that he wanted to be in a big city... He bragged about being with Klutch aka Team Lebron... Some teams wont draft Klutch players...
  4. We dont need Christopher now.. Give me Joe Wieskamp..
  5. Give me Joe Wisekamp at #40 and call it a nite...🤓
  6. Totally agree.. So of yall think yall can predict a players future like yall Notradamus... 😂 Even the so-called experts make mistakes... If fact most of sports media have East Coast bias... They dont stay up to watch West Coast college games and make lazy uninformed evaluations...
  7. I never got the infauation with Bouknight... He is a smallish sixthman at best who took two years in college to look decent... I'll take it...
  8. He's been gettin top 5 pick projections..
  9. Thats what Ive been saying all year about him... If he had more size... Not a good fit next to Ja but we'll see what the Front Office thinks real soon...🧐
  10. To me the big board should be: Moses Moody – SG – Arkansas 🐻 Jonathan Kuminga – SF – G League Ignite 🐻 James Bouknight – SG – UConn 🐻 To me the whole point of moving from 17 to 10 was to find a high level player... Not a career role player or one dimensional project.. Dont want no parts of Wagner or Giddy.. If the Grizz can make a deal with the Magic, they should be able to get one of the three..
  11. I think I remember Jaren scoring 43pts against 2 time Mvp Giannis... Now what most people forget is that Ja did not play that game... Jaren has been forced to play a role on this team but I think that changes this season... RELEASE THE UNICORN!! 😂🤣
  12. What makes u think Mobley is a better prospect than Jaren? Ya'll hate on your own players more than rival fans.... I really want Moses Moody outta this draft... Imagine the room Ja would have...😁