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  1. Off work next couple of days... Just in time for Utah Summer League...?
  2. Whoaa... Way too much pessimism on the boards.. Summer League starts in a day!!
  3. On The Rise: Jaren Jackson Jr is Ready to Bring Grit N Grind Back to Memphis On The Rise: Jaren Jackson Jr is Ready to Bring Grit N Grind Back to Memphis
  4. Looking forward to seeing the draft picks and returning players in summer league!! What are your thoughts on how the new guys will play?? Memphis Grizzlies 2018 NBA Utah Summer League Preliminary Schedule Day #1 July 2 5:00pm MT: Hawks vs. Grizzlies (Hawks #3 Pick Trae Young) Day #2 July 3 7:00pm MT: Grizzlies vs. Jazz (Jazz #21 Pick Grayson Allen) Day #3 July 5 5:00pm MT: Grizzlies vs. Spurs (Spurs #18 Pick Lonnie Walker)
  5. Grizzhype

    McLemore it is

    Agreed, just need McLemore to hit open threes...
  6. Grizzhype

    McLemore it is

    Lol, yeah whatever... This guy came into the league as a shooter.. He'll have a defined role and be developed by Fizz and play with Conley and Gasol..
  7. Grizzhype

    McLemore it is

    Hell be on a playoff team with veterans and a Good coach, the change of scenery should help..
  8. Grizzhype

    McLemore it is

    McLemore brings a needed skill: Shooting!! As much as i like TA it doesn't make sense to have a shooting guard that can't shoot.. Memphis ranked 29th in scoring last year just ahead of Dallas avg 100.5ppg. McLemore was a 38%pct 3 pt shooter last year and he's athletic. Pace and space...
  9. Grizzhype

    McLemore it is

    Woohoo! Glad this deal is getting done!
  10. But early-season struggles led to resistance from a roster that had found so much success in the Grit-Grind approach and sought only to get back to what was comfortable. That comfort would lead to success, which would lead to wins and a sense of "If it's not broke, why fix it?" even when the team's offensive limitations would spell doom for them every season despite admirable challenges to teams like San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Golden State. For Fizdale, there is clearly a plan to instill those changes, and he insists the roster is ready to accept that not only can those changes help take Memphis to the next level, but they are necessary in an NBA landscape that has shifted dramatically to perimeter offense in recent seasons. "I've talked to all the guys and they understand where the league is at," Fizdale said. "If we think we're going to play in the 80s and win anything, we're sadly mistaken. And they understand that and I think we're going to have a committed group to playing at a faster tempo." "Pace is just how fast we can get the ball from one end to the other. It's not necessarily how fast we can shoot. It's just a tempo thing. Can we explore early options to get easy baskets when the defense is maybe lulling back or jogging back? We want to take our chances with getting a quick easy one."
  11. Grizzhype

    Grizzlies & Warriors - 5/11/2015

    I wish they would at least try to run a pick and roll at the top of the key/middle of the floor instead of just a side pick n roll. They are making it so easy for the Warriors defense. Jeff Green needs to step up or go home.
  12. Grizzhype

    Dante For Ellington-Official Trade

    +1000000... This has been a great offseason... The Grizz fo clearly wanted to upgrade our talent level in the backcourt and address outside shooting... With Bayless, Ellington and an improving Josh Selby and developing Tony Wroten, I'd say its improved by leaps and bounds.... We can play our entire second unit and there would scorers and shooters at every position...
  13. Grizzhype

    Thanks Dante- Official This Time

    Good luck Dante,,,
  14. Grizzhype

    Dante For Ellington-Official Trade

    They also have agreements with former Blazers guard Brandon Roy and Russian guard Alexey Shved that have yet to be officially announced. The Wolves also have shown interest in Bulls free agent Ronnie Brewer, Warriors forward Dominic McGuire and in bringing back forward Anthony Tolliver, who has spent the past two seasons in Minnesota. You didnt read my post or read this part of your link...
  15. Grizzhype

    Dante For Ellington-Official Trade

    I think the Grizz still wanna make this deal... The reason its being held up is Minn is still trying to make other signings.. Minn has verbal agreements with Alexey Shved and Brandon Roy and still haven't formally completed those transactions.. They just lost out on Leuer and Jordan Hill... They have Wes Johnson, Chase Budinger and Malcolm Lee under contract, so trading Wayne Ellington seems likely...