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  1. 1-2 Team Player Updated 10/10/21 – Read Commentary Comp 1 Thunder Chet Holmgren C – Gonzaga – HT: 7-0 – WT: 195 – WING: 7-6 – Fr – Chet is a clear top 5 prospect with a real chance to go no.1 overall next June. He goes to a great situation at Gonzaga where he can show off his skills with a great supporting cast, on a team primed for a title run. He’ll always be a skinny player but that’s not as big of a concern in today’s NBA. Article Dirk lite, Marcus Camby on D. 2 Rockets Paolo Banchero PF – Duke – HT: 6-10 – WT: 250 – WING: 6-10 – Fr – Paolo is a natural scorer with play-making instincts and a quick first step. He’s a polished prospect who should put up monster numbers during his one season at Duke. He’s right there in the mix for no.1 overall. 1on1 Interview Chris Webber, Carlos Boozer+ 3 Pistons Jaden Hardy SG – G League Ignite – HT: 6-5 – WT: 185 – WING: 6-10 – Fr – Hardy is an elite scorer with ideal size for the SG position who is taking his talents to the G League. He’s not an elite run/jump athlete but is an incredible shot-maker with a polished, NBA-ready offensive game. James Harden, Ray Allen 4 Magic Jalen Duren C – Memphis – HT: 6-11 – WT: 250 – WING: 7-5 1/4 – Fr – Duren reclassifies and commits to Memphis! In many draft classes he’d clearly be the best big man prospect but the 2022 draft is loaded with PF/C’s so it’ll be a battle at the top. The year of the big man. Dwight Howard 2021 NBA Dynasty Rookies 5 Cavs Jaden Ivey SG – Purdue – HT: 6-4 – WT: 200 – WING: NA – So – Ivey is a high level athlete who plays both ends of the floor. Is really emerging as a prospect and moving up draft boards after a stellar U19 performance. D.Wade, Josh Richardson++ 6 T-Wolves Nikola Jović PF – Serbia – HT: 6-10 – WT: NA – WING: NA – Int.03 – Jović is moving up draft boards after a strong showing at the FIBA U19’s. He’s a 6-10 point-forward who can score inside and out and excels at passing the rock. Nikola is ranked 2nd on the updated 2021 International Elite 15 Billy Owens, Tom Chambers 7 Kings Yannick Nzosa C – DR Congo – HT: 6-11 – WT: NA – WING: 7-4 – Int.03 – A game-changing defender with elite length/size and mobility. An unreal athlete for his size. Yannick is ranked no.3 on the updated International Elite 15 more advanced Clint Capela 8 Spurs Caleb Houstan SF – Michigan (Canada) – HT: 6-8 – WT: 190 – WING: NA – Fr – A smooth, big wing with a great looking 3pt shot. Is becoming a more versatile scorer and is lethal from downtown. Mike Dunleavy Jr. 2021 NBA Mock Draft — 2023 NBA Mock Draft 9 Bulls Jabari Smith PF – Auburn – HT: 6-9 – WT: 220 – WING: NA – Fr – A long and athletic wing with a high ceiling. Has a great shooting stroke and is deadly from mid range and beyond. Rashard Lewis 10 Hornets Patrick Baldwin Jr. SF – Wis. Milwaukee – HT: 6-10 – WT: 200 – WING: NA – Fr – Baldwin commits to Wisconsin Milwaukee to play for his father. He’s a big wing with a smooth shooting stroke and elite size for position who reminds a bit of Michael Porter Jr. PBJ has a chance to be a big time perimeter scorer at the NBA level. 1on1 Interview MPJ 11 Wizards Ousmane Dieng SF – New Zealand Breakers (France) – HT: 6-8 – WT: NA – WING: 7-0 – Int.03 – A primary initiator/wing scorer with great one on one shot making ability. The French prospect will be playing in the NBL for the Breakers this season. International Elite 15 Paul George 12 Grizzlies (from Pelicans) Adrian Griffin Jr. SF – Duke – HT: 6-6 – WT: 200 – WING: 7-0 – Fr – Griffin Jr. is an elite level prospect but has been plagued by injuries, including a recent knee sprain that could cause him to miss the beginning of the season. Jimmy Butler 13 Grizzlies Daimion Collins PF – Kentucky – HT: 6-9 – WT: 205 – WING: 7-5 – Fr – Collins is an absolute freak of an athlete with great length and leaping ability. He’s very thin in the lower body and will have to fill out his frame but has big time potential. Nerlens with range 14 Raptors Roko Prkacin PF – Cibona (Croatia) – HT: 6-8 – WT: 225 – WING: 6-11 – Int02 – Roko is a smooth and talented who is one of the youngest prospects in the draft. He’s not an elite run/jump athlete but he’s got really good defensive instincts, is a solid shot blocker and has advanced offensive skills. Roko opted out of the 2021 draft and lands in the top 10 of the updated International Elite 15 T.J. Warren 15 Pacers Payton Watson SF – UCLA – HT: 6-8 – WT: 200 – WING: 7-0 – Fr – A long, wiry athlete with a great first step for his size and awesome above the rim ability. Has reportedly grown to 6-9. longer Derrick Jones Jr. 16 Knicks TyTy Washington PG – Kentucky – HT: 6-3 – WT: 180 – WING: NA – Fr – A lightening quick lead guard with great handles and penetrating ability. Plays both ends and hits the 3pt shot. Brandon Knight 17 Celtics Kennedy Chandler PG – Tennessee – HT: 6-1 – WT: 165 – WING: NA – Fr – A bit undersized but plays bigger than his size and has big time athleticism. A gamer and a winner. Kenny Anderson 18 Blazers Kendall Brown SF – Baylor – HT: 6-6 – WT: 205 – WING: NA – Fr – A versatile player who brings it on both ends of the court. Has above-the-rim ability and open court athleticism and is a world class defensive player. Has high lottery upside. 1on1 interview Corey Maggette+ 19 Rockets (from Heat) Bennedict Mathurin SG – Arizona (Canada) – HT: 6-7 – WT: 197 – WING: NA – So – A big time athlete and shot maker with NBA size who returns for his sophomore year and should be one of the best players in college basketball. Q. Richardson 20 Hawks Mojave King SG – Australia (New Zealand) – HT: 6-5 – WT: 195 – WING: NA – Int.02 – King is a well built guard who plays with a high motor, good BBIQ and has an all around game. Courtney Alexander+ 21 Mavs Max Christie SG – Michigan State – HT: 6-5 – WT: 170 – WING: NA – Fr – A tall, thin and talented SG with a super smooth game. Needs to get stronger but has loads of natural talent. Jeremy Lamb, Rip Hamilton 22 Nuggets Michael Foster PF – G League Ignite – HT: 6-8 1/2 – WT: 229 – WING: 6-11 – USA03 – A big, skilled forward who’s got a thick frame and a lot of strength. Loves to face up and take his man off the bounce. Mike has joined the G League Ignite, taking his talents to the pro game in preparation for the 2022 draft. Julius Randle lite 23 Thunder (from Clippers) Matthew Cleveland SG – Florida State – HT: 6-6 – WT: 190 – WING: NA – Fr – A long, athletic, well built shooting guard with a high upside and is on a good trajectory, getting better by the month. Spencer Dinwiddie 24 76ers Hunter Sallis SG – Gonzaga – HT: 6-5 – WT: 175 – WING: 6-10 – Fr – A smooth and explosive combo guard with a lanky frame and nice scoring ability. Is just starting to come into his own and has the look of a possible future lottery pick. Gonzaga got another good one. Markelle lite 25 Jazz Moussa Diabate PF – Michigan (France) – HT: 6-10 – WT: 190 – WING: NA – Fr – A tall, skinny and talented forward who shows flashes of big time ability. Jonathan Issac lite 26 Thunder (from Suns) Dyson Daniels SG – G League Ignite (Australia) – HT: 6-6 – WT: NA – WING: NA – Int.03 Daniels is joining the G League Ignite in preparation for the 2022 draft. International Elite 15 – 27 Warriors Trevor Keels SG – Duke – HT: 6-5 – WT: 220 – WING: NA – Fr – Keels is a big, strong guard with a thick frame and a really sweet shooting stroke. He’s a low center of gravity player who an score inside and out. Lu Dort 28 Bucks Mouhamed Gueye PF – Washington State (Senegal) – HT: 6-11 – WT: 195 – WING: 7-3 – Fr – A quick, fluid and immensely talented PF with elite upside. Has a smooth release on his shot and is developing into a multi-dimensional scorer. Jonathan Bender 29 Lakers Taevion Kinsey SG – Marshall – HT: 6-5 – WT: 185 – WING: NA – Sr – A scoring machine with a really solid frame who had a huge jr season and has elected to return to Marshall for his sr. year. Hami Diallo 30 Heat (from Nets) Brandon Huntley-Hatfield PF – Tennessee – HT: 6-9 – WT: 224 – WING: NA – Fr – Brandon has reclassified to join the 2021 class and has signed with Tennessee. He’s a possible one and done or a two year player for the Vols. 🧐 Hmmm... What players deserve a Grizz emoji?? 🐻
  2. I dont think of Dillon or Kyle as long term fits on this team... If they're willing to trade Jonas, the Grizz FO will trade those jokers...🤡 As for Dillon, I like his on court moxie and defense but he is too inefficient on offense.. He also takes way too many shots from better players.. Reg Season-41.9% Fg 34.4% 3Pt Fg Kyle is multi-skilled but too slow for a team that leads the Nba in fast break points.. He also got exposed and under-performed in the playoffs... Playoffs-42.9% Fg 25% 3Pt fg 8.4 Pts Reg Season-46.8% Fg 36.0% 3Pt Fg 12.4 Pts
  3. Some posters never appreciate our players... Rondo and Beverly got a thread...🤯 Sad day in Grizz nation... Put some respect on Sean "McBricks" name... We mostly saw games like this... He finally had a good game.... Bat alas too late...
  4. Bruh Jonas was the 2nd best player on this team last year.. Yall dont know basketball if you think a guy who is a walking double double and is 20pt 20reb threat aint a high level player.... Jonas was moved to feature Jaren more in the paint... Yall scrub luv for Dillon n Kyle is irritating... They are role players given too much leeway on this team... But that ship gon sail real soon... Grizz have 3 first round picks this draft... Aka "Kyle" replacements... Da flamethrower will be next after an athletic big gets added...
  5. I seriously doubt they waive Sam Merrill... U dont think Big Ja want Sam "Swish" Merrill to kick it out to?? Bane doesnt shoot when he's guarded... He was more aggresive in summer league then faded when people guarded him... His short arms dont help his ball handlin so he better get dem handles tight tight.. Juan Hernandez, Sam bricks Mcdermott, Rondo and Oturu can kick rocks....😐
  6. Whaatt?? We agree on something?? 😂 But seriously, Im glad the Grizz FO is steppin up their game... We have high level talent at pg n the pf position... We can all agree we needed wing upgrades... For instance take a look at the wing talent of the Suns and Hawks and look at our wings last year.. Grizzlies FO office saw Dillion Brooks get cooked on defense by 6ft2in Donovan because he has a 6ft10inch wingspan... Grizzlies aint playin that 🐊gator armed scrub luv game no more... Bane better work on his ball handlin skills if u ask me...🧐
  7. 😨Noooo! Grizzled Vet!! We cannot trade Sam Merrill... For reference... https://www.professionalbasketballcombine.com/news/film-room-friday-off-movement-shooting Yall put some respect on his name...🙄😴 Yall sleepin on Sam "Swish" Merrill...😁 6'11" wingspan?? 🤡Jokers aint blockin that jumper...
  8. 🤣 Wat up J Crew?? U good mane?? I know the acquisitions of Z Williams and J Culver dont follow the so-called J Crew playbook of older, low ceiling college players u like... But I love the moves as well as the Sam Merrill trade for Grayson... The FO is gettin hip to the limitations of all these 🐊gator armed, unathletic wings on this roster... Sam 6'11" wingspan Ziaire 6'11 wingspan J Culver 6' 9.5 wingspan There is a pattern...
  9. Took a look at Sam Merrill's measurements... He's 6'5" tall with a 6'10"-6'11" wingspan... Hmmm... Paradigm shift for the Grizzlies?? No more "gator armed" 🐊 prospects?? 😎🧐
  10. Grizzlies pick Utah's pick as well....
  11. Grizzhype

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    I see Zaire as a full time 2 guard... JA, Zaire, Dillon, SlowMo, Jaren... Then next draft-2022, when we have 3 first round picks, draft an athletic wing/combo forward and big... What I like about Zaire is his ball handling and separation skill level... Plus he is just a smooth effortless athlete...😎
  12. Romeo Weems: Weems measured 6’5 barefoot, 6’6 in shoes, 220 lbs, with a 6’11 wingspan, and a 8’7 standing reach in mid 2018 Athletic 3 n D... Cheap Moses Moody with hops...🧐
  13. One thing about it, Zaire wants to play for Memphis... Kleimann aint playin about character and fit... I got vibes watching Moody that he wanted to be in a big city... He bragged about being with Klutch aka Team Lebron... Some teams wont draft Klutch players...
  14. We dont need Christopher now.. Give me Joe Wieskamp..