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  1. Go look again, Moody is top ten or lottery level on most mocks... But truth be told Nba scouts decide who can play... Mock drafts are guides not Nba talent gurus... But if u ask me mane....👀👀😳 That guy Moody can shoot the leather off a basketball... We need Ja kickin out to dat boy not no Dillon "Bricks"!! 😂😂 This guy gotta go...
  2. Im leery of Boston and Williams cuz both are 6'7" guys who weigh as much as Ja, 180lbs soaking wet.... We need a talent to replace Dillon at shooting guard thats not a liability on defense... I really like Clarke as a talent n player but he would be more of a project... My ideal talents for Grizz: Kuminga, Moody and Clarke.. I dont want to see the Grizzlies draft another undersized or gator armed or unathletic wing!!
  3. To me, outside of Jonathan Kuminga, there isnt a better player fit for the Grizzlies than Moses Moody... He has ideal size and length for a wing/shooting guard and a reported 7ft wingspan!! He's an elite shooter and plays defense and rebounds well... With Jaren and Moody on the floor, a Ja/Jonas pick n roll is cookin defenses all day long!!
  4. Cade will look a whole lot better with better players around him and Nba spacing... I prefer Kuminga though... I think too many people on this board get caught in high school hype... They jalen Green is Kobe...🤣 Jalen Suggs is a tweener playing in an Nba system with another Nba caliber player in Kispert and experienced college players...
  5. That last play right there by Levert is why I want the Grizzlies to draft a two way player who can score and defend... Someone with positional size and length/wingspan... Cade Cunningham or Jonathan Kuminga.... No tweeners, no negative wingspans...
  6. Nah mane.... It's time for ya boy Gorgui to take over... Ya'll finally got Jonas out the way so Gorgui Dieng can shine...🔆
  7. We got this one ya'll....🙄🙄 It's Dillon n Grayson time... ⌚
  8. The way Melton is getting cooked is why I always thought his so called "defensive ability:" was laughable...🤣 He's an intangible guy who plays solid team defense... He has never been a great one on one defender... His shooting and ball handling look alot better this year though...
  9. I personally dont like Suggs or Jalen Green, Brandon Boston or Zaire Williams... For me its Cade Cunningham or Jonathan Kuminga...
  10. A Grizz loss and Im usually grumpy.. 😩 But Im good this year🤣😎 bruh for real!! Top 5 Grizz lottery draft pick...👀 Lookin good...🤑
  11. Bane looks like he playin Dillon Brooks style basketball which is not good... 🙄
  12. Grizzhype

    L A Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 1/5/21

    Hmmm... I really startin to like how the roster/plan is coming together... (A-Team voice) So what's missing?? 🙄 Dynamic Wing Scorer, Creator/Secondary Initiator or Best available...
  13. Grizzhype

    L A Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 1/5/21

    Yeah, he's finally keepin it simple... Three's and floaters.... None of that Dillon wannabe Kobe stuff...
  14. Grizzhype

    L A Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies - 1/5/21

    😞😣 Well top 5 pick here we come!! 😁🤣