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  1. Grizzhype

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    I think JV is a much better player and defender than Kanter... I know its fun to speculate on trades and what not, heck I want us to get Kelly Oubre and trade Melton for a late first to draft Josh Green... But you guys clearly don't value Jonas Valanciunas... "Put some respect on his name"!! 😎 14.9pts 11.3reb in 26.4min per game taking 10.6 shots per game with shooting splits of: 58.5fg 35.23pt 74.0ft... The 9th best rebounder in the league playing less than 30 minutes game! Ya'll got be kidding to wanna trade a 20pt 10 reb vet for overhyped wings players that haven't won or done anything in this league but make money... Oladipo, Hayward, Fournier's of the world can kick rocks... The Grizz will have plenty of cap space and draft picks next offseason to even think about any of those over-rated jokers....🤪🤡
  2. Grizzhype

    Best realistic offseason plan

    Guys, why would the Grizzlies trade for Fournier when they have a younger more athletic version of him already on the roster who plays defense... The one thing I like about the FO is that don't they don't try to acquire these one dimensional, one trick pony, undersized jokers some of you guys seem to be so high on...🤣 I'd expect any player acquisitions the Grizzlies make to be 3nD, with a high basketball iQ and sure as heck not "Gator arms Evan Fournier"...😅
  3. Grizzhype

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Actually think Precious Achiuwa would be a better fit next to Jaren.. He's a high motor player who rebounds and plays defense... Don't view Clarke as a Nba starter... He's skinnier than some small forwards let alone power forwards...
  4. Grizzhype

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Interesting take Q.... I like Buddy but he's a 6'4" sg who doesn't play D and isn't known as a great ball handler... I'd prefer Oubre, Justice, Dillon and Grayson as a dream wing rotation... We'd have shooting, finishing, ball-handling and defense!
  5. Grizzlies need to add another big wing like Kelly Oubre or draft Scottie Barnes in 2021.... Positional size and length go a long way in winning basketball.. The Herro's, Robinson's and Fournier's of the world can kick rocks as far as I'm concerned... They're too one dimensional and too much of a liability on defense... Poor wingspans... Boxscore for Herro and Robinson look weirdly too similar to a Dillon "call my own number" Brooks game...😨😬 Bedsides, the Grizz already have a shooter and he plays solid defense.... "Play-in game" Grayson Allen....🤣😎
  6. The problem is he's so offensively challenged.. He needs to really improve his shooting and ball handling.... He could be risky if he doesn't improve his game..
  7. Solid team preview imo...
  8. Grizzhype

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Not just the rebounding.... They forced lots of turnovers, dared Russell "Westbricks" to shoot and showed everybody basketball is chess not checkers.... One trick-hero iso small ball aint winnin squat... 😁
  9. Grizzhype

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    😂🤣 I was thinking the Rocket and 76ers coulds make a win/win trade with a lil help from Grind City....😎 So the Rockets trade Covington ($12,138,345) back to the 76ers for Tobias Harris ( $34,358,850) but Memphis sends Dieng ($17,287,640) out to Philly for the #21 2020 Draft pick... Then Philly trades Dieng to Phoenix and Phoenix sends Memphis Kelly Oubre ....😜 I mean... It could work...🧐🤓
  10. Man the Nuggets are Pickin on the last two 6th men of the year to force game 7!!😲 Montrez and Lou Williams aint it on defense....
  11. The End of the Small Ball Experiment .... 🤣
  12. Jonas isn't appreciated enough... Because of JV the Grizzlies are the 5th best rebounding team in the league and lead the league in points in the paint... Plus JV can cook 🍲 even some of the better centers in the league like Jokic, Gobert etc... Everybody overestimating Brandon to be a starter but we saw how that worked out... Brandon is a high level role player who should stay in his role...
  13. Here's a gift...🎁 For the most asinine suggestion I've seen on the board....🤪 Will be??🤣 Are you comparing one of the most talented bigs in the league to a career 7.8pts 1ast wing who cant create his own shot?? Nobody's winning with a smallish backcourt.... The Raptors arent coming out the East with hero ball and over-rated forwards.... Pascal & Anunoby stock aint lookin too hot....
  14. J Crew, I hear lots of fans and media continue to say "big men aren't important" but I think its overstated... First of all there are so many big men stiffs that typical power forwards end up playing at center... But teams without quality big men can only play one way and that creates a huge weakness when the shots arent falling.... I think teams come up short more often when they don't make teams adjust and become too predictable.. Kinda of being stubborn or "Budenholzering a game away"...😴😆 I love the Grizz big man rotation with Jaren, Jonas and Brandon... Our bigs shoot threes....😁 What I noticed in these playoffs is there is so much more switching done to contain perimeter scorers who use the screen n rolls... And they target the weakest defenders whether they are guards or bigs.. Teams with big wings and defenders like the Clippers have a huge advantage... They're cookin Jamal Murray defensively... Boston was doin the same to Toronto til Kyle lowry put a lil "Grit n Grind" into their series.. The other key is winning the rebounding and points in the paint battle and the steals and points off turnovers battle... That's why I advocate getting another 3nD wing like Kelly Oubre and not the Evan Fournier's of the world... The Grizz need plus/+ defenders beside Ja and Jaren...