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  1. Grizzhype

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Wats up Grizz nation... While either one of these two would look good in a Grizz uni, are they gonna fit into #GrizzNxtGen?? Last thing we need are locker room cancers.... like a Dion Waiters in Miami hatin on Hero... I suggest Plan A and B: 2020 Draft: 2021 Draft: What's been exposed in the bubble is that the Grizzlies guards n wings can't stop dribble penetration, can't challege jump shooters (poor wingspans), and cannot create their own shots... Don't know what happened to Josh jackson in the bubble but I always felt Meltons impact this season was fools gold... Go Grizz!!
  2. Grizzhype

    Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies 3/7/20

    I lmao about this typo...­čśé
  3. Grizzhype

    Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies 3/7/20

    Really?? I meant Brooks and Morant..­čśé
  4. Grizzhype

    Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies 3/7/20

    Yea Yep, seems like Brooks and Dillon try to drive into traffic too much and there's no player movement in the starting lineup...
  5. +1000... Totally agree with this... Sign Melton but not at the expense of Josh Jackson who is bigger and 10 times better... Melton is an undersized combo guard.. Our backcourt looks like a low budget Blazers backcourt with Melton starting....­čśé
  6. I think Josh needs to start over Melton... Melton is a very weak ball handler and shooter.. Him and Kyle bog down the first unit together...
  7. +1000... And for all the Media and Fan haters of Josh Jackson, it should be clear by now he should be resigned this summer...
  8. Career 38% 3pt shooter work a look... Minneapolis-St. Paul ÔÇô Minnesota TimberwolvesPresident of Basketball Operations Gersson Rosastoday announced the team has waived guard Allen Crabbe, who was acquired by the Wolves on Jan. 16from Atlanta. Crabbe appeared in nine games with Minnesota this season and averaged 3.2 points and 1.3 rebounds in 14.6 minutes per game.
  9. Agree with what you except I want another true shooter/scorer to replace Dillon in the starting lineup. I want Grayson to get minutes at point guard when we need shooting and have him come in and run off screens for shots...
  10. I dont think people realized how much Jaren's presence hides a lot of the weaknesses of this team and inexperience in coaching and strategy this season... Jaren is the best player and all around talent on this team period....
  11. We weren't going to resign Jae or Solo in the offseason, plus I think Winslow is a player... We just need to continue the addition by substraction strategy by removing Kyle from the mix and adding another knockdown shooter and scorer... I think the FO should resign Melton and Josh Jackson on reasonable deals and then find a trade for Kyle Anderson and add Melton as a sweetner to the deal with a couple of second round picks... People are too enamored with Melton, he cant dribble which is ridiculous for a perimeter player and he's undersized.... Josh is bigger, a better defender, a better scorer and has more potential... Kyle and Melton and filler for Buddy??
  12. As this image depicts below... Kyle Anderson is scared to shoot the ball.... He just doesn't fit with this team/roster.. A guy who is shooting a career low 22% from 3 point land should not be getting starters minutes.. The FO needs to find a way to trade Kyle Asap this summer!! Can't shoot, won't shoot.... Especially since there are two more years on his deal...
  13. The point is this team is trying to play thru the least talented players on offense.. it should be be Ja/Jonas pick n roll all dang game!! With Dillion spotting up and the other two players cutting... Josh Jackson needs to be getting iso's in the mid post... He's better than Dillion... Dillion is trying to play Josh's game and Josh is trying to play Dillion's game... One is a scorer and one is a three and d guy...
  14. its not as simple as that... The real problem is the way they run the 5 out set with Ja dribbling the ball on the perimeter, walking the ball up the floor, no hard backcuts and people who wont pass the ball inside.. Where are the backscreens and baseline cross screens to get a player open close to the basket?? It absolutely infuriates me to watch Ja dribble around the perimeter only to stand around and pass the ball to Kyle Anderson.... Kyle freaking Anderson?? Or let Dillion go....Dillioin... No attacking on drives and not attacking the defense with passes on cuts.... smh
  15. Dieng Really?? The guy who jacks shots everytime he touched the ball and was 0-4 from three?? At least Jonas was 1-3... For people that dont really know basketball, Jonas is the third best player on this team period.. He is being coached and used incorectly.. He needs to get the ball in the post close to the basket. Not set horn screens for below average perimeter players who either wont shoot or take bad/forced shots.