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  1. smit-tay griz

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    Ja has earned the RoY award, but Zion might have it given to him.
  2. smit-tay griz

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Washington Wizards - 2/9/20

    Just saw this. Wow, no participation? I guess folks have other things on their mind right now. Good try though, Chip. I hope all my fellow Grizzlies fans take all the appropriate measures to protect themselves under the circumstances. Good health to you and your families!
  3. smit-tay griz

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    We'll see. I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but you're making a lot of proclamations based on no evidence - yet. I hope it all works out for the team. I still think KA is an asset to this team, and if he does it from the bench, so be it. Go Grizzlies! if they ever get to play again.
  4. smit-tay griz

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Justise may be a better fit, if he is - that's great, but I'm pretty sure that NBA teams around the league are not in fear of his shooting either. I don't really care who's on the floor as long as we win, but our recent problems were not because of Kyle. The problems were because we had two important offensive weapons down because of injury, plus Dillon was struggling, and to a lesser extent so was JV. Sure, we would have looked much better offensively if we had a Khris Middleton or Brandon Ingram in the lineup, but guess what? We don't have one, nor are we likely to get one. As for the offense "cratering", I didn't hear anyone complaining when we were 8-0 or 8-1 when Kyle was starting. It was only after Jaren and Brandon went down, after all offense is not the only way to win a game. You only have to have more points than your opponent in a game, not necessarily a ton of points. If and when the games start back up, if Justise is starting I'm good, just as long as we win.
  5. smit-tay griz

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    But just to point out, for those expecting a huge improvement over Kyle. Career stats: FG% Kyle - .492 Justise - .417 3-pt % Kyle - .307 Justise - .337 FT% Kyle - .697 Justise - .646 Reb per 36 Kyle - 7.3 Justise - 6.8 Ast per 36 Kyle - 3.6 Justise - 3.5 Stl per 36 Kyle - 1.8 Justise - 1.2 Blk per 36 Kyle - 1.0 Justise - 0.5 TOV per 36 Kyle - 1.6 Justise - 2.0 PF per 36 Kyle - 2.6 Justise - 3.1 Pts per 36 Kyle - 9.9 Justise - 11.5 Offensive rating Kyle - 109 Justise - 99 Defensive rating Kyle - 103 Justise - 106 TS % Kyle - .545 Justise - .486 Win shares per 48 Kyle - .121 Justise - .054 Kyle is statistically better in all but two categories - 3-pt% and points per 36, of which Justise is merely 3% better in the former, and 1.6 points better in the latter. He may be a better fit just because he does shoot more, but that remains to be seen. I hope he is the answer to what we need, but I am only cautiously optimistic. What we really need is for Jaren and Brandon to get healthy. That, along with a slumping Dillon, have been our biggest problems, not Kyle Anderson being unable to fill the void left by those three as @GrizzTigerFan and others would like to tell the story.
  6. smit-tay griz


    They'll probably shorten the playoffs to the top four in each conference and knock out the Grizzlies.
  7. smit-tay griz


    Yeah, me too.
  8. smit-tay griz

    Will Coronavirus Affect the 2020-21 Salary Cap?

    They're just ensuring that it spreads slowly.
  9. smit-tay griz

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Everyone is going boo-hoo about the shooting last night when the real problem was we couldn't get defensive stops.
  10. smit-tay griz


    Will this be known as the COVID-19-20 shortened season?
  11. smit-tay griz


    I guess we'll hold on to the 8 spot for awhile.
  12. smit-tay griz

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Middle Tennessee.
  13. smit-tay griz

    Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - 3/10/20

    Thanks for the warning.