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  1. Nah, no way. I gotta disagree. The Nets game was good, but this was Harden and Chris freakin' whiny butt Paul. I realized that I'm over my dislike of the Clippers now that their team has changed. I even tried to tell myself that ChrisPaul didn't bother me anymore too. But everytime I see his whining mug on the floor I can't help it. I've been watching NBA basketball since the mid sixties, and in those 50+ years of watching I realize there has never been a player I disliked more than Chris Paul. Every game we win against his team is great!
  2. Got home from work for the the fourth quarter. Man, had me worried for a bit.
  3. smit-tay griz

    JJJ - What's his upper limit?

    I'm not sure if I believe that is the truth of the situation or not, but did you feel the same about Kawhi when he missed 73 games for the same thing?
  4. smit-tay griz

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    ...except not as quick or athletic or ferocious defensively or generally not as good, but hey, I'll take him.
  5. smit-tay griz

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Unless I missed it Sonics/Thunder, Nuggets, Pacers, Heat, and Jazz have never had the top pick.
  6. Everyone gets a prize!
  7. Looks like they sacrificed all thoughts of defense for increased scoring.
  8. That's funny. There's only about three of the same guys we started the season with. Maybe it was the players, or the chemistry.
  9. Jonas trying to go early for Team Hero. Big dunk, post up with the left handed shot, a block, a steal, and working the boards. The Wiz graphics had him listed as "Joan Valanciunas". Lol.
  10. Bruno got an assist to Beal on one.
  11. I don't think it's ever been knee, has it?