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  1. Reisen


    I was here when Pau was one of the Best Carefull with making same past errors see Thabeeeeeeet Evans will play for sure if the Grizz were in PO contention
  2. Que pena , hemos vivido grandes momentos en este foro , a ver si cae Doncic y esto se anima ahora estoy siguiendo a Utah por Ricky a ver si se meten en PO
  3. Stay away from Bigs.... remember Thabeet Our excelent scouting and FO
  4. Reisen


    I am here to remember that funny Thabeet days ?
  5. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

    OMG this thread was Gold Yes i´m back guys
  6. Años pasaron .... veo que los Ositos estan en modo FULL TANK Pero que ha pasado en el foro ...... cuanto tiempo .... donde estan los haters ?
  7. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

    BUMP and please make this EPIC thread a sticky
  8. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

  9. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

  10. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

  11. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

    OMG ! I can´t stop laughing !! EPIC
  12. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

    Can anybody make this thread a sticky or anythink like that ? This is a TOP 5 thread EVER
  13. Reisen

    Samuel Jackson

    It´s a FAIL !