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  1. Blackwatch

    Robert Pera

    Its frustrating, but the third qtr issues are a reflection on how bad the JB hire was. He had done nothing to warrant getting that job other than he wouldn't bench Gasol. That's it, that's the only reason why he got the job. He has proven not to be able to coach in this league. He cannot make adjustments, doesn't understand his team well enough to settle on a rotation that effectively can compete at the NBA level, and he cannot scheme a defense to sure up the deficiencies of his players' skills. He was just a purely bad hire. Pera needs to shake up the F.O. The whole approach to this season was one big train wreck waiting to happen. The team simply lacks real NBA elite talent. You have a squad, 1-15, who are all role players at best. No elite talent what-so -ever. Couple that with a few injuries and inept coaching and you have what you have today in the Grizz. If Wallace and crew are not gone by the end of the week, Pera is showing that he really doesn't care. That performance on a national stage during MLK day in Memphis was disgraceful and every player on that roster needs to turn in their jerseys. That was not worthy to be called a professional basketball team on the floor last nite wearing Memphis jerseys on MLK day in Memphis. That. Was. A. Disgrace. !!!!!
  2. Blackwatch

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    If they do not trade Gasol and let him walk this Summer,. shame on them. Gasol doesn't like to be on a losing team. With a rebuild, comes losing. Gasol is not worth $25/yr mil any more. No way will any team pay him that much. But, if he opts in, the Grizz will be in same boat next year as they are this year and Gasol can't handle the losing. He' as good as gone this Summer, they need to trade him like now!!!!
  3. Blackwatch

    Season win total predictions???

    I think I'll stick to 28. I was really hoping I was wrong, but you are what your record says you are. Thinking that this team would win 50 games because Gasol and Conley were healthy , as the FO was pitching, was straight ludicrous. Nothing they had done during the G-n-G era indicated that they could be the focal point of a 50 win team.
  4. Blackwatch

    Roster Moves

    Why the sweetheart deal for Gasol to "retire a Grizz" but not one for Z-Bo, who obviously contributed much more to the success of the G-n-G era? Never understood why people were so ready to move on and make Conley and Gasol the focal point of the team. Nothing they ever did justified thinking that it would work. I think Gasol will opt out, test FA to see if a contender will pay him anything (none will, his game is shot and obsolete at this point), and then agree to sign back with the Grizz for a little less, that $12-$15 mil range for 3 years, and go quietly off into the sunset. He has no real trade value at this point, so a trade is out. As for this year, I think there is a fix that could keep the Grizz out of the bottom 8 and get that Boston pick out of the way. Start Jam over Gasol, and make sure Gasol gets no more than 20-25 minutes/gm. The Starting 5 would look like: Conley J Holiday Temple (until Slo Mo comes back) Jam JJJ This team has the key to getting the Grizz competitive again, Elite D. Between Jam, JJJ, Conley, and J Holiday, there's enough scoring to keep the starting line up competitive enough to stay out of the Bottom 8. This line-up ain't a playoff contender (no combo on this roster is), but its good enough to get the Boston pick out of the way.
  5. Blackwatch

    JBB appreciation thread in advance

    Actually, I wasn't thinking Rabb would start. I have proposed in other threads that JAM and JJJ be the starting bigs, With Rabb and Gasol coming off the bench. I should have stated in the earlier post that Rabb should get more minutes, not starter minutes..
  6. Blackwatch

    Time to trade Marc

    Not sure. that is why I qualified it with "if they could make it work". It a long shot, but if someone can get on the trade machine and make it work, please post.
  7. Blackwatch

    Time to trade Marc

    Forget Z-Bo like, and just get Z-Bo!!! LOL!!! But seriously, if we could make that work, that would be a good get. 3 -way deal with Charlotte and Sac to bring Z-Bo back and suit him up for a bench role would work well.
  8. Blackwatch

    Time to trade Marc

    The fatal flaw was building, crafting, or suiting anything to fit Gasol. He has not done enough in the league to warrant that. You are correct, Conley and Gasol aren't Stockton and Malone. They have not, can not, and will not carry a team. Short of a trade, benching Gasol I think could turn this season around and help them compete for a playoff spot. They do have the players that can D-up teams, but they have to bench Gasol to do it. The Addition of Holiday can help with scoring and D, he just has to get acclimated. As long as Gasol is starting, they will keep losing.
  9. Blackwatch

    JBB appreciation thread in advance

    LOL!!!! Terrible hire from day 1. JB was a Gasol pick, because they knew he wouldn't call Gasol out for his mess. JB doesn't bring enough to the table to be a head coach in the NBA. He can't lead a team of Vets; he doesn't command that level of respect. Vets like him because he can't/won't hold them accountable (that's why Gasol likes him so much. No way Gasol should be starting at this point). Players see him as riding on his dad's rep. If he wants to keep this job beyond this year, he needs to bench Gasol and give Rabb most of those minutes. He won't do it though.
  10. Blackwatch

    Time to trade Marc

    Exactly. That was the complaint I had this Summer when they made all of those moves. They claimed that the vet, Hi I.Q. players knew how to play "the right way" and would be defensive minded , scrappy, and hustle. "Grit -n-Grind 2.0" was the mantra. The problem was they were Hi I.Q. veterans, but they were journeymen vets for a reason, THEY WEREN'T VERY GOOD PLAYERS. What happened at the beginning of the year was that Temple and Mack were hot, and the bench was deep, and Gasol hadn 't checked out yet. The turning point was when after about the 20th game, Conley admitted that they were not going to be able to keep up the D for 82 games , so they were going to have to score more. The problem now is that the team isn't D'ing up anybody because they are run down, tired , OLD. They aren't very good scorers, so they just can't compete talent wise with teams with good NBA rosters, unless they get after teams on the defensive end. As far as trading Gasol, I think they must. He is not going to opt out because no team is gonna offer him half of what he is guaranteed for next year. They need to trade him soon, because they will keep losing until they either bench or trade him, and benching him hurts his trade value. I would even consider packaging him and Conley together, to sweeten the pot. I also said this Summer it was a mistake to try and build a team around Conley and Gasol, so don't go into the draft thinking that Center or PG was not a need. If they are able to trade Gasol, then look to this summer letting JB go and hire a real coach for the team built around JJJ, Brooks, and Carter.
  11. Not mad at the trade. Holiday is an upgrade in a backcourt that desperately needed it. It would be ideal if Holiday is starting by the end of the All-star break.
  12. Blackwatch

    Roster Moves

    Sorry about that, Indeed Kyle Anderson at the 3.
  13. Blackwatch

    Roster Moves

    Barring any trades, which I don't see anything that will make a major difference this year (Gonna have to eat Parsons' contract, won't get much for anybody else that they would trade, they won't trade Conley or Gasol, so the roster is pretty much set), JB needs to retool the rotations. Gasol and Conley need fewer minutes, or they will not be able to play at all come April. Season is a wrap after 37 games (just need to be good enough to "unprotect" the 1st round pick to Boston in the next draft), so they need to give the young guys more run. The Starting line up should be Conley/Carter D. Brooks/Seldon/M Brooks Kyle Anderson/Temple/ M. Brooks Jam Green/Rabb JJJ/Gasol With Gasol and Conley getting no more than 20-25 minutes/gm. JJJ should have the offense ran through him on the low post. Everybody else try to hit some shots, but don't rely on it consistently. D needs to be the name of the game. The Younger, more athletic wings should make it a priority to keep their man in front of them and deny the dribble drives that are killing the back court now. If they are thinking of trading Jam Green, they need to get a starting caliber 4 in return, which they won't. Caspi, Mack and Parsons should get spot only minutes
  14. The problem was that this small market team doubled down on Marc Gasol, rather than trade him and build around your best players, Conley and Z-Bo. Heck, they even fired a one year coach for Gasol, and all the coach did was call Gasol on his mess. The small market had nothing to do with that purely incompetent decision. Also, there is no defending giving a player $94 million guaranteed without a physical. Again, more incompetence. If the owner actually cared about wining in Memphis, Wallace would have been gone a long time ago.
  15. Regressing back to the norm. Gasol doesn't have the skill set or mentality to be the main guy on a winning team. Conley is a great point guard who is being asked to score first, that is not his game (or not the best attribute he brings to the team). They are in need of a dynamic wing scorer and somebody to hold Gasol accountable to show up every night. Z-Bo could hold Gasol accountable, but he isn't the scorer they need. I agree with the poster earlier that stated that the need for a scorer is obvious, but they may have locked themselves out of being able to get that scorer because of Chancun.