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  1. Blackwatch

    Fire Sale???

    I actually understood why they had to re-sign Conley, and I don't hate his contract (don't love it either). Small market and bad drafting necessitates overpaying for talent. But I agree that they should have traded Gasol, and possibly Z-Bo if they could get better value. I think When Joegger left, Sac would have traded Boogie Cousins for Gasol straight up. That would have placed the Grizz on a solid foundation for years to come.
  2. Blackwatch

    How does everyone feel about GnG 2.0?

    Let me rephrase then. The TEAM will be lucky to score 75 pts./nite with that starting lineup. LOL!!!!
  3. Blackwatch

    How does everyone feel about GnG 2.0?

    That starting lineup would be lucky to score 75 a nite.
  4. Blackwatch

    How does everyone feel about GnG 2.0?

    I agree, they should move on from Gasol, and perhaps give Conley another year or two. But they definitely shouldn't be drafting and FA shopping with those two as the center of any future plans. I don't think GnG is just a marketing plan though. I think it is a legit way to compete against the Dubs. The Dubs game is essentially volume shooting; if you jack up enough shots with good to great NBA shooters, eventually you'll score enough to win. The perfect D in that system is limit the shots. You do that by limiting possessions, and you do that by slowing the game down, D'ing up, and valuing every possession; GnG!!! If the Dubs take (not necessarily make, but TAKE) five less shots per quarter while shooting the same percentages, they are beatable. Do the math, they would score a lot less. GnG is also a smart way to build a competitive team in a market like Memphis. It doesn't take "unicorn"-like talent to give a rats behind about defense, just NBA athleticism and the right mentality and effort. JJJ and Carter fit that mold perfectly. But the team still needs more consistent scoring. Perhaps Mar Brooks can provide that, but their best case scenario is that the leading scorer for this team isn't on the roster yet, and hopefully they can find that 20 pts./game scorer in FA.
  5. Blackwatch

    Grizz shopping Parsons....and our 4th?

    "Captain meat sweats" has got to be the line of the season :-) LOL!!!! But yes, If you really want to be a player in this trade scenario, make Gasol and Conley available. Ain't no rings coming from them alone as the foundation of a team. I would say Gasol and the 4th Pick for the #1 pick, a second rounder and a Vet Big and see what bites. Also, did you notice that no one on the Celtics, who made the Eastern Conference Finals , will make as much money as Conley next year. Incredible. Show you the worth of good GM.
  6. Blackwatch

    Grizz shopping Parsons....and our 4th?

    Some on here don't like the trade option with Parsons tied to the pick, and I get it, it diminishes the value of the pick to tie Parsons' ridiculous contract to it. But, if nothing else, for my psyche towards this team, I'd feel better that they shipped Parsons out. He really symbolizes the incompetence of the Front Office and also signals that possibly a Grizz move could be imminent, in that they really seem to not care about what endears this team to this city if they go another year bringing Parsons off the bench for $24 million. But I am also weary of the notion that they wouldn't want Bagley or Bamba because they have Marc Gasol. There is no way they should be making any plans about the future of this team building around Marc Gasol. Very low ceiling with him at this point, especially if you are not going to shape this team to defend and play at a slower pace to counter the Dubs. This team needs scoring in the worst way, and Gasol/Conley ain't the answer. Perhaps they feel they can lock up Reke for the Mid-level exception, but that doesn't appear promising. If the draft pick can't bring about 18 pts a nite, we are looking at another 22 win season. Without the future picks and free agent pull to get much better, it looks like a few more years of futility to me.
  7. If this is true, then the Front Office has to be held to account for the moves that instilled no confidence from Bamba in Memphis. When you go into a season set on making the playoffs, then fire your second year hot-shot coach, who let the two best players on the team walk for nothing, and promptly lose 60 games, doesn't say much for a team with a solid plan going forward. Bamba was an intriguing option. He has a skill set, physical attributes, and supreme intelligence to be a great player at the NBA level. No reason why he should have had to make it known he didn't want to be in Memphis (if he did) other than the sheer incompetence of the front office. Its one thing to have players that are NBA good by not otherworldly talents, elite talent is at a premium. There is no excuse for front office incompetence.
  8. I have a sneaky suspicion they are gonna take a flyer on Porter. They need to get a franchise player in this draft, but I'm not confident that this leadership knows what that looks like in the 21st century NBA. They truly believe Gasol is a franchise player, Incredible.
  9. I stand corrected. The article about the Pera interview confirmed the waiver. I changed the title of the thread. Thanks for the catch.
  10. My suspicions were confirmed !!! In the article in the Commercial Appeal about Pera's interview with Grind City Media, it was noted that Parsons signed that crazy deal without a physical. "A hyped up free-agent signing of forward Chandler Parsons in 2016 hasn’t worked to the Grizzlies’ benefit. Not only did the Grizzlies waive a physical for Parsons, but the veteran also needed a third surgery in three years during the 2016-17 campaign." How can anyone trust moving forward that this team leadership can build a contender?
  11. I have been saying this for years, slow the game down, D'Up, and value every possession on O. But you have to score more than 80 pts/gm, which is why the Grizz couldn't close the deal against the Dubs.
  12. Seems to be a popular theme around here about "how Fizdale treated Gasol". All he asked was for Gasol to be the leader that the FO thinks he is. If anything he exposed Gasol for the role player he is. It's not a bad thing to be a role player, and its not his fault that the FO over values and Gasol markets him as the leader and foundation of the team, but all Fizdale did was expose a need. The FO didn't like it (because the need is a change there), and sent Fizdale packing. Trust, I'm not a Fizdale fan, he didn't see the value in what was already in Memphis and maybe was a little arrogant in his approach with the team, but he didn't do anything to Gasol that shouldn't have been done 2 or 3 years ago. In terms of Conley, again, a great role player that has been overvalued by the FO. Conley is more of leader than Gasol, but he isn't a talent I would build an NBA contender around. He's great to have on the team, but be sure to look for a "Batman" to his "Robin" if you want to contend. Just too inconsistent in production to realistically build around (don't underestimate his influence in the whole Parsons deal). He's great PR, and he's great in the locker room, but he needs consistent, elite talent on the floor to be effective.
  13. JB had a chance this year, tanking or not tanking. He was the leader of a squad that , though was not trying to win, didn't seem to be responding to his leadership well. He maybe a great coach, but this year didn't impress. Definitely not enough to warrant getting hired without even looking at other candidates. IF he was able to keep them competitive this year, even while tanking, and was a magnetic personality PR wise, then perhaps this move was a genius move or having a great opportunity just fall in your lap. But this seems uninspired and self -loathing.
  14. Lazy, unimaginative hire. The team didn't believe in Him. If Gasol and Conley like him its only because he will let them loaf and do what they want without accountability. The team got blown out by 60 and was laughing about it afterwards. Gasol didn't want to play for JB, Gasol won't play for Life long "career assistants" who never played at the NBA level, as was shown how he treated Fizdale. . The team needed to do due diligence and conduct a search. JB came with Fizdale, no way they have a definite plan and it included JB as the coach. Just a lazy, unimaginative, and "cheap" hire.
  15. Blackwatch

    Head Coach Thread

    I think they should make a run at either Marc Jackson or Kevin McHale (or maybe Jason Kidd). They need a vet coach who was a former respected player to keep Gasol's attention. No more assistant coach/lifers getting a shot at their first head coaching gig. Gasol won't respect them .