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  1. Blackwatch

    The official Hot take thread

    This isn’t a slump. The team is being exposed by playoff caliber teams for their lack of D and ill conceived offense that relies on a shooting touch that they do not consistently have. They are a good, young, talented team that is playing a style that is not sustainable. That success in January was fool’s gold. Brooks is not a reliable shooter like that. The staff needs a clinic on NBA defense 101 and “grown man” basketball. You cannot let teams consistently get on runs and your only hope is to try and match them shot for shot. Matador defense will get you blown out every night toward the end of the season and the playoffs. Can anyone try and stay in front of their man? Ever heard of a defensive rotation? How are you gonna defend the pick and roll? These things are vital in remaining competitive in NBA games. I still say they need more experience, leadership, and toughness on the coaching staff with such a young team. A team that got even younger with the Iggy trades. A rookie coach with a team this young is a recipe for disaster. The coach literally said “we are learning from these blow out losses” after the game. What are they learning, how to get blown out? Where’s the pride, determination, and resolve that says we are better than what we have shown over these 4 games? And please, let’s put the Vancouver jerseys away! Just embarrassing that one of the few times they get on national TV and they are wearing “Vancouver Grizzlies” on their chests. Maybe that was a good thing, people would think they were actually from Vancouver the way they played 😂😂😂
  2. Blackwatch

    Disappointment in JV Play

    The starting lineup is flawed. In the three games since the break, the team has started slow and faced double digit deficits in the 1st qtr. I think the issue is two fold: -threes have stopped falling (regressing back to the mean) so - defenses are packing the paint taking away driving lanes. So the offense isn’t clicking, and since this is the analytics NBA, the post game is almost non-existent. And, since this is the age of analytics, the team can’t rely on D to stop the other team from scoring 35-40 pts a qtr. They need someone in the starting lineup that can space the floor. Josh Jackson, Konchar, Yuta, anybody. The starting lineup can’t rely on Ja drives for primary scoring because he will get slaughtered and on the injury list in a week. The last thing this team needs now is an injured Ja. I hope clark and JJJ don’t muss too much time, and please insert Josh Jackson in the starting lineup, and sit Kyle Anderson.
  3. Blackwatch

    "Three is better than two"

    When they are hitting shots, they are great. But my biggest concern is a lack of D. There doesn't seem to be a defensive gameplan or philosophy game in and out with this team. It just seems like they try to stay with their man and if they don't, oh well, get the ball out of the net and hope to match the other team bucket for bucket. No pattern of switching, doubling, hedging on PnR; what is the philosophy? Good NBA teams will exploit the undeveloped defense and make the game harder for them than it should be, considering the young talent, athleticism, and size they have.
  4. Blackwatch

    "Three is better than two"

    On NBA radio yesterday, there was a big uproar over an article about the Chicago Bulls player Lauri Markkanen and how his potential has been stunted by their analytics department. The argument is that Markkanen was a great all around player with multi-faceted offense. But, the analytics department with the Chicago Bulls have told him that they only good shot he should take is a three pointer, that the other types of shots he would take not "efficient" enough, so stop taking them, because "3 is better than 2". Markkanen is 7' 240lbs. with athleticism, hi BBall IQ, and great shooting touch. Why in the world would you want to tell someone that big and with so many tools and attributes to only take 3 point shots? I post that here to note that I believe this is similarly happening with the Grizz. The young players are being told that the new NBA is all about 3's or drives to the lane. No post ups, no mid-range game (except if you can master the lane-floater shot the Griz lead the league in). And defense is an afterthought with analytics. Basically, what the "Next Gen Grizz" are becoming is a young, fast, and athletic team that can play with anyone if their shots are falling and the other team has been lulled into not playing D by analytics. But, as Boston showed, if the Grizz encounter any team that actually plays D, they are a very mediocre team. They cannot counter a good half court D. This is not about a youthful inexperience or a rebuild, but a fundamental flaw with building a team characterized by analytics. I like the young pieces they have, I like the Offense when the shots fall. But when they don't, there seems to be no plan B and the they can't stop the bleeding because they can't play any other way. Where's the plan B? P.S., perhaps the reason why ratings are down in the NBA this season is because too many teams are trying to play like the Dubs without the Dubs shooters. Watching these games is like watching rec-league ball, two team bricking 3's half the nite and playing matador D so that they can take the ball out the net and run down and jack up another brick 3. Its boring and a sad waste of talent and athleticism.
  5. This loss was on youth and inexperience. The 4th qtr turnovers were just young players not being able to execute when it mattered most. That comes with experience. I am good with how the team fought , not the loss leads and turnovers, but that's how I expect many of these games to play out. Good, young core that needs experience to reach their potential. This is part of that process. Giving up 145 pts in regulation to sub par teams is not part of any developmental process. Ja will have to get physically stronger to play like y'all want him to play for 4 qtrs. He's picking his spots now because he has to, not because he wants to. He's playing with grown men who ain't gonna just let him posterize them every night. If that is gonna be his game, he definitely will need to hit the gym in the off season and put on about 10-15 lbs of muscle. Think Westbrook.
  6. Blackwatch

    SI Grizz Beat Writer says I'm "negative"...

    Its one thing to have an "off night", shots don't fall, nagging injuries, the other team has good plan, etc. But The Spurs that nite had very little resistance for whatever they wanted to do on the offensive end. It was like the Grizz just wanted to take the ball out of the net and see what they could do on Offense. The city financing tells me that the team owes the fans and the city maximum effort each nite. I am not saying win every game, but I am saying give hoot.
  7. Blackwatch

    SI Grizz Beat Writer says I'm "negative"...

    And no high school team is playing for millions on dollars for a private team that plays in a publicly funded arena from which the team gets 100% of the revenue. No, high school teams don't play NBA teams, but for the sake of competition and sportsmanship, Its not too much to ask.
  8. Blackwatch

    SI Grizz Beat Writer says I'm "negative"...

    I disagree. A pro team, a young pro team, may not have the skills and experience, but they do have energy and effort. I'd ask a high school team to D up and play hard every game, so why is it too much to ask a young pro team?
  9. Blackwatch

    SI Grizz Beat Writer says I'm "negative"...

    Yes it negative or yes, its too much to ask a pro team to play D every night?
  10. on FB because I was critical of the team's defensive effort in the 145-115 home beat down by the Spurs. Says that since its a young team, I shouldn't be so upset when they lose. It wasn't about them losing, it was about a serious flaw in their development when they just decide not to play any D whatsoever some nights. Its part of what I feel is a trend that is making the NBA more and more unwatchable to me. The analytics nerds have rendered the NBA game just a bunch of dribble drives and 3 pointers and because the 3 point shot is deemed "more efficient" than mid-range and post up shots, all teams do now is jack up 3's, regardless if they are hitting them at a good clip or not, or they are driving to the lane to get a lay-up or fouled. Thus all of the effort and energy is spent on the offensive end trying to make 30 ft. 3 pt. shots and driving into opposing team's centers and such in the lane. This is unimaginative, unentertaining, and uncompetitive basketball if you ask me. If this is what the Grizz staff is developing with this good, young core of players, then I'm not as excited as I could be about this young team. Is it too much to ask a pro team to play sound D every game? Is that so negative?
  11. I like the Young core of Ja, Clarke, JJJ and Dillon Brooks, though I wish we had a more consistent scoring 2 guard (Josh Jackson anyone?) and Brooks come off the bench with energy. A squad this young doesn't need an analytics coach telling them to jack up 3's. In a "rebuild" (again, I hate that term for a pro team, it lowers expectations of pro players, coaching, and management too much), you need to instill in the young players a team philosophy and learn how to make them a cohesive unit. They need a coach with more experience (Mark Jackson is available, hello?) to actually teach the players how to win in the NBA, not to go all analytics and try a fit a square peg in a round hole. There is not one shooter on the squad good enough for the team to take more than 10-15 3's a game, in the course of actual set plays. The strength they have is inside/paint scoring and drives to the lane. They could play more , consistent, and existent D, due to the fact they are not a good shooting team, so they will not outscore good teams, and only outscore bad teams if one of their too streaky shooters gets hot. I actually like the personnel on the roster, but the coaching leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. Blackwatch

    "Rebuilding", but ain't this an NBA Team?

    It doesn't take experience to hustle, fight, TRY. It doesn't take chemistry to get back on D. It doesn't take talent to run plays that accentuate your strengths as a team, rather than jack up 3's that don't fall. It doesn't take years of playing together to try something else to stem a 22-0 run (like call a time out, sub in somebody, yell at a ref for a T, SOMETHING!). Show that you care and want to compete. Again, this same team outplayed the Lakers for a half. They may lose that game anyway, but the way they lost is inexcusable.
  13. Blackwatch

    "Rebuilding", but ain't this an NBA Team?

    Great job of laying out what happened in the 3rd period. Yes, bad calls, bad shots, and a lot of pressure. But at the end of the day, it was the same team, same ball, same refs, same court as the first 2 periods. And, though young and/or inexperienced and out "talented", these are still professional basketball players who I suspect would agree that they can and will do better. I was not expecting them to fold after what I saw against the Nets. But, those 4th period numbers over the first 4 games tells me that something is amiss with game planning and adjustments. No one on the team is averaging more than 18pts/gm. No one is shooting over 35% from three with at least 5 attempts. The shooting woes are not new to this organization. Why then are they trying to "let it fly" on Offense when it would seem that the D is what is needed?
  14. Blackwatch

    "Rebuilding", but ain't this an NBA Team?

    If the Grizz leave Memphis, it won't be because Memphis wouldn't support an NBA team, Memphis is a Basketball town. It would be a testament to the ineptitude of the Grizz organization when it came to Basketball Operations. Memphis is not a "Loverable Loser" town, like Cleveland or Chicago. The economic base here won't support a loser. But a winner will get all of the support it needs and more. The Grizz needs to be run by people who actually know basketball (I do not know why they didn't hire Monty Williams during this last hire). But, right now, the Grizz need to win as many games as they possibly can , just for the sake of being a pro team, and look good while losing the games that they lose. That Laker game was just pathetic.
  15. Blackwatch

    "Rebuilding", but ain't this an NBA Team?

    I think the refs just called the fouls that were taking place with AD. With JV on "minutes restriction" and JJJ in foul trouble, nobody could guard AD. So, they just fouled him. I think that the fouls on AD were reflective of a lack of a real Defensive strategy or philosophy for the team. They hope to mainly out score other teams by "letting it fly", and only D up in crunch time. In 4 games, they have not come close to keeping any team under 100 points, giving up 121pts/gm and they are averaging 107 pts/gm. Without a hot shooting nite and OT in their win, they'd be averaging 98pts/gm. Again, this is why I don't trust "rebuilding" as an excuse for poor performance, there tends to be a lack of accountability.