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  1. My starting lineup has Anderson in it, depending on matchups. Brooks has more upside than Anderson at this point. But Anderson gives you a little more size at the SF position.
  2. By looking at this squad as a "rebuild" squad, they'd have to be playing the young guys more, like starting Seldon and D. Brooks rather than Temple and Anderson. Until they do that, calling this season a rebuild is letting them off the hook. I am for just fielding the best team possible to win as many games as possible, you know, like a pro sports franchise should be doing? I'd like to see a starting lineup of: PG-Conley SG-Seldon SF-Brooks/Anderson (Depending on match-up) PF-Jam Green C-JJJ Gasol is too much of a liability on O and doesn't do enough on D to justify starter minutes any more. Conley is a better PG than a score first option at this point in his career. Seldon and D. Brooks give you enough athleticism and D to get the team off to better starts. By far the most talented player (although still quite green) on the team is JJJ and he needs to be featured on O. He also needs to learn to play D without fouling and get better positioning for rebounds (hence, I say bring back Z-Bo to show him the low post game). Temple, Gasol, Mack, Casspi, M. Brooks and Rabb can all keep momentum running from the bench. The team would be better off chemistry wise if the front office just stretched Parsons. He's done and he shouldn't take a minute of PT from anyone on the team at this point.
  3. Blackwatch

    Grizzlies "City" Jerseys

    I'm not impressed with the new Jerseys in General. On TV, they look like practice jerseys. I think that is due to the lack of a border or outline on the letters and numbers.
  4. Blackwatch

    Memphis at Phoenix 11/4/18

    Yeah, But Now Casspi is out because of the "Shamgod" LOL!!!
  5. Blackwatch

    Harrison waived

    Are they going to bring in another big? Bring Up Carter?
  6. Blackwatch

    Draymond says "League De-emphasizing "D"

    Exactly!!! I want to see good, competitive basketball played at an elite skill level, not a bunch of young athletes trying to take the "most efficient" shots. That's just not entertaining basketball to me, and it sure ain't the basketball I know and love. Two years ago I made the argument that Stef Curry was a volume shooter and people almost ran me off the board. Do the research and you will find that he has never led the league in 3 pt.%.The system he is in says take 3's in volume or drive the lane. He not only owns the record for most 3's made in a season, but the most 3's attempted in a season, by over 200 shots!!!! He took more 3's in that one year than John Paxson did in his entire career. People are saying analytics dictates this new style of NBA, but in reality, these nerds that keep touting "efficient" shots aren't and were never really, fans of good basketball. They were just trying to see how to "game" the game, not make it better. Its just like kids playing video games and trying to find cheat codes, rather than just getting better at the skills and strategies that make the game interesting. And the league is capitulating to this with these rules designed to cater to this style.
  7. Blackwatch

    I've come to a painful conclusion today

    With Gasol, Conley, and Butler, where is the scoring coming from to compete with the Dubs? Also, you need a starting backcourt and bench with at least 1 or two "Dogs" on D that will get in the heads of Curry and Clay, like TA and Conley did in 2015. I'm afraid any iteration of the Grizz with Gasol as a main stay will be lucky to make the playoffs, and ain't coming close to competing with the Dubs.
  8. Blackwatch

    I've come to a painful conclusion today

    I'd keep Conley, I just would have him strictly as a PG and not count on consistent, elite level scoring from him. If we get a few 25 pt. games from him great, but he shouldn't be relied on as a primary scorer. Gasol needs to go. He will not allow for the team to grow and become what it needs to become in order to contend. The F.O. main problem is building around Gasol and making moves in draft and FA with Gasol in mind. Gasol, at best, should be an afterthought in terms of the future of this team. If he will stick around and mentor bigs on D at the vet minimum, OK. But he should not be the center of the future plans for the Grizz. II still say the Grizz could have made the deal with the Kings - Gasol for Boogie Cousins- two years ago, but didn't. If Cousins were here, Butler wouldn't mind coming. As it stands now, Butler nor Cousins are coming. That would be a lethal lineup with Conley, D. Brooks, Butler, JJJ, and Boogie. Oh to dream....
  9. Blackwatch

    Draymond says "League De-emphasizing "D"

    The People on NBA radio on Sirius XM keep saying that most fans want scoring and that nobody wants to see an 82-79 "grind it out" game. But I don't want to see a team as offensively challenged as the Grizz, for example, score 131 pts in regulation. That's like watching an All-star game, and people only like the All-star game because it takes place during All-star weekend, with all the parties and concerts. Nobody cares for the actual game, except little kids that want to see LeBron and AD dunk. The league needs to re-think this. It has 30 teams, and only 5 to 7 teams have real, marketable superstars (Stef, Lebron, KD, Greek Freak, etc.). The other 23-25 teams need a reason for their fans to show up nite after nite. If the league is only gong to cater to the 5-7 teams with marketable superstars, then where does that lead the rest of us?
  10. Blackwatch

    Memphis at Utah - 10/22/2018

    Great win last nite. The team showed depth and experience in a great win. The most intriguing aspect of the game is that they were able to slow the pace and grind out a win, which is probably more of their identity than what they showed against the Hawks. Going Forward, I would like to see more D. Brooks. Parsons looked so much like a liability on D that he is almost unplayable. He sat with a knee injury during the first quarter, but I think he is just that slow.
  11. Blackwatch

    JaMychal Green out 4-6 weeks

    If they are looking to get more rebounding, Z-Bo is the man. The only problem is that now he would be a virtual matador on D , with the "freedom of movement" rules in the NBA. He would mainly be a PR, practice and locker room resource more than an actual asset on the court.
  12. Blackwatch

    Draymond says "League De-emphasizing "D"

    The issue I have is that the athleticism is what made the NBA the world wide phenomenon it is today. Do you think when the Dream Team crushed the competition at the 1992 Olympics it was because they were superior dribbles, passers, and shooters? Heck no. It was because Jordan, Pippen , Magic , and Karl Malone et. al. were bigger, faster, stronger than everybody else by light years. The game is just different when you have gifted athletes playing it. Its the biggest difference between the appeal of the NBA and the WNBA. I would venture to say that the WNBA has better skilled players per capita than the NBA. Heck those women are as pure skill wise as you will see on the planet. But the game isn't as appealing because of the obvious differences in athleticism. For the NBA to try and minimize that aspect of the game in order to appeal to more folks in China and Europe is akin to cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Its the athleticism that sets the NBA apart, not dribbling, passing and shooting. Physicality is part of the athletic appeal of the league.
  13. Blackwatch

    Draymond says "League De-emphasizing "D"

    Great points, I never thought too much about the FIBA connection. I hate Euro-ball. All jump shots and matador D. Boring to watch. OF course, money ruins everything pure.
  14. Blackwatch

    Draymond says "League De-emphasizing "D"

    I for one am not up for watching the Grizz score 131 points in regulation, knowing good and well there ain't 131 pts in a regulation game on that team. Regular season games look like all-star games so far, but with more fouls and free throws. I'm not interested in that at all.
  15. In this article, Draymond Green notes that the way the refs are calling games now shows that the league is de-emphasizing defense. With the scores like they are, that's obvious. But I wonder, is this good for the league? For the Grizz, this is an ominous sign for this year. They noted that they would double down on Grit -n- Grind and built a team to emphasis defense. Yet, they have given up way more than 100 pts. in their first 2 games. I do not see where they will be successful this year, they will not outscore 80% of the teams on in the league. They just do not have the fire power on O. Personally, I like the NBA with solid defense. It separates Pro ball from college and rec league. World class athletes playing elite defense against professionally skilled ballers with elite athleticism. It makes the game unique and lets us hacks know what the deal really is. What do you think? Does "Grit-n-Grind 2.0" have a chance in the new "Offense Only" NBA?