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  1. Blackwatch

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    About time. JB was not ready for prime time. And a clueless GM didn't help matters.
  2. No way this team wins 30 games next year. JV, AB, Conley, Noah and JJJ, have all missed significant time AFTER the All-Star break. JV and AB were warming benches in LA and TOR for a reason. They are not reliable players at this point in their careers. No way JV gives you 20 and 10 a nite for an entire season. How many times will they fall for the Conley "good guy" game before they realize he is not a center-piece? If the name of the game is season ticket sales, they need to make a splash this Summer in terms of roster make up, fire the GM, and rebuild around JJJ and whoever they get in this year's draft. Conley might be had for a good bench player and a pick.
  3. Don't think Noah's coming back. His body won't hold up for 82 games anymore. JV will sign, but he won't put up the same type numbers over a full season (he was on the bench in Toronto for a reason). I agree with the need for wing scoring, which has been an issue for the Grizz every since they let Rudy Gay walk. Are there any credible wings out there that will come to Memphis in Free Agency?
  4. I get the feeling that the FO will try to trade Conley this Summer. And with the way the roster and free agency is looking now, I would think they probably need a high draft pick this Summer to try and claim that they have something to sell season tix holders on. This team looks really bad going into next year. These garbage wins they picked up after the All-Star break won't be there for them in the fall. Aside from JJJ, who else could the FO sell to the fans as a credible NBA star and someone worth seeing play nite in and nite out? I just don't see it.
  5. Blackwatch

    Season win total predictions???

    With the latest slew of injuries, 0-12 is a distinct possibility LOL!!!!
  6. Blackwatch

    The rest of 2018-2019 the Grizz should...

    Yes, JJ needs to develop. He won't develop watching Bradley, JV, and Conley take shots all game. He has the most upside of anyone on the roster right now. With this front office, I do not trust that a top 5 pick they take will be much help. Perhaps a trade piece for Conley this Summer is the best route to help find that elite talent to complement JJ.
  7. Be figuring out the pieces that surround JJJ going forward. They do this by constructing an offense that features his skill set and looking at players who can surround him and give the team the best chance to win. Of course, if you give vets like Bradley and JV time and shots, they will score. But we know they are not the future of the franchise alone. They can be great pieces, but if they were players to build around, other teams would have done that already. There is a reason why they were traded to the Grizz. Building around JJJ means that the coaches need to determine how they want him to play: As a traditional, post big and develop shooters around him As a stretch 4, with pick and pop offense -with athletic wings who cut Double , high-low post game with JV- with "dawg" defenders on the perimeter and rim protection Fortunately, you probably can't go wrong with either of these options; JJ is just that potentially great a player. Since the Gasol trade I have seen JJJ score more, but it is still not in a system catered toward him. There should not be a offensive possession with him on the floor and he doesn't get a touch (unless it is a fast break). At this point, you probably won't win as many games by doing this, but he needs to develop. There is no other option for the future. The team also needs to find a coach that has a defensive philosophy. It is apparent JB does not. How many times will we see this team yield wide open 3's or go under screens for shooters before they adjust? One reason why they keep getting destroyed in 3rd qtrs. is because the coaching staff has no clue about how to adjust their poorly conceived game plan. This team will not outscore good teams. It has better scoring than the team probably has ever had, but they are not putting up 130 a nite. At some point, even with the new hand check rules and such, to win games, teams have to D up (unless you are Golden St. or Houston). Work on a D philosophy and concepts. Practice the application of those concepts. Learn principles of your D rotations and adjustments based on the concepts. Its not rocket surgery!!!!
  8. Blackwatch

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Thanks "For the Good Times" Marc Gasol.
  9. Blackwatch

    What is worse...

    You are right. Parsons did start that night. I was thinking that Parsons might have started at the 4, and that Kyle and Temple were the 2 and 3. I was disappointed because Dillon nor Seldon could beat out Parsons for the Starting SF spot opening night.
  10. Blackwatch

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    That was Kerr's last desperation move. He waited until game 4 to do it because he feared that Gasol would kill Draymond in the low post. What killed Grit and Grind was not TA's lack of offense, his defense more than made up for his offensive short comings. It was the fact that the Grizz couldn't make folks pay by not guarding TA, namely Gasol couldn't take 6'6" forwards in the post and put up 35 and 20. What should have happened immediately after that series was a trade for Boogie Cousins for Gasol, straight up. the Kings would have done it in a heartbeat, and I dare say the Grizz would have a banner in the rafters at the forum if they did. Oh to dream.....
  11. Blackwatch

    What is worse...

    SloMo is OK IF you had pieces that were working and were a "glue guy" away from contending. He is not the player that will take a sub-par roster talent wise and make it a contender. He's a good player, wrong team and situation. Last nite he could have salvaged that game at the end, but he can't shoot a polar bear with a shot gun at point blank range. This team needs perimeter scoring like bees need pollen. Without it, they are nothing. I agree that the team over estimated what M. Brooks, D. Brooks, and Selden would bring in terms of perimeter scoring. I even fretted when the starting line up opening nite had Temple and SloMo in it rather than Seldon and Brooks. I knew then the squad was in trouble, because the only light I saw for this year was IF the young guys on the roster took a big leap and the FA's brought in would serve as bench depth. When the opposite was true, I knew this was a train wreck waiting to happen. Any squad that has Mack, Temple and Casspi getting significant minutes is not an NBA winning roster. The JB hire was terrible and I noted as such on these boards the day it was announced. That was obviously a Gasol move, all JB ever did last year was allow Gasol to sulk and not hold him accountable. The sooner this team gets over its love affair wit the Gasol family the sooner it will get better at NBA'ing.
  12. Blackwatch

    What is worse...

    Getting Mack, Casspi, Temple and Anderson as pieces that could surround Conley and Gasol and then compete for a playoff spot in the West was a sign of delusional leadership. Journeymen NBA players shouldn't be getting no more than 10 min/gm on playoff teams, much less starting. Anderson was not resigned by the Spurs, I'd thought they would have learned their lesson from the whole Parsons/Dallas deal. But stupid is a stupid does. as Ron White said "You can't fix stupid!"
  13. Blackwatch

    Stand Pat

    They need to lock up Bruno and J. Holiday. those two are the type of assets to place around JJJ. They also need a real coach, JB is just a Gasol yes man. Once they trade Gasol, JB shouldn't be far behind in leaving. What last nite showed was a how terrible the plan and subsequent moves were last off season. No way anyone claiming to be a NBA GM should ever think that you can build a playoff team around Conley and Gasol. You can use them as pieces around a true elite talent , but to build around them is asinine. Now, if ownership is real about wanting to build a winner in Memphis, there needs to be a trade for draft assets and young, complementary prospects to put around JJJ within the next week. No way should Feb. 7th roll around and Conley and Gasol still be here. The rest of this year should be about getting the young players some run to see who they can keep for next year and beyond, and positioning themselves for FA and draft this summer.
  14. Blackwatch

    Robert Pera

    Its frustrating, but the third qtr issues are a reflection on how bad the JB hire was. He had done nothing to warrant getting that job other than he wouldn't bench Gasol. That's it, that's the only reason why he got the job. He has proven not to be able to coach in this league. He cannot make adjustments, doesn't understand his team well enough to settle on a rotation that effectively can compete at the NBA level, and he cannot scheme a defense to sure up the deficiencies of his players' skills. He was just a purely bad hire. Pera needs to shake up the F.O. The whole approach to this season was one big train wreck waiting to happen. The team simply lacks real NBA elite talent. You have a squad, 1-15, who are all role players at best. No elite talent what-so -ever. Couple that with a few injuries and inept coaching and you have what you have today in the Grizz. If Wallace and crew are not gone by the end of the week, Pera is showing that he really doesn't care. That performance on a national stage during MLK day in Memphis was disgraceful and every player on that roster needs to turn in their jerseys. That was not worthy to be called a professional basketball team on the floor last nite wearing Memphis jerseys on MLK day in Memphis. That. Was. A. Disgrace. !!!!!
  15. Blackwatch

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    If they do not trade Gasol and let him walk this Summer,. shame on them. Gasol doesn't like to be on a losing team. With a rebuild, comes losing. Gasol is not worth $25/yr mil any more. No way will any team pay him that much. But, if he opts in, the Grizz will be in same boat next year as they are this year and Gasol can't handle the losing. He' as good as gone this Summer, they need to trade him like now!!!!