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  1. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Is Jenkins an NBA level coach?

    Brevin Knight!
  2. GrizzedByBluffCity

    I'm not dead.... Yet

    that is awesome I am glad I came back here today to read this.
  3. GrizzedByBluffCity

    "Rebuilding", but ain't this an NBA Team?

    I didnt see anyone get ejected? who got rattled? I just saw them tuck their tails and stick their manhood in the floor and quit
  4. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Is Jenkins an NBA level coach?

    he's any better than Jaegor or Fiz? naw. Bickerstaff? naw. cheaper?
  5. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Lakers - 10/29/19

    I forgot how young teams with new coaches disappear at halftime. Anthony Davis looks like about 50% strength yet completely dismantled our team.
  6. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Nut Heads IV

    want to see Birdman's Memphis tribute video now
  7. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Mike Conley

    Mikki Moore hasnt played in like 5 years
  8. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Nobody Feel Sorry For The Memphis Grizzlies

    well, I feel sorry for them
  9. GrizzedByBluffCity

    What Happen To Michael Beasley And The Grizzlies

    I wouldnt expect him to play much minutes tonight being 420.
  10. It would be a severe upset if we steal 1 game at home and go 4-1 at this pace in round1. If we can get a statement win against a hot ORLAndo team on Sunday (our worst day to play and worst effort) then I may have hope for post season success but in this mire of a 5 game losing streak and the absence of grit and "we don't bluff" resilience... can't see out of the paper bag on our heads
  11. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Memphis @ Milwaukee 03/17/16

    Matt Barnes just went from a player I kinda liked to one of my favorite basketball players of all time . Jon Henson has always been a powder puff joker. Now add " fake tough guy " to his resume
  12. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Memphis @ Milwaukee 03/17/16

    Good half. Let's go
  13. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Memphis @ Milwaukee 03/17/16

    It must be grit grind or else why would we dig him??
  14. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Memphis @ Milwaukee 03/17/16

    I question my ability to judge players because in the past I felt like I could identify a player that stands out in ncaa and has the potential to play in NBA and attributes to separate from the avg joe . This is so shocking to me. Jarrett Jack is one player I also did not see as a star but a role player but through tremendous hard work and dedication he made it on the next level while players of much higher skill at NCAA in his peer group never lasted. He had the physical attributes though from day one. Usually it starts with that. I am having a terrible time understanding what makes Munford a standout
  15. GrizzedByBluffCity

    Memphis @ Milwaukee 03/17/16

    Xavier Munford??!!?!?! I live here in Rhode Island and catch the Rams games from time to time. I never in a million years would have scouted him as an NBA player. It's amazing to see him make such a tremendous leap in talent level and skill to reach here. I never saw anything to lead me to believe he would be able to play basketball at a level beyond one of the worst ncaa conferences