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  1. Iron Mike

    Vegas Summer League

    is it just me, or does Trey Young look like a clone of Mike Conley. His dribbling, penetration and floaters look the same. Even the number and the accessories. ?
  2. Evans signs with the Pacers. Now what? ?
  3. Iron Mike

    Can Carter play right away?

    dont get your hopes up too high, though.
  4. Iron Mike

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    good to see the Grizz didn't do something too risky. No way JJJ becomes the next Thabeet, that dude doesn't even pass the eye test.
  5. Iron Mike

    How Do You Feel?

    Am already numb and just happy if we make it back to the playoffs. lol Dubs already have next season in the bag, as long as their core remains there. And with their players willing to cut down on their own contracts, I don't think that would change anytime soon.
  6. Ahh, the 2nd coming of Stotential.
  7. Lowry is fools gold. No way is he better than Mike
  8. And let's be realistic, with the current reputation the Grizz have, we aren't winning a ring anytime soon. So your safest bet for mileage is media attention. Sure the Grizz had that Grit and Grind thing going on, and the media bit it. And with that happening, atleast the team had some sort of identity which the casual fan can relate to. With the media attention comes also free agent interest, don't forget about that one. No one wants to play on a team that isn't really talked about. The ones we'd be getting are those worn-down, comebacking players (Iverson, Tyreke) and dude's who want to get that big paycheck and knows they can't get it somewhere else (Parsons).
  9. You might say that since you're in the US. I get it. But for international mileage, you need international media attention. And who gets those? Those who have superstars. I'm in Manila, and you can see people here follow teams with superstars. You can also see merchandise sales, NBA stores here only sell gear from big name players and teams. The Pelicans had been bad for most of their history, but has a following because of Anthony Davis. OKC hasn't won anything but a sweep in the NBA Finals, but because of KD and Westbrook they're known. Same case with Portland, we've done way more than what they have but have attention because of Lillard and partly McCollum, We've been in the playoffs for 6 years, but no fan batted an eye and always considered the Grizz a laughingstock team. Marc Gasol is famous because he's Pau's brother. Mike Conley isn't even considered a top 10 PG in these parts of the world. Now if you ask me if I care about media attention, then boy I really want that. Couldn't even get myself a decent Grizzlies shirt or merchandise because of the disrespect and lack of fan interest.
  10. yeah but alongside that, you get media attention. Something that this team really needs
  11. Iron Mike

    It's the Final Countdown!!!

    hope we get that #2 pick! (trying not to jinx it)
  12. Iron Mike

    Marquis Teague come on down!!!

    You wouldn't. Dude plays a lot worse now, can't even dominate amateur asian players.
  13. Iron Mike

    Grizzlies Getting New Color Scheme Next Year

    looks like they're transitioning little by little to a black/white/grey color scheme
  14. Iron Mike

    Are people still on the Kobi bandwagon?

    to be fair we could've screwed Kyle Anderson's career if we got him
  15. Iron Mike

    Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    that's exactly what we need, right? Someone who can sell the Grizz to players