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  1. Iron Mike

    Memphis Grizzlies @ LA Lakers - 2/21/20

    Another game which might have been different if we made foul shots. On to the next
  2. Iron Mike

    Memphis Grizzlies @ LA Lakers - 2/21/20

    Wait, so Caruso gets superstar calls now?? LOL
  3. Iron Mike

    Memphis Grizzlies @ LA Lakers - 2/21/20

    Josh can be special, just needs to be consistent.
  4. Portland TV coverage just showed our last 29 games. Seems the Blazers have an easier schedule. Hope we can hang on the 8th seed
  5. Looks like the dude can also pass, seems he just needs to talk a bit since the recipients seem to be surprised on his passes
  6. This team is bloody deep. Josh Jackson looks great, just needs to be disciplined.
  7. As if we arent used to the Grizz stinking on MLK Day games?
  8. Iron Mike

    1st franchise superstar?

    Well, the league is starting to showcase him as such. Quite weird seeing Grizz highlights being shared in social media.
  9. Would it be crazy if we try developing our guys by trying to make the playoffs? I mean, we can still tweak the team by trading or freeing the Iggy contract.
  10. Iron Mike

    So are Jaren and Dillon good yet?

    Jaren knowing what he's currently good at has worked wonders. Seems he'll be a tall PF/SF with range and some face up game. Poor man's KD?
  11. key is letting him shoot 20 threes and make him miss lol
  12. this season is all open, lets rebuild next year lol
  13. Been a while someone scored 30. What a game TH - Ja, Jae