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  1. Iron Mike

    Ja Morant

    Rozier wants to start though
  2. if JV signs to another team, we're definitely screwed.
  3. Easy to see it when he doesn't suit up a Grizz jersey. Dude's been that way for 2 years now.
  4. Iron Mike

    JV needs to go...sign contract

    and that's why Lebron owned them year after year. Dude should be 4th or 5th option on offense at best. Focusing more on defense and boards, a 15/10 statline would be nice. But as long as we're getting him for a fair price, signing him is a priority.
  5. Iron Mike

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    8th seed at best. Need a few more pieces
  6. Iron Mike

    Don't dismiss JV

    Am wondering how the GnG Grizzlies would've been if we had JV instead of Gasol. Mike TA Gay Randolph JV ohh wee
  7. Bruno's a keeper, no doubt. Not a star but a serviceable wing off the bench.
  8. yeah thats a better comparison. lol
  9. a bit off topic, but is anyone else seeing this Princess Leah-ish vibe on Mike's new hairstyle?
  10. Would be funny if all these years of searching, that wing guy we were looking for was the greatest of this generation.
  11. Iron Mike

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    he looks a ton better compared to his rookie year though. If we are able to mold him into a solid rotation player, then its a good signing. Guy is just turning 24, still has time.
  12. I also get to watch a bunch of Raps games and he always looked a good match if ever he was with us. Dude was playing in the wrong system.
  13. dude is severely underrated. Not used right by the Raps
  14. classic grit and grind quarter. amazing