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  1. Blues Brother

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    Guys that I wouldn't mind letting all our free agents walk to attempt to sign... Johnathan Simmons Tim Hardaway Jr Tyreke Evans Ben Mclemore Guys that I hope don't get a lot of offers and end up settling... Danilo Galinari Marreese Speights J.J. Redick Nick Young James Johnson Dewayne Dedmon PJ Tucker Trey Burke Guys that I would settle for to try to fill out a roster... Ian Clark MCW Gerald Green James Young Derrick Williams Luke Babbit Darren Collison
  2. Blues Brother

    Cleveland <-> Memphis

    Since Kyrie and Dion do not mesh well as teamates, we can take one off their hands and shed some salary in the process. Grizz send Tayshaun Prince Courtney Lee #22 Cavs send Dion Waiters Free agent signings: Trevor Ariza, Marvin Williams Conley/Calathes Waiters/Allen/Franklin Ariza/Qpon Zbo/Williams/Leuer Gasol/Koufos
  3. Blues Brother

    One More Run...

    trade... Prince/Lee/#22 to 76ers for #32 Deandre Daniels & #39 James McAdoo sign... James Johnson Trevor Ariza Conley/Calathes Pondexter/Allen/Franklin Ariza/Johnson/Daniels Zbo/McAdoo/Leuer Gasol/Koufos
  4. Blues Brother

    Who Do We Draft

    Trade down for 2 2nd roundpicks Glen Robinson III & Russ Smith
  5. Blues Brother

    Rubio for ROY?

    At least we agree... Even Rubio himself sounds like he is ready to tap out and head back to paella land...
  6. Blues Brother

    Rubio for ROY?

    Hate to say i told ya so ... nah not really
  7. Blues Brother

    Third String Point Guard Options

    With the track record so far I have faith in the front office to find another ball handler to play with the 2nd squad.
  8. Blues Brother

    Courtney Lee Newest Grizz

    Gary Neal and Gianis for Tayshaun Prince Conley/Calathes/Neal Lee/Allen/Franklin Johnson/Miller/Gianis Zbo/Davis/Leuer Gasol/Koufos
  9. Blues Brother

    Expiring Contracts...

    The moderate sized elephant in the room that many people aren't talking about is the 6+ million in expiring contracts of J.Bayless and E.Davis. They will probably both will be looking for increases in salary next season. Do we open up the wallet and keep both? (not likely) Do we try to move a bigger contract for more financial flexibilty to keep them? (Zbo/Prince) Do we combine them for a quality wing guy with a good contract? (Jeff Green/Arron Afflalo/Evan Turner) Do we trade one or both for another pick in a deep draft? Do we just let one or both just walk at the end of the season? I vote for combining them for a quality wing player. Next year we would have a nice perimeter rotation of Conley/Calathes TA/Rookie/Franklin Green/Qpon
  10. Blues Brother

    Grizzlies & Suns - 12/3/2013

    Welcome back to the not good enough for playoffs not bad enough for high draft pick no cap space grizzlies.
  11. Blues Brother

    Grizzlies & Suns - 12/3/2013

    Yea... losing to the Suns at home is always good for team morale. These are grown men not high school kids. I hope he is renting cause Coach Dave isnt gonna be here long.
  12. Blues Brother


    Memphis Sends Tayshaun Prince Ed Davis Washington Sends Trevor Ariza Jan Vesely Glen Rice Jr Why Memphis does it: Gives us young big perimeter players that we lost in Rudy Gay trade. Ariza can shoot/defend, and Rice Jr. is a atheletic young wing that we can groom. Vesely gets up and down the floor well and has a opportunity to prove his high draft pick and well if he doesnt work out we can let him walk. Most of all Ed Davis is going to want a big contract next year and we aren't going to want to give it to him, and Tayshaun Prince is just drawing checks at this point. Why Washington does it: Clears up SF minutes to start Webster and bring along Otto Porter. Gives them another solid young PF to play behind Nene and Okafor. Gives verteran leadership to a young team that needs to steadied. Conley/Bayless/Calathes Allen/Pondexter/Franklin Ariza/Miller/Rice Zbo/Vesely/Leuer Gasol/Koufos younger, more flexible, more equipped to handle the yearly Mike Miller injury that causes him to miss 30 games
  13. Blues Brother

    How Could Trading Away Zbo Improve Us As A Team?

    cheap depth... ATL - Zbo, MEM - #17, #18 Conley/Bayless/Wroten Pondexter/#17 (Crabbe) Prince Davis/Arthur Gasol/ #18 (Plumlee) or MIL - Zbo MEM - Illyasova, #15 Conley/Bayless/Wroten Pondexter Illyasova/Prince Davis/Arthur Gasol/#15 Adams Either deal gives us room to go after a couple more wing players. I'd love to have any 2 of these guys... JJ Reddick Kyle Korver CJ Watson Marco Belineli Chase Budinger Kevin Martin Dorrell Wright Nick Young Luke Babbit Elliot Williams Alan Anderson Tyreke Evans Martell Webster
  14. Blues Brother

    Fire Hollins Before 2013

    I found it funny how the broadcast team was spotlighting Zbo as the game leader and Hollins had him riding the bench with 3 minutes left in the game. Hollins is clueless and just lucky to have a team with Marc/Zbo/Conley so his record looks like he has done a great job.
  15. Blues Brother

    Dante For Ellington-Official Trade

    gonna be interesting to see how Hollins manages this bench situation... somebody is gonna get a lotta splinters barring injuries Conley,TA,Pargo,Selby,Wroten,Bayliss,Ellington all sharing time at 2 positions.