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  1. So, the Commercial Appeal is reporting that after sitting on their hands for 2 years, the Independent Accountability Resolution Process Committee will be providing "an update" - so maybe not even a decision - on the whole James Wiseman affair. Just about 1 month before our first regular season game with perhaps the most hyped class in history. Sounds about right. Everyone knew we were asking for a tough decision based on how we handled this. It's been a roman candle, waiting to be shot off at just the right time. And here we go. I assume it will be a true progress update, so it can be discussed every time we're on national TV, and the hammer will drop at the end of this season, time for all the wins for this year's team can be vacated.
  2. The Truth is OUT

    Memphis on the Outside Looking In (for the last time?)

    So - this is terrible. Somehow this has to get bubbled up to Geoff Calkins if he isn't already writing about this. According to this guy we would have been one of the first 4 invited to the Big 12 if we had a commitment to build a new on-campus stadium to supplant the Liberty Bowl, but Rudd told the Big 12 he wouldn't pursue it due to Memphis politics. The decrepit Liberty Bowl (along with Fred Smith refusing to be considered for ownership) is what killed our chances the last time the NFL expanded. then we had to watch Nashville get oodles of state tax dollars for a new stadium for luring the Oilers. If the choice is support the Liberty Bowl (bowl game) or our hometown team, that's only a difficult choice if palms are getting greased. So maybe someone like Calkins can expose some dirty laundry here and get this done. Now that we are on the "short list" for further expansion, sounds like there is little time to fool around. This needs all the exposure it can get. The only way to get this done is through community pressure holding elected leaders accountable. Because they will be the only ones who can wield pressure on the money people. Bottom line, somebody's livelihood needs to be threatened. Not getting the NFL was somewhat offset by the Grizzlies (and I would argue the better fit anyway). Missing out on getting into the Big 12 - there's nobody else coming to offset that loss.
  3. Yeah, I literally typed out a post like this like 2 days ago and then didn't post it, because I was getting too angry! It's an old trick. Someone posts a "wouldn't it be cool" article. Then someone else says "it's being said that..." with a few proposed trades. Then it's "rumors". By the time you get to that point, people are quoting articles with few people following the clicks down the rabbit hole. It's FanSided that's the worst at it right now. They literally link to rumors being debunked and continue to spout trades like they are being discussed. If there are any FanSided lurkers on here, seriously; you're terrible. FanSided is the Bishop Sycamore of online sports outlets.
  4. Where there's smoke, there's fire... Everybody's reporting that Big 12 is talking to BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston. That's not only the best AAC teams, but that's our rivalries. And there's no more room for call-ups. Maybe in the age of NIL, it's time to go all in on Tiger basketball and finally give up on football. I mean, the AAC is about to become the Sun Belt. If the best we can do is a middle of the pack group of 5, our football will never be anything but cannon fodder ever again. Even if we were the best, being on top of a pile of garbage is still garbage. I don't want to think like that - at all. But there it is. I don't see the Big 12 going to 14. And nobody else would touch us with a 10 ft pole.
  5. Maybe there was something under the table - a promise to Bledsoe that we'd trade him to a contending team. But that's just stretching to make some sense out of this. They did gain $3-$4m in cap room for next year by doing this. So maybe this is a case of "if we come out ahead in any way on any trade that doesn't include someone in the long term plan, we will do it".
  6. The Truth is OUT

    Grayson Allen/Justise Winslow Appreciation Thread (Dukie Edition)

    Any number of ways to interpret this trade. My guess is the Bucks made an offer and the Grizzlies, highly valuing draft assets, gladly accepted. Just more proof of the transience of NBA benches.
  7. The Truth is OUT

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    In my time away I've been wondering what the chatter has been on the boards about JJJ. My philosophy on alpha dogs hasn't changed. You can only have so many on a team. For us, that' clearly starts with Ja and Dillon. And that just might be enough if everyone else falls in line. Because lest everyone forgets, I have been in Dillon's corner since his first summer league game. He is the Grindson (has someone done an Asgard poster for him yet?). If JJJ is the freak of nature athlete in the mix, he doesn't have to be a killer. He may just be so naturally gifted that it's easy to mistake that for nonchalance, and he's just still growing into the player he will become. I'm just not a fan of the "unicorn" concept in general. Because to me "unicorn" is just a term for a physically gifted big man that you can't count on to go junkyard dog for a rebound. Every great team has to have one rebounding fool, and we just shipped our best one off. They aren't easy to find. The problem he's going to cause for us is that JJJ's raw talent keeps him on the floor in situations where not playing a traditional 4 or 5 role actually becomes a liability, not a benefit. Like when Tillman was on the floor for significant minutes in the Utah series even though JJJ was clearly available, because Tillman can do that dirty work in the post while still being a high quality moving defender. If you're going to keep a JJJ, you may not always have a Tillman to back him up when he's costing us as much as he's bringing to us. So best case scenario is that if JJJ is long term for the team, he becomes so offensively gifted that teams have to scheme for him. Then playing some sort of oddball role becomes a benefit to our scheme. But who knows, some other team who doesn't have a "unicorn" may be willing to give a king's ransom for him some day.
  8. The Truth is OUT

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    I see folks still have fun deciding what we pay a person is the most important question the team faces with that player. What we should be asking ourselves is "is JJJ the right person to be Ja's right hand man?" Because whoever that person is, better be good enough to be getting paid fat stacks.
  9. The Truth is OUT

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Uhhhh, what? Being frustrated with the F.O. and wanting a kid to fail - that's a wide gulf, my friend. I hope he's everything they believe him to be. I hope he's good enough to start when we're in the Finals. I'm unconvinced we got proper value for moving JV. There was a lot of smoke that the Grizzlies wanted to move up even further. I think they aren't lying when they are enthused about Ziaire, but I bet there was one other "pie in the sky" player they were hoping all the cards would fall into place for. When I saw the 2 picks that went before us, I go back in time to one of the drafts I watched where the commentators said that some teams will draft who they think the team behind them wants. It may have actually been during the Thabeet draft (I can't believe I haven't blocked that whole thing). Why? Who knows. But personally, either of them I would have been much more excited about blending with our guys. That's last night though. ZW is a Grizzly now, and I want him to be great. But I'm still going to wonder if this is going to be the year our FO fell back to earth after a few superlative drafts.
  10. The Truth is OUT

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Yeah, I don't think anyone is down on ZW per se, as a prospect with upside. If the idea is to draft for potential you're probably not going to really know how it panned out until the rookie deal has ended. I agree with you and I don't care what Calkins says, he would have been there at 17, I'm sure of it. There was only one other real reach before 17, and that was the Spurs, who are never going to go by conventional wisdom. So I'm convinced they got the guy they were targeting. Ce la vie. It is intriguing about the Aldama refusing to work out stuff. That is usually the kind of thing a player does when he has a (wink, wink) guarantee.
  11. The Truth is OUT

    GOOD LUCK ZW!!!! Alt Grind's deep thoughts

    I've had time to mull over this pick and I realize why people are instinctively frightened by it. This is a Mike Wallace special. Great hype out of high school but didn't quite live up to it in college, so he gets undervalued. And on top of that, we took him higher than we needed to. The Ziaire Williams pick has "old Grizzlies draft strategy" written all over it. And we all know how well that strategy paid off for us. Now, as a player, ZW may turn into something for us. with his height, frame and skills, he might turn into something perfect for us at the 3. And if he pans out, that makes for a veeeery interesting starting five going forward. If we had drafted him at 17 I think there'd be far less griping about it. But still confusion. Somebody said it in another thread - our FO's strategy appears to be mostly draft-driven, so flipping assets to get picks is job #1. And I can get on board with that strategy. They have made some great picks, and not just the obvious ones. Bane has been great, but Tillman - well, Tillman is the only reason I'm not screaming at the FO about moving on from JV. Tillman shows every minute he's on the floor he is headed for a long and productive NBA career. Last year, we were told by the FO they have a "type" they like to draft. From that perspective, I can kind of see why ZW would be a player that would intrigue them. If that 30th pick pans out, I'll gladly eat crow, but I'm here to tell you that kid is unlikely to ever see the floor in a Grizzlies uniform. That's not a swing for the fences - that's a swing and a whiff. Maybe when your strategy is gathering draft picks like they are growing on trees you can afford to do that. Seems like a waste to me. I really think we should've picked up that Baylor kid, especially since it's likely we're saying goodbye to Tyus soon. Which we could've gotten had we held onto that 40th pick.....grrrrrrrr......
  12. The Truth is OUT

    Grade the Draft

    Fair enough, there's just a lot of folks here who lived through the Thabeet draft on these very boards...may be different people in the org, but the name on the door is the same. So forgive those of us who are a bit leery. Bottom line, we all know how one bad draft night can hamper a build. Nobody's perfect. Maybe they had a grand plan that never materialized; a lot of folks were reporting that Memphis wasn't done wheeling and dealing to move up. If those plans didn't work out, they may have been left scrambling a bit. That still doesn't excuse the 30th pick, though. We can roll the dice, but like the guys at ESPN said, this felt like a stash move. And we shouldn't be doing any stash picks, especially ones we're trading into.
  13. The Truth is OUT

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    Can we draft Cassie instead?
  14. The Truth is OUT

    Grade the Draft

    Long time no see everybody. I'm just so confused about tonight's events. Not so much by who we got, but how we went about getting who we got. Ziaire probably would have been there at 17. And even if he hadn't, wasn't there still plenty of talent on the board to be had? Can practically book that Santi would have been there at 40. Probably would have been there when we sent out training camp invites. Now we owe him guaranteed money, and paid 3 2nds for the privilege. And then worst of all the kid from Baylor goes at 40, who I would have been the most excited about amongst all 3 of the players we drafted, and then I see that stupid Utah Jazz logo pop up. Somebody tell me I'm not making any sense here. It makes the trade with New Orleans look less like "the process" and more like the fanbase getting hosed. If you're going to slow down the present at least help us see the future. Nothing that we did tonight required that trade - which makes me think the only reason we did that trade was to get JV out of here. I sure hope I wake up in the morning and find out something crazy happened while I slept. I have been very proud of this front office, but then again, you could see on draft night that their moves had some sneaky goodness to them. I don't get this at all.
  15. The Truth is OUT

    Nut Heads IV

    Hey folks. Thinking Nut Heads is where to post this. I'm rolling in town this coming weekend, and heading back out before the 4th. For years I've wanted to find some time to meet some of the folks on the boards, and it just never seems to be a good time. I would like to try and make that happen this time around. Anyone interested? We could do dinner, a pub, whatever. I would just enjoy putting some faces to some handles for once. Message me if you're interested in getting a group together.