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  1. The Truth is OUT

    Did The Utah Jazz Expose Memphis Weakness?

    Agreed. The headlines that the Jazz beat the Grizzlies twice provide much more media fodder than Memphis' rotation is severely depleted at the moment and should expect to lose a few. I would take a full strength Grizzlies against the full strength Jazz 6 days a week and twice on Sunday.
  2. The Truth is OUT

    Why Doesn’t Kenny Lofton, Jr. Play Much?

    I love Lofton, but let's face it, we drafted 2 1st rounders this year. LaRavia and Roddy are going to get the lion's share of developmental minutes, as well they should. At least Lofton is dressing right now. Once we're back to full strength, that's probably not happening any more this season. I am still a believer in Junior, and I really think he's going to carve out a nice place for himself in the league. I think His skillset is going to be a nice change of pace for somebody. He just may be the victim of a numbers game here when it's all said and done.
  3. The Truth is OUT

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Sacramento Kings - 10/27/22

    Please keep winning and show out on TV - Bane is playing out of his mind right now. I really want to see him get an ASG nod this year. And how about LaRavia tonight? Way to go rook!
  4. The Truth is OUT

    Ziaire Out Another 4-6 Weeks

    Understood - my point was how Ja is continuing to get even better and growing even more as a leader. He is continuing to climb the ladder even though he doesn't have many rungs left in front of him. I'm thrilled that we have a team that buys in 1-15.
  5. The Truth is OUT

    Is Desmond Bane challenging for the #2 rank?

    If anyone cares to go back and look, I pronounced my love for DB after his first pre-season game. And I defended him for a long time, even as infrequent as I am around here. And then if anyone cares to go back and look, I was ready to be done with him at the end of last season. The reality is, people bleed Beale St. Blue on this board, and many players have worn (and shed) the uniform. We all have opinions about what will make this team better. Being down on a player should never be seen as being down on the team. And everyone is entitled to change their mind. As for Dillon, my bloodlust has died a bit. I'm very hopeful his comments about being more efficient with his shot were not just a wish or lip-service. Time will tell. He does our dirty work - well - and every championship team needs that. If he can just accept that he's not allowed to be the offensive savior in the 4th quarter, that would go a long way towards helping. As for Desmond, whatever his struggles, I believe he will figure them out.
  6. The Truth is OUT

    Ziaire Out Another 4-6 Weeks

    It's an attestation to how great Ja is becoming that we can be so competitive with so many key players not available to start the season (including the 2 who left in the offseason). In terms of adjustments, we've been dealing with essentially 50% rotation turnover to start the season. Essentially, all these other folks can take their time healing as long as Ja's body holds up. I have a feeling when we get to full strength we'll see 12 take the occasional rest day.
  7. The Truth is OUT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Jordan Clarkson only brings upside; we can get him without mortgaging our future in any appreciable way. Do it already.
  8. Several outlets such as SI are reporting that the NBA is THIS close to announcing Las Vegas and Seattle as new expansion cities, likely coming by preseason. SI further speculates (as we have from time to time over the years) that as Minny and we are the most eastern teams in the West, one of us likely to move. Not sure why New Orleans is rarely mentioned, it's not like they are that much further west than either us or the Wolves. But now it's no longer fantasy - it is imminent. Do you want to see the Grizzlies move East? Do you think it makes sense? Personally, I like the Grizzlies where they are - I think the West has historically been the more exciting conference to watch, IMO. Maybe they are more similar nowadays and that's just me remembering the plodding East vs. the Wild West from yesteryear. But I still like the idea of being in the West better. I feel like Minny is the better fit with the Eastern conference anyway. Who knows how the NBA will ultimately decide, but what's your wish?
  9. The Truth is OUT

    Bally's Sports Streaming App

    I literally just cut the cord last week - when I was still on cable and got Bally sports up here, and the Grizzlies were their main NBA team here. Went to YouTube TV - no Bally Sports. But it does come with NBA TV. Between 18 ESPN views, the random NBA TV showing, and TNT bound to pick up a few, that may just have to be enough for me right now. Also hoping to go see them this year when they visit the Pacers.
  10. The Truth is OUT

    Memphis - a Dog Loving Fanbase

    So I was just reading an article over on Grizzly Bear Blues analyzing who may or may not be called on during JJJ's absence and why. It extolled the various virtues of Xavier Tillman, Aldama, Laravia and Roddy. Who wasn't given even a mention was Kenny Lofton Jr. After what he showed in summer league (yes I know, but a glimmer is still a glimmer), I really think he's got a place in this league somewhere. I just hope we don't find that out after he's moved on because roster priorities didn't allow for him to get a proper look. But that's not what I'm focusing on here. It's why I like Lofton that interests me. And why I (and other Grizzly fans) gravitate to certain types of players, and seem to have a hard time warming up to others. And I came to this conclusion - it's not that I have some great basketball evaluation skills as it comes to someone like Junior - it's that I see the dog in him. You just have to hear the term "dog" when describing a ball player, and you already have a sense of what I'm talking about. Z-bo was all dog. He was tough, a bruiser, a mixer-upper, didn't back down from anyone, us against the world. And the city fell in love with him for it. (An aside - I got to meet him in an airport recently, and when I said I was from Memphis, he talked to me for 5 minutes like I was an old friend. Great guy, and great dog). Here's the players that Memphis don't fall in love with. Those for which I would use the term "glide", but for the sake of staying on theme, let's call them cats. They may be extremely talented, but that talent does not come with a fierceness behind it. Pau Gasol comes to mind. Good player while we had him, put in a position to become even better once he left, but was never really embraced here, not to the extent that a player at his level should have been. Marc was more appreciated than Pau, and that's because he had more dog in him. We can debate whether or not Marc was all dog, but he was certainly much more dog than his big bro. The point is, a player can be good, but unless they are a dog, they don't have a chance at being a beloved player in Memphis. And if they are a cat, they will probably be undervalued and perhaps even derided. And this even holds true with how Memphis fans treat players on other teams. Now, if a player is some of both, that player's "glide" can be accepted, even appreciated, as long as the "dog" is visible. If Ja had no dog in him, I don't think he'd be as popular with us, but would still be popular in the league. But because he is total dog and total cat, he will probably end up being the most beloved player in Grizzlies history. And Kenny Lofton Jr is also a dog, which is why I'm rooting for him so much. It's also why, for example, I continue to have hopes for Tillman's development, though I gather some on this board have given up on him. This is also why I believe JJJ has garnered some detractors. I don't think our fanbase is built to completely appreciate the "unicorn" type of player. JJJ has shown flashes of dog, but overall, he is a strong cat lean. Roster-wide, I do think we have a lot of dogs. And that contributes to how well loved this overall roster is. Not just for the winning, but how we win. Dogs don't have to play Grit n' Grind, down in the mud. They just have to play like dogs. Now I already know some of you think this is all BS, thinking you and the fanbase are not capable of certain biases, and are rather objectively weighing your appreciation of a player based on their basketball skill and acumen alone. But I have always tried to appreciate the psychology of sport, and I would like to think many on this board do as well. But think about the players on this roster, the ones you appreciate or don't (especially in spite of their ability), and I bet (especially if you're a Memphis person) you will find yourself a dog lover.
  11. The Truth is OUT

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Brooklyn Nets - 7/12/22

    I just caught the highlights - man our guys were hoopin' tonight. I don't care if it was summer league, that was a lot of fun. Droppin' dimes, droppin' dunks, droppin' 3's. This bench is gonna be hard to sort out.
  12. The Truth is OUT

    Grizzlies sign Kenneth Lofton Jr. on Two-Way Deal

    I hope this kid gets the call up someday. He's very fun to watch.
  13. The Truth is OUT

    Jake LaRavia

    I have really enjoyed getting to "know" Jake a little more. It feels exactly like we got mature slo-mo skill level with better shooting in a 19yo frame. He may have had a few years in college but is still young enough to grow into something more. I can easily see him becoming a rotation stalwart. What I do appreciate about him is that he plays like he belongs. I'm not saying he's got the Kobe "it" factor, but it feels like he is already very confident in his game. And he looks like he could play clumsy, but he doesn't.
  14. The Truth is OUT

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    The Grizzlies certainly zagged on draft night, but good grief, hasn't this FO earned the benefit of the doubt yet?
  15. The Truth is OUT

    Ja signs his max deal

    Oh, and sooooooo glad Ja loves it here.