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  1. The Truth is OUT

    Trade with Dallas

    I do like how the new F.O. seems to at least be playing hardball in this situation. I don't know if we're going to get what we want out of this, but it sure seems like we're going to force somebody to give up as much as possible.
  2. So this shows how dense I am. I've seen college clips of GA doing his BS, and never made the connection that this is the same kid now on the Grizzlies roster. Man, we really need the Grindfather or Z-bo as an assistant coach. Get him in a game of cards on a plane or something. Hard to get worked up about a bench player, but he ain't right. If I've got someone on the team I'm rooting for who I hope gets their head kicked in, that's not enjoyable for me as a fan. Hopefully he's a DNP all year, or off the roster even better. Somebody like that doesn't deserve the privilege of being paid to play a sport. So no, I'm not rooting for him just because he has a Grizzlies jersey on. But neither am I going to stop being a Grizz fan because of him. And yeah, I pretty much felt this way since he was in college, so it's not a new opinion just to have a reason to complain on a message board.
  3. The Truth is OUT

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Honestly, it doesn't matter what they do with Iggy. Heck, they may just keep him permanently inactive until the trade deadline and let him stay living on the West Coast. This is what we did - we used an asset, to get an even better asset, which could become even more assets. That's all I need to see to know this is a new day in Grizzland. I love it.
  4. The Truth is OUT

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    That's always fun to think about, but even if all we're doing is signing him and keeping him, a 3 year deal at this rate is outstanding. The idea that we were able to get this on paper without a player option is even better. Everything about this seems to lean in the org's favor.
  5. The Truth is OUT

    Jonas Valanciunas signs for 3 years/45M

    Honestly surprised that the terms of the deal they signed him to are pretty much on par with what he was making previously. Technically, it's a slight discount. I guess he really was sold on the organization once he got here. This F.O. sure seems legit so far.
  6. The Truth is OUT

    Who Makes an All Star Appearance First?

    It'd be even nicer to see him do it in like 5 fewer seasons...and he just might.
  7. The Truth is OUT

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I'm watching the streaming CBS Sports draft coverage and they are loving this pick and this team. They said something about Clarke ranking only behind Zion in some "overall" stat, but I missed it. One of the commentators said that after this pick, our team may be one of the most athletic in the league! Wow.
  8. The Truth is OUT

    The Official Ja Morant Thread

    It's crazy how quickly fortunes can change - last year it looked like JJJ was our last gasp, and now all of a sudden we've got some bona-fide future star power and assets. If we could just get out from under that CP contract early now... This guy is going to be so much fun to watch. This team could be so very fun to watch.
  9. The Truth is OUT

    thanks mike, wow

    best wishes Mr. Conley. So many memories. It's fitting that the first piece of the GnG era was also its longest reigning.
  10. The Truth is OUT

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    Seems like if we're about to draft Point god we should be holding onto Conley as a safety net while he makes the adjustment to the pro game, even if it's just for a year and then he gets thrown to the wolves. Handing the reigns to a rookie PG outright would be disaster for the other development we need to take place on the roster.
  11. The Truth is OUT

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Seriously, some mod needs to clean up this thread. Classless. Marc was figuratively and literally at the Center of the greatest era in our team's history. And it's not his fault that this team stinks now. Trading him was the right thing to do, just as much for his sake as anyone else's. He deserves our thanks and appreciation.
  12. The Truth is OUT

    Screw jobs by refs

    Bad teams don't get the calls in the NBA. Period. And we're a bad team again. Get used to it.
  13. The Truth is OUT

    Stand Pat

    I think the honest view is that this team needed more than tweaks, but that's all we did - have been doing - for several seasons now. We got what I would consider a best case scenario of an offseason, and it just wasn't enough; we were in too far a hole in talent to make the playoffs this year. Mike and Marc are not enough to carry a team - there's a reason we had a "core 4" during our glory years. But as to the poster's original thought - a new GM should be executing these deals. So waiting until the offseason is probably a wise move, IF we are getting a new GM. And that same IF can be applied to how long we can expect to be a bad team. A new GM isn't a guarantee for success, but if you really boil it down to gravy, the biggest, best move that we can probably owe strictly to Chris Wallace's influence was signing Tony Allen. And while that was a good move that paid off far beyond it had any reason to, everything else that brought us the "core 4" was actually derided or disdained at the time. And we can't really say we've had much success finding complimentary talent to those 4 guys. And now we're down to 2 of them, several years later. It's past time to give someone else a chance to see where they can take the team.
  14. Irving explains Shelvin Mack altercation If this is how it went down, it's is a far cry from "I'll beat yo azz". In fact, the polar opposite. Ugh. Just more anecdotal evidence that this bear no longer has claws.