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    NBA Playoffs thread

    That J team will come in handy going against Joel, Jusuf, and Jokic.
  2. El Guapo

    NBA Playoffs thread

    I agree with you. Gasol has been decent defensively, but offensively hasn’t played even close to the level he’s capable of. His play has reeked of someone trying to fit in and not upset some hierarchy, instead of someone playing naturally and recognizing an opportunity to win a championship.If Toronto had received the aggressive, confidant Gasol then one could have a case for Toronto executing this trade, but his play has more than resembled someone just happy to be there. Also, people not recognizing JV’s talent is beyond me. The cavalier attitude of he’s not good enough for today’s NBA is a follower’s approach instead of one that doesn’t worry what the others are doing. The notion of viewing someone who can possibly average 20 and 10 as an afterthought is mind boggling.
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    Roster Moves

    Yeah, but he’s getting too old for this (stuff)
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    Game of Thrones Show Discussion

    I’ve read a few things regarding the White Walker back story with the children of the woods or whatever, along with Bran’s relationship to the whole thing and I have to admit that I’m still not there yet in my understanding. By understanding, I’m referring to this story and it’s relation to the overall story and how they fit together. The very first scene of the entire series begins with the WW’s and the the threat has been an ongoing theme. At the time of this post (2 shows left), things seem to be wrapped up, or appear to be regarding this story arc. Is that portion of the story completed now? Was Bran’s story relevant? Will the last episodes bring this full circle in some way? i don’t get too involved in trying to analyze shows and just enjoy the ride. A similar approach I use with the Grizz. Nevertheless, just chiming in with my thoughts.
  5. El Guapo

    NBA Playoffs thread

    I see that, like a hybrid. This is the first I’ve really seen him play. Him and LMA we’re fun to watch.
  6. El Guapo

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Foulhunters (nice!)-perfect term for the players that have made the NBA disgusting to watch at times. It’s the offensive answer to flopping. That combined with the refs feeding the players with some of these calls...it’s hard to watch at times.
  7. El Guapo

    NBA Playoffs thread

    I saw one situation where Marc was at the top of the key, the pass swung to him and nobody was defending him-not even close. His head was on swivel looking to pass. Shooting wasn’t an option as far as he was concerned. Understandable for player that can’t make 3’s, but he’s gotta shoot it when he’s wide open. That situation, he was super open.
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    Hondo & Neumann have both passed

  9. El Guapo

    Rumor has it

  10. LH , Joerger, and Fizdale all landed head coaching jobs after their stints with us, so I’d use that as selling point if I was Pera.
  11. I don’t disagree. There are situations out there that are downright depressing. I’ll take playoff basketball and competing over a rudderless rebuild plan all day. I enjoyed the good days of the Wallace era, and not so much the missteps. In Wallace’s defense, who among us performs with a 100% success rate in their jobs? Things are what they are, as long as mistakes aren’t being repeated we should be fine.
  12. If Wallace ever gets fired and KBM’s avatar is suddenly changed to something else. Then you’ll have your answer.
  13. Interesting reads, definitely red flags there.
  14. El Guapo

    We should've had the 6th pick

    Ric Bucher says the 1st pick is going to New York...it’s a done deal. 😁
  15. Well the new guys in charge want their own guy, so there’s that...but JB started 12-5 and then went into a tailspin. The record might’ve been fool’s gold, but I don’t believe we were as bad as the losing streak that followed indicated. Too many games where we came out flat in the third, and of course the collection of collapses didn’t help matters. I thought the team dynamics improved considerably after MG left, but maybe it was too late at that point.
  16. El Guapo

    NBA Playoffs thread

    Seems Faried-ish to me, but I haven’t watched enough of him.
  17. JJJ was better than I expected, of course my expectations were based off what I read here. He was fun to watch until the season-ending bruise. Gasol finally leaving felt like a breath of fresh air had been instilled in the team. Noah was entertaining for the most part. JV was better than I expected as well. It was nice watching a big play like a big again. The Shelvin Mack experience. Conley’s hair was interesting. Overall, unsuccessful season again but more entertaining than the last 2.
  18. We’re not tanking because that’s frowned upon by the basketball gods. They punish you with bad draft position or curse your selection.
  19. It’s dead in there, no energy. The fans know though.
  20. Parsons getting ready for his contract, I mean comeback year.
  21. Zsa Zsa still in the league?
  22. Did you get to that magical number of 55? Happy Birthday!
  23. The convey or not conundrum is very similar to the rebuild vs reload argument. Right or wrong depends on how successful the path turns out to be. Too many uncontrollable variables involved to say which strategy is the most sound.