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  1. That’s pretty much it right there. That was their game 7 because I believe they knew they wouldn’t beat us back home in the actual game 7. They knew how to take it to another level. I think we stuck with Adams a little too long in the second half. Would’ve liked to have thrown a counter at them but I’m just Monday morning quarterbacking.
  2. Even the Warrior fans feel so bad for Dillon they stopped booing.
  3. LOL. 2 years and we still don’t let it go.
  4. Maybe we can return the favor with some strategic package misplacements….
  5. Strongly agree. You hit the nail on the head regarding the narrative or story line perpetuated from NBA lore which predetermines your ascension and the dues you have to pay. The hell with that! Play for the ultimate prize while you have the shot. It is not guaranteed at all that you’ll ever be in this spot again. Teammates move on, chemistry disappears, new powerhouses emerge, etc. Look at Phoenix-where was their good enough outlook last year? Play for now! Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
  6. I feel your pain! Or better yet, my wife does. 🤣
  7. I don’t even see how you have electricity. I’ve seen those Hobbit movies…
  8. Definitely tried all that. I have it going now (only phone) by turning WiFi off. But that didn’t get it for a while. But, as I found out, when you can’t connect in any way-you can’t contact the site to tell anyone. 🤣
  9. I couldn’t log on for like a week and a half a few weeks ago. I tried different devices, IP addresses along with putting my tech wiz wife on it. When I finally got back on, it seemed like business as usual so I thought it might just be on my end even though that didn’t make sense. You could be right regarding the downtime, but still seems slow going. Nevertheless, I don’t know anything about Sub being mod blocked. He balances a fine line sometimes, but usually stays in bounds. Of course, sometimes things get cleaned up by the time we see them and we’re none the wiser. 🤷‍♂️