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  1. Trybanski Time

    Lorenzen Wright's Murder Solved?

    The pics say it was his house, but I thought Ren's house was in Southwind? This is in Eads. Guess he could have had a few throughout his career.
  2. Trybanski Time

    Season Ticket Holders

    Split season tickets with friends until 3 years ago. Life (work and baby) got in the way of being able to go to that many games. We try to make it to 5-6 games now (whenever we can find a free night and a babysitter). I do plan on getting some sort of ticket package again (potentially split with friends again) when my son gets to an age where he'll enjoy it.
  3. Trybanski Time

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Slick move by the front office. Golden State is mortgaging their future, and I'm not sure if D'angelo Russell is worth it. I'm glad we were the ones to reap the benefits. That first round pick could be nice. I don't see Iggy playing for the Grizzlies. To be honest, I really felt like he fell off some and started to show his age this year. I'd rather grow with SloMo, Bruno, Brooks, Grayson, etc. than give Iggy valuable minutes. He could be a valuable asset for the team to help the youth grow, but I doubt he'd be interested in that in Memphis. In a couple days, there will be a lot of teams scrambling to get more help (and some big names) to help their offseason grades and season ticket sales. Iggy is perfect for that. I'd much rather get another prospect or draft pick than have an aging 35 year old on a rebuilding team.
  4. Trybanski Time

    Interesting Quote

    When I think of teams who have recently (in the last 10 years) achieved sustained success, I think of San Antonio, Golden State, Toronto, Oklahoma City, and Houston. Boston, Philly, and Portland are essentially there now. And, somehow, some of those teams also won titles. I'd be happy with the Grizzlies achieving the "sustained" success of any of these teams. The Grizzlies don't have the luxury of getting immediate success through superstar free agent acquisition. But, they can build long-term, sustainable success through strong drafting and shrewd negotiating.
  5. Trybanski Time

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    Good point. Right now, I don't see too much talent outside of the top 5.
  6. Trybanski Time

    Predict #2 Pick

    Ja could be a superstar. We don’t need to pass on that.
  7. Trybanski Time

    Rumor has it

    Wallace is taking over the bus boy duties
  8. Trybanski Time

    Thoughts about the off season "rebuild"

    Based on where we stand now, looks like this is what we have returning: PG: Avery Bradley SG: Delon Wright, Dillon Brooks, CJ Miles SF: Kyle Anderson, Chandler Parsons PF: Jaren Jackson, Bruno Caboclo C: Jonas Valanciunas, Ivan Rabb Honestly, I don't see this as a horrible core. We should get some additional support from trading Conley and will fill any gaps through draft/free agency. We may be somewhat limited on cap space unless we're able to return less than what we give up in the Conley trade. This isn't a playoff team, but I doubt we'd get run off the court
  9. Trybanski Time

    Last One of 2018/19: Team Hero GSW@Grizz

    You gotta give TH to Delon. He had a Triple Double, and 3 steals to go along with it. Jevon was cold-blooded last night, though.
  10. Trybanski Time

    I want to hear why we dont keep JV?

    I'm really interested to see how JV performs alongside J3. And I'm interested to see what our lineup looks like once we're at full strength. At any rate, we can all agree that JV has proven to be a valuable member of this team and is highly talented. Those that are interested in getting rid of him are interested in one thing: a rebuild. A rebuild requires draft picks (which requires trading off assets and losing). A rebuild worked for a lot of the teams who are currently at the top of the standings. We're just not sure if we have the luck, leadership, or fan support to get through a rebuild. Given his age, talent, and style of play, I think you do your best to stick with JV. The Memphis fanbase will embrace a player like him.
  11. Trybanski Time


    This is what I'm really interested in seeing
  12. Trybanski Time

    New plan moving forward...

    Trae Young currently ranks last in ESPN's Defensive Real-Plus Minus
  13. Trybanski Time

    Is It Time to Embrace Another Tank?

    This draft seems pretty weak, and we have a few too many wins to truly be in play for Zion. This pick has been haunting us for years now. Honestly, I'm ready to get past it. Tanking for a second straight year would really frustrate our casual fanbase (and our players). I also don't see Chris Wallace committing to it. The trade we just made commits us even further to a 'must win' mentality. We're in a horrible situation. We're handicapped by bad contracts and a lack of picks. But, in our scenario, winning (some) this year honestly is as beneficial to our future as tanking. It's going to be a long and slow road, but I think it's time we start working on it.
  14. Trybanski Time

    Brandon Ingram

    There's a lot of truth to this statement. The draft and shrewd FA pickups will be how we maintain success or rebuild successfully.