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  1. On 10/30/2019 at 10:28 AM, Ole Dirty Klondike said:

    Well, I would hesitate judging a coach after 4 games. Especially a coach that is being brought in for a rebuild. He doesn't have the talent he needs to run his system.

    He barely has talent period. This team stinks. You have 3 Players to build around (Ja, JJJ, Jonas) and a few career backups (Tyus, Kyle, DBrooks, Jae, Hill). Everybody else is pure trash. We don't have enough quality NBA starters to have a starting lineup.

    hahahaha PURE

  2. 8 hours ago, Grizzled Vet said:

    Maybe White will be better, maybe not. It's tough to judge after 2 games. It's tough to judge who will be the best after a full year.

    The 09-10 all rookie team was Tyreke, Steph, Brandon Jennings, Taj Gibson, Darren Collision.

    2nd team was DeJuan Blair, Marcus Thornton, James Harden, Jonny Flynn, and Jonas Jerebko.

    (Rubio and Griffin dnp that year. Shout-out to Thabeet for making 17th team).

    Harden and Curry ended up being the best from that group that played that first year. 

    That's probably followed by DeMar, Jrue, and then Danny Green. Jeff Teague, Taj, Patty Mills, DeMarre Carroll, Patrick Beverly, Wayne Ellington, and James Johnson are still in League. Not sure on Jerebko, but Tyreke and Jennings looked to be the best early that season.


    Don't get too down or excited if Ja or JJJ do poorly or even look awesome. There's a lot of boys maturing to men in the next 5 years. Hopefully ours keeps getting better.

    I totally agree 100%

  3. 10 hours ago, chipc3 said:

    Jaren looked very uncomfortable with the ball. He needs to improve his game a lot to warrant the respect the Front Office is giving him. He isn’t rebounding, hitting his outside shot or driving the ball well. Looks like he was knowing summer more than working to my untrained eye. 

    I agree Chip, he looked very uncomfortable and passive.   He would benefit tremendously with a player like Zach Randolph around on the Grizzlies to mix in as a seasoned veteran.  You can tell we have no identity nor a go to player, well Ja will definitely be that player, but I'm referring to in the post when you need a guaranteed bucket or stop.   Where is Zach by the way.  He would be a great addition off the bench behind JJ.

  4. On 2/13/2019 at 12:05 PM, lsugrizzfan said:

    Bradley has been a subpar defender the last three years. He had a good game last night. Don't let it fool you. Mario Chalmers had a great game in the preseason last year, and everyone thought he was back. He was a disaster. Bradley will continue to be a subpar player. I hope I am wrong.

    He's a starter on most teams right?